Resize and reduce weight of images on Mac — 2022

A Mac computer can be a very good equipment with which to edit photos, being able to carry out work with very powerful and advanced tools. But, of course, a Mac is also very valid for performing simpler and easier actions such as resizing an image or reducing its weight. These last actions are very simple, but many are probably unaware of how it is done natively in macOS. That is why in this post we will help you to carry out these actions.

Resize photos on Mac with Preview

Preview is the name given to the native Mac application in which, as you may have already guessed from its name, you can open and find a preview of your images. This application comes installed by default on macOS, so it will not be necessary in any case to have to download and install it . In some system updates, features and tools have been added to it, but in essence it remains a simple and intuitive application.

There are two ways to open Preview, both end up taking you to the same place but by different paths. You can go to Launchpad or press cmd+space to find the app and open it. Once you are in it, a window will open in which to search for one or more images to open. Although there is a shorter way to get there, and that is by going to the folder where the image is and double-clicking on it. The latter in case you have the Preview option enabled as the default application to open photos, otherwise you will have to right-click and click on Open With > Preview.

resize photo mac

To resize a photo from Preview you must have the photo in question open and go to Tools > Resize , all from the toolbar at the top. Once here you will see that a box appears in which you will be allowed resize image with multiple measurements , which are pixels, percentage, inches, centimeters, millimeters, and points. You can perform a proportional rescaling, that is, the image continues to maintain the same proportion of width by height, or you can freely choose these values ​​yourself without depending on each other. The latter is done by unchecking the box Resize proportionally .

From the same box to resize images you can also have access to a series of standard measurements that may be useful to you. You can also activate or deactivate the option to sample the image and check its weight with the information provided at the bottom of the window. In short, this is a simple and quick way to be able to resize your photos on your Mac without having to open a more powerful editor or install it if you don't have it.

Other preview features

Mac Preview Features

Although the objective of this article is to know the functions of resizing images, you may be interested in knowing other options offered by this application. Here we highlight some of them:

  • Get a better look at a photo by zooming in or out.
  • Quickly share an image using native or third-party apps and via AirDrop.
  • Select a part of the image with the magic wand and crop it from the photo.
  • Make annotations with the brush.
  • Paint a part of the image with markers, pencils and highlighters tools.
  • Add a text with different font, format and size options.
  • Add a digital signature.
  • Adjust parameters like contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows and more.
  • Add default shapes like circles or squares.

Reduce the weight of a photo with the Mac

Although it is true that when resizing an image, the weight varies, there are times when this weight can be higher. There are many web tools and applications that allow this process to be carried out. compress the weight of an image completely free . We are going to recommend a specific website that will allow you to do it, although there are many others. Tin.jpg'display:inline-block; width:100%;'> resize photoscapex image