Request an appointment at Apple for technical service: how to do it — 2022

If you're having trouble with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other Apple product or service, it's often best to go to tech support. In these places not only do they have effective tools to carry out a clear diagnosis of the fault, but they also have original parts with which to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment and that they do not lose the guarantee. In this article we tell you all the ways you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or SAT (Authorized Technical Service).

Where and for what can you request an appointment

If you've never made an appointment with Apple, don't worry. It is normal that you have some doubts about it, such as where you can request it, for what reason you can request it and even if it is necessary to physically go to them. In the following sections we will try to resolve these frequent doubts so that you can have it as clear as possible.

Reasons to request assistance

When making an appointment at an Apple center, you must be clear about why you need to receive the assistance of a specialist employee. The most common, without a doubt, is to go to receive technical assistance , whether for in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs. The normal thing in most cases is that you go to the store unaware of what may happen and the employee with whom you have been summoned makes a diagnosis on the device to later admit it for free repair under warranty or with your payment for this. Obviously, whenever you go to an Apple Store with a problem on your device, after carrying out the diagnosis that we have mentioned, you will be informed of everything that happens to your equipment and, of course, the cost that the repair of the device could have. yourself, so you can decide if you really want to proceed with the repair or not.

Apple Store Employees

Another reason why you can go to an Apple store by appointment is not related to technical support. If you are new to the ecosystem you may need advice with some new equipment such as an iPhone or a Mac. You can also request it if you don't have any product and what you want is information about them to decide your purchase. The employees have the necessary training to be able to introduce you to this world, so if you are going to get a new computer you can make an appointment with the support so that they teach you how to configure it and take advantage of it. However, it is not always necessary and sometimes just by going to one of the stores you can find help from the employees if you request it.

Another point for making an appointment is to go to one of the Today At Apple workshops. These are a series of group sessions that take place for free in the Apple Store and are focused on getting the most out of the devices. They are classes of all kinds, where they help you to be able to learn many things about your devices, from how to take better photos with the iPhone to some interesting tricks that you have to know to edit videos on iPad or Mac through the free tools that come pre-installed on these devices. Undoubtedly, these Today at Apple workshops are highly recommended, but also for all audiences, from those who have a high level of knowledge about the Cupertino company's devices, to those who have just begun their love relationship with the company's brand. apple and do not know how to get the most out of their teams.

In any case, you should know that on the Apple website they offer a support tab dedicated to answering the most frequent questions about the company's devices and services. You will find there all these categories which, in turn, are also the ones that will help you make an appointment with them:

    iPhone Mac iPad Apple Watch AirPods Apple Music Apple TV

It should be said that other services and products such as Apple Arcade or HomePod speakers are included in these categories. Even the already mythical iPod have their support section. In addition, you have to know that both on the iPhone and on the iPad, you have an app called Technical Support available that will allow you to access all this information that we have mentioned, as well as being a fantastic tool to be able to contact the technical service and even make an appointment in a few seconds, but we will talk about this a few lines below.

Places where you can arrange it

If your country has an Apple Store, you can request an appointment at whatever there is . If you live near one of these stores, it may be convenient for you to go there, but you should know that it will not be mandatory because any other that exists can help you go to the indicated specialists who can help you with your problem or your doubts. If there is no Apple Store in the territory where you are located or they are too far away, you can request an appointment at those you know SAT, acronym for Authorized Technical Service. These are stores that are external to Apple but that have the approval of the Cupertino company so that they can repair your devices and help you with any problems you may have. The reality is that on a practical level, both the attention and the service they offer is at the same level as what you can find in the Apple Store, which is why Apple itself awards this distinction.

sat apple

For practical purposes, it will not matter if you go to one of these SATs or to Apple itself, since the same guarantees apply to both of your devices and the way of acting is the same. You may even find better repair prices in some SAT, so it is interesting that you have previously consulted it. Even if you had a problem after the repair at Apple, you could go to a SAT afterwards or vice versa, since they complement each other. In addition, in many cases, as we have mentioned before, users do not have an Apple Store relatively close, but they do have a SAT, so it is highly recommended to go to them with complete peace of mind and confidence.

If you do not have an Apple Store available in your territory and there is no SAT either, unfortunately you will have no choice but to resign yourself or wait to make a trip to a place where it does exist. Of course, you must bear in mind that the guarantees that apply to your devices are not those of the country you go to, but those that are linked to the place where you originally bought the device.

It is possible to apply for assistance without leaving home

In another part of this article we will explain the process for requesting an appointment, but we have already told you that one of the options you will find is send the device to technical support so that they review it there, without having to go anywhere. With this option, a Messenger Service to the address you choose and they will take the package with the product. In this case, make sure to pack it correctly so that it is not damaged during transport.

Send Apple Product Support

you can make a shipment tracking At all times and when technical support has received your product, it will contact you to inform you of the problem and offer you different repair options. If you are not interested in any, you can return to receive the product without having been repaired.

This option has the advantage of being very comfortable, but as drawbacks highlights the time it will take to receive the device back, since it will take longer than usual due to the intervention of an external service that will have to transport the equipment from your home to the Apple service and vice versa. An additional fee could also be charged for shipping costs, which is usually 12.10 euros in most cases, although it is not always charged.

Formalize the appointment with Apple or a SAT

It must be said that if you go to an Apple Store in person you can make an appointment with one of the employees. They will review the agenda and will indicate the availability in that Store and even in others that may be nearby. Depending on the hustle and bustle they have in the technical service, you could be lucky enough to have an appointment in the next few days and even on the same day. However, there are other ways to request an appointment without having to go to the store in person, as we have previously explained. In addition, our recommendation is that whenever you go to an Apple Store to have a problem with one of your devices resolved, make an appointment beforehand through the different channels that Apple makes available to users.

Before definitively seeing how to make an appointment, we want to tell you that you can change the appointment without having to state any reason and select another time and/or day that is available, and may even request it at another Apple Store or SAT. The same happens if you want to cancel the appointment definitively, either because the problem or your question has been resolved or for any other reason. In the latter case, you will not be asked for an explanation.

Request it from a Mac or Windows computer

You can request an appointment with Apple Web way , so on any device that has a browser, including Android , you can request the appointment. To do this you will have to follow these steps:

apple technical support website

  1. Enter the Apple website.
  2. Go to the 'Support' tab.
  3. Choose the device or service you want to request assistance with.
  4. Choose the problem you have.
  5. Choose the option to get technical support.
  6. When the support options appear, click Request an appointment with technical support or Take it for repair.
  7. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  8. Enter the device's IMEI if prompted.
  9. Choose the establishment that best suits you to attend, choose an available date and time.

It should be noted that once you have requested the appointment you will receive an email and/or SMS with the information.

Order it from the app available on iPhone and iPad

There is an app called apple support and that it is available in both the iOS and iPadOS App Store. Its download is free and for practical purposes it acts in the same way as the web page. To request an appointment through this you have to follow these instructions:

apple support

  1. Open the app and choose the device or service you're having a problem with.
  2. Click on Repairs and physical damage.
  3. Select the problem your device is having.
  4. Choose the option to Make an appointment with technical support.
  5. Once here you can choose the nearest establishment and select a date and time you can go.
apple support apple support Descargar QR-Code apple support Developer: Apple

As with the previous method, you will be reminded of the appointment via email and/or SMS. In addition, in the application itself you can receive notifications as a reminder and you will even have quick access to add the appointment to your calendar so that it appears among your events.

Via chat or phone number

You have probably already seen it when requesting the appointment from the Apple website, but you can request assistance via chat whenever you are within their schedule. In these cases, you will be in direct contact with an agent who will guide you to find the source of the problem and, if necessary, will be able to help you make an appointment like the ones we mentioned above.

The other alternative, at least in Spain, is to call the 900 150 503. this is a number completely free and that will serve you for the same: contact a specialist who will guide you and request an appointment at the nearest Apple Store or SAT and thus begin to repair the problem.

apple phone

About the repair price

It is not a trivial matter and it is that in the end going to Apple's technical service, except for some cases, has a cost. The appointments themselves are free regardless of everything and in no case will you have to pay anything for consulting a specialist or even for checking the device. That said, there are several doubts about this process and that we try to resolve in these following sections.

How to know what it will cost

In many typical repairs, such as an iPhone battery replacement, there are marked costs that are accessible to everyone. However, in not so common repairs or when it comes to somewhat strange failures, the cost of the repair could vary. And it is necessary to take into account that a part as such is not always repaired, but on some occasions it is replaced or the complete change of the device is carried out.

Therefore, the best way to know what you will have to pay is by going to the appointment. Once the specialists have determined the origin of the problem, they will give you a budget without commitment. That is, you can accept said repair or not. Now, there are some cases where it is a free repair , either because it is covered by the guarantee or because it is a factory defect for which Apple has opened a replacement program. Even in these cases, you must accept the repair.

When is the repair due?

Although it is true that in the SAT it can be different depending on the policies they have, the most common thing in them and what always happens in Apple is that you will have to pay them later to be done. Prior to the repair, you will have signed the budget and your payment commitment and it will be at the time the repaired device is delivered to you when you have to pay it.

Regarding payment methods , say that they do not require anything special. You can do it in cash, with a credit or debit card or through Apple Pay. Come on, it will be the same as when you make a purchase and you will also receive an invoice that specifies all the details and serves as a guarantee that you have paid for said repair.

apple pay apple card

Possible claims

Most often, once the device is repaired, no problem related to the same thing occurs again. However, it cannot be ruled out either. And it is perfectly feasible that it happens because the repair was not done correctly, because the replaced part has returned to be defective or because the origin of the problem was not detected at the time.

In all these cases, you have the same contact channels open with the technical service that we mentioned in previous sections. Just like the first time you explained the problem, this time you'll need to do it again. It is recommended that you go with the invoice of the previous repair so that they can locate it easier. And, as is logical and predictable, you will not be charged anything if they verify that the failure is still the same and has not been caused by another cause.

Recommendations before going to the appointment

Once you have your appointment with Apple or the SAT, there are a series of recommendations that you should comply with. The most obvious is to bring the product you want to repair or obtain support, although you will not need to bring the original box of the product with you. Although there are other tips that the company itself recommends when it comes to a physical product.

Repair iPhone 11 Prices

  • Make a backup of your data. Your device may need to be reset during the repair process, so you make sure you don't lose any important data or files.
  • Remember your Apple ID and password.
  • Turn off Find My on the device.
  • Take with you an invoice, ticket, receipt or any other document that proves the purchase (even if it was not in an Apple Store).
  • Bring a document that proves your identity (DNI, passport, document issued by an official body, etc.).

Following these steps will ensure you have a better support experience without having to come back another day because you forgot something.