Remove all traces of your searches in Safari on Mac with these steps — 2022

If you do not want to leave a trace of the pages you have visited on the Internet with your browser, the best thing you can do is eliminate it completely. With this measure you will prevent someone who takes your Mac in a second from being able to find out what pages you have entered since some may not interest you to see them. In this article, we tell you how to clear Safari browsing history on both Mac and iPhone.

Safari It is one of the most used browsers by users of Apple products as it is the native one and that is why we are going to explain this process with this browser. But obviously in other browsers you can also perform this same operation to delete all browsing history.

How to clear search history on Mac

To delete the search history we simply have to open our Safari browser and follow these steps:

  1. In the top toolbar click on 'Safari' and then on 'Delete history'.
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, we can select the part of the history that we want to delete, for example the last hour or the complete one.
  3. clear safari history macTo entrust this action click on 'Delete history'.

You must bear in mind that if you have your iCloud account active on different devices and on all of them you have the option to synchronize Safari on h history will be erased on all these devices. This is tremendously interesting since we can remove all the browsing history on all computers in one go and leave them clean. You must bear in mind that with this action the following data is deleted:

  • History of the web pages you have visited in that period of time.
  • List of forwards and backwards in opened web pages
  • Websites not marked as 'permanent'.
  • Frequently visited sites.
  • recent searches
  • web page icons
  • All the snapshots that have been saved from the websites
  • Downloaded files.
  • Websites added for quick web search
  • Websites that have asked you to use your location
  • Websites that have asked you to send their notifications
  • Websites with plug-in content that you launched by clicking a Safari Saver notification

How to enable private browsing in Safari

If you do not want to leave a trace of the web pages you visit, we recommend that you open a private browsing window. In this mode Safari will not remember any of the pages saved in Safar i nor the autofill information. To activate it, we simply have to follow these steps:

  1. In the upper toolbar we will go to File > New private window.
  2. Also access via keyboard command Shift + Command + N .

This mode can also be very useful when you visit a website to search for flights or hotels to prevent it from tracking your visits. But you must bear in mind that even if it is not registered in Safari, there is a registration 'because' of the telephone company.

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