Record audio on Mac with these apps and tips — 2022

Any computer, and more specifically a Mac, can be used to carry out a multitude of tasks. One of the most basic, and at the same time more complex, is to record an audio. They can already be simple audio tracks that serve as voice notes, up to good quality audio tracks that can be used to put together a podcast or even a song. That is why in this post we show you a series of Applications with which you can make these audio recordings.

Why do we want to record audio?

The Mac is presented as a very focused tool for the professional sector. Within this sector there is a large group of people who are dedicated to professional video editing and recording. That is why the tools to carry out this task on a computer like this should not be lacking, since there are many applications that exist to do it, both native and third-party. Although it doesn't have to be a professional who uses these apps, because if you're thinking of recording a podcast or a new song that you're composing amateurishly, here you'll find the most suitable tools to carry it out.

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Tips for recording audio optimally

Although all Macs have built-in microphones, they are not very good quality. To make a recording of environmental sound or of our own voice, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations. The first thing obviously is to get a good microphone to make the recording. It may be the case of opting for a microphone that connects directly via USB to the Mac, making the task much easier. But also if you are a professional or want the best of the best for your new project, you have the option of getting a mixer that connects to the Mac. Different microphones can be plugged into it through special connections that guarantee a very good sound quality as well as the possibility of adjusting the acoustic parameters at any time.

Native macOS apps to record audio

As you well know, Apple is a company that not only focuses on providing users with devices with tremendous potential, but is also responsible for developing its operating systems as well as creating different applications so that users who have purchased their teams, have at their disposal the necessary tools to get the most out of it. In the case of applications to be able to record audio, there are several alternatives that the Cupertino company itself offers natively, so you only have to worry about choosing the one that best suits your needs, and with the one that you are most comfortable with. sit facing the microphone, as you can choose some very basic and easy to use, as well as other applications that have been designed and developed for a professional audience. Of course, if you are going to pay to use any of the following applications, before doing so, make sure that you are going to use it for a long time and you will be able to amortize the price of it.


Quicktime record audio on Mac

You probably already know Quicktime, or at least you've seen it hanging around your app drawer. The truth is that it works for almost everything. It can be used to play multimedia content such as videos or songs, to record the screen of Mac, iPhone or iPad and also, and this is what interests us, to record audio. The way to access this function is, once opened, by going to the toolbar and going to File>New Audio Recording. A recording panel will instantly open where you can select the microphone you want to use as the audio input source. Then you can export the track in m4a format.

This is an app that is natively installed on macOS and cannot be downloaded from the App Store.


Garageband record audio mac

It seems incredible, but sometimes we have all the tools we need on our Mac and we don't even realize it. In this case we are referring to GarageBand, an application developed by Apple itself. Its interface and even handling can be considered simple and intuitive but it has very advanced functions for, for example, create songs. Within this application we can also record multiple audio tracks simultaneously, although of course you can record only one if you require it. In any case, we believe that it is highly recommended for all the game that it can give us when it comes to exploiting the audio field.

GarageBand GarageBand Descargar QR-Code GarageBand Developer: Apple

Logic Pro X, the favorite of professionals

LogicPro X record audio on mac

Macs are usually the quintessential equipment used by professionals in the sector, which is why Apple develops applications designed directly for these computers. This is the case of Logic Pro X, an application that is often used by music producers to record and mix the audio tracks. It is not a simple application, much less cheap, but it is one of the most recommended if you need a premium application and you think you will be able to pay for it.

Logic Pro Logic Pro Descargar QR-Code Logic Pro Developer: Apple

Voice Notes

voice memos record audio mac

Maybe your expectations to record audio on Mac are not high because you don't need optimal quality and quality editing. Perhaps you just want to record a series of audio notes to serve as a reminder. If this is your case, the best app we can recommend is the Voice Memos app found on the Mac, though you'll need have macOS Mojave or later installed. This application is tremendously simple to use, with functions that can be useful such as stop a recording and resume it whenever you want.

Third-party tools to record audio on macOS

Obviously, in a sector such as sound recording and in devices that are focused on professional use, not only the applications that have been conceived, designed and developed by Apple are the ones that you will have the opportunity to try and use. Fortunately, Mac users have a wide range of possibilities, and there are many applications to record audio that you can find both in the App Store and on the developer's own website. In the same way that natively you had apps or programs that were adapted to the level of each user, in this case the same thing happens, so our advice is to take a good look at all the specifications made by the developer and choose the one that can best be adapted to your needs and tastes.


audacity record on mac

Audacity is a renowned cross-platform application that has a huge variety of audio editing tools. It is very interesting to have it if we want to make any adjustments to our downloaded or recorded audio tracks, but what catches our attention is the possibility to record tracks directly in the app. It also highlights the great utility that has power export the recorded tracks in different formats.

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Ardor record audio on mac

This application bears many similarities to Audacity, since it is also cross-platform, being found on Mac, Linux and Windows. Its philosophy is very clear and it is that it will allow you to have your own audio station with which record, edit and mix different audio tracks. Its interface is very complete, and although it can be overwhelming at first, the truth is that it ends up being very intuitive. With Ardor you will be able to record simple things or immerse yourself in a deep audio edition.

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oceanaudio record audio on mac

Ocenaudio will make you fall in love with its tremendous simplicity , since it will more than fulfill the functions of record audio tracks at the same time that it offers an intuitive interface with which you won't get lost among thousands of tools. If there's a downside to this application, it's that it doesn't update its versions as much as we might like, but it's not out of date or loses any functions at all. You will find what you need and also zero cost.

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This application has been specially designed for macOS. It allows you to record audio tracks from endless sources. You have the ability to record audio in real time, radio, local files, voice calls, music and any file you want. Once you have finished the recording you can proceed to make the edition in the application itself without having to use other tools. In this way, everything is concentrated in a single place.

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And you, do you know any other application to record audio on Mac that is worth highlighting? You can tell us in the comment box.