Recommended graphic design apps for your Mac — 2022

Whether you're a graphic design veteran or just taking your first steps, it stands to reason that you need tools to get you started. You can always get the idea that on Mac there are few tools that can be found compared to Windows. But in this article we are going to show you a selection of the best programs that are intended for graphic design on Mac .

What you should look for in these applications

On the internet there are many applications that can be found aimed at graphic designers. Although, you have to know how to choose the one that best suits the action you want to perform, and also the one that fits your personal characteristics. The main points to be taken into account in this regard are the following:

    Available functions:Within apps for graphic designers, you can find many different types. In this case we are going to highlight above all those of vectorization and also those aimed at doing illustration tasks. Obviously, in the end you will have to have a complete suite of tools with all these criteria. Compatibility:As a graphic designer, you may be using a graphic tablet on a daily basis. In this case, you must bear in mind that not all applications are compatible with this type of hardware. That is why it is always important to check the list of compatibility offered by the developer on the website. Available tools:it is clear that you can find options for beginner artists and others for more advanced. That is why you should always know where you are located, since you will need very specific tools that will not be available in all programs. Price: This is one of the most critical points when downloading a new application. Although there are many apps that can be found for free, their quality is debatable. In the event that you need something professional, you will surely have to make a single payment or subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription system.

Programs with which to do graphic design

Obviously, when we talk about graphic design, we must first recommend the best design programs. Below we show you the best options that may exist to fulfill this function on the network.



In the event that you are looking to get started in this fascinating world, you will be interested in programs that are free. GIMP is a really interesting option as it can be accessed by any type of user and has tools that are closer to professionals. Specifically, there are many users who categorize GIMP as Photoshop that is free .

GIMP has tools that are used for retouching and editing images, as well as for free-form drawing or photo montages. All this within a free license and open source project. It is important to note that the developers strive to offer different updates that provide powerful tools and that can be similar to the payment options that we are going to discuss.

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Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop mac

This application is known by the vast majority of users due to the number of professional tools that it includes. It is designed for image editing but also for graphic design tasks. It has everything you need to edit photos, create illustrations and also 3D images. Furthermore, it is completely compatible with graphic design tablets that can be found on the market.

The only problem you have is that we are referring to the suite of programs that Adobe offers. That is why if you want to have the official version installed and with regular updates, you will need to have a monthly or yearly subscription at the service of Adobe. Although, the company allows you to have some discounts depending on the type of user that will require this suite of programs.

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PIxelmator Mac

This is another application that is surely known by many people. It is said to be a option similar to Photoshop but with a lower price . It has a large number of tools to be able to edit any type of photograph or drawing that you have made. In addition, it has the advantage of the fact that the developers designed it especially for macOS, exploiting all the features that are included natively.

It has a modern, single-window interface to work comfortably. However, what is really smart is that it allows you to paint digital pictures with various brushes that have been designed by hand . Although, you can customize different parameters such as texture and being compatible with digital graphics tablets . All the work you do can be saved in a RAW format to have access to files that have really high quality.

Pixelmator Pro Pixelmator Pro Descargar QR-Code Pixelmator Pro Developer: Pixelmator Team

Vector Centered Options

If you are a graphic designer, you will undoubtedly be sick of doing vector design. This is a very large part that allows you to create authentic works of art in a very simple way. On Mac there are many options that can be found to work with vectors and that we show you below.

Adobe Illustrator


As we have mentioned before, Adobe offers a series of tools that are essential for designers and also have options for vector design. Specifically, Illustrator offers all the necessary tools to be able to create logos, icons, drawings, typography or illustrations to print or publish them on any web page. The really interesting thing is that it can be created quickly thanks to the artificial intelligence technologies which are added thanks to Adobe Sensei.

And if you are just starting out with this tool, don't worry. Upon entering you will have access to a training panel with numerous tutorials and content to inspire you and further improve your skills. If you dedicate yourself to 3D illustrations, you will also have the option to give it a different look, and that will make you much more creative when starting to work, making customers more satisfied.

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corel draw

This is another application that with Illustrator is essential to mention when talking about vector design. With this program you will embark on an authentic adventure of vector graphic design thought of in many sectors . It is perfectly suited if you want to carry out a creative or technical design with specific plans. Likewise, by paying the annual subscription you will have access to a wide range of tools that will allow you to start and finish any type of project that you have ahead of you.

Specialized in designing labels to print in a large format, but also to make clothing and textiles. Likewise, it can also be designed to make plans, maps and diagrams. That is why we are facing an application that is designed for numerous sectors and that any graphic designer can take advantage of. The problem is that you have a quite high price , although it will end up paying off in the event that it is used in a professional environment.

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In the event that you are not very clear about entering the world of vector design, this may be the best option to take advantage of. This is because we are facing a free app and that does not require a subscription to start using it. Although it does not have the professional functions of the premium options that we have mentioned, it may be enough to test the terrain and find out first-hand if you like it.

Among the options included, the possibility of create layers, integrate shapes and also have access to the pencil tool . As you can see, it is quite complete for basic use and also includes access to the web version. The objective of this is that you can access the edition at any time and from any computer at no additional cost.

Descargar Vectr

Ideal for layout

At the last stage of any designer's work, it is quite likely that layout tasks will have to be carried out. In this way you can organize the written or visual space to leave everything square. Above all, it is designed to be able to create brochures or organize information in an attractive way. Here are the best options for Mac.

Adobe Indesign


This is one of the most used tools by designers to be able to make layouts. And once again, we are talking about an option that is integrated into the Adobe suite in your professional field with a monthly or annual payment. Provides the necessary tools to layout the work, add text, create tables, graphs and with what you can get to have authentic digital books or magazines .

All this is achieved thanks to the included tools that are professional. And if you don't have much idea how to move around the interface, don't worry. You will always have different tutorials that will have as an objective that you learn how to make a perfect layout and above all have the necessary ideas through templates that have been created.

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Affinity Publisher


A tool that is essential to be able to make professional layouts of any type of content. You will be looking at a professional desktop publishing software to work with books, magazines or marketing materials such as social media or website templates. It works in a fluid and intuitive way that allows you to combine images, graphics and texts to turn them into magnificent designs ready to be published.

It has advanced features like master pages, facing page spreads, grids or advanced typography. That is why you will be in front of a software that has everything you need to be able to have a perfect design. The obvious problem you have is that it is not a free option. You must get a license on its official website to be able to access all the necessary resources.

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The ones we recommend

There are many tools that we have seen in this article that are aimed at making the work of graphic designers easier. In the event that you dedicate yourself to a professional design sector, without a doubt we should recommend the use of the adobe-suite to be able to access a wide range of programs on Mac that we have discussed. They all aim to get you to do your job in the most productive way possible.

But if you don't like Adobe, there are obviously other tools available such as Pixelmator . This app is specially designed for Apple devices taking advantage of all its power. The options that they include are quite similar to those of Adobe, but at a lower price, so it is interesting to give it an opportunity to test it in depth.