Reasons to buy (or not) the iPhone SE 2020 — 2022

The iPhone SE 2020 is a very attractive device if we consider that it is the cheapest Apple smartphone. Its features also include state-of-the-art components, which makes it even more attractive. But, to what extent is this terminal worth it? We analyze it.

Brief review of its specifications

we already knowall the features of the iPhone SE 2020However, it is convenient to review the most outstanding ones. Among them we have to highlight his brain, the A13 Bionic processor , which is also the same as in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. There is no doubt that this is a very good strong point of the terminal, since it not only guarantees a great performance , but it is also a guarantee that you will receive software updates for years.

On the other hand, we find a design that is very reminiscent of the iPhone 8 . In fact it is identical to this except for the apple located in the center of the back and the way in which the glass materials have been combined in white, black and red colors . On the front, black in all its versions, we see a 4.7-inch LCD panel . Is it a bad thing to use this display technology nowadays? Well, it depends, since it is not the best, but it still offers great results in terms of color and sharpness. Perhaps the most negative in this front are the bulging frames compared to more recent terminals, although this is already a function of personal tastes.

iphone SE colors

It does not have Face ID, but it has the always comfortable Touch ID , which is integrated into the Home button and allows you to safely unlock the device, saves you from having to type certain passwords and even allows you to make payments with Apple Pay. Again, this is based on personal taste, since those who have tried other unlocking methods may be more or less interested in this biometric function that Apple added for the first time in the popular iPhone 5s.

Of course, this iPhone SE 2020 is much more than this. The cameras and some other sections will be analyzed in later points. But at least seeing these characteristics we can already help you to express a first idea of ​​this terminal.

Compact terminal and to take great pictures

It is clear that if you are looking for a large phone, this iPhone will not suit you, unless you think you can adapt. If in your case you are already convinced that this size suits your needs, you should know which is one of the points where you can squeeze the most out of the terminal. We mean your cameras.

photos taken with the iphone se 2020

Photos taken with an iPhone SE 2020.

Ok, they are not the best in the market, since they have a single wide angle lens of 12 Mpx y f/1,8 at the rear and a front 7 Mpx y f/2,2 . However they are capable of taking great pictures with the popular portrait mode , which is capable of blurring the background behind the person being photographed. And luckily this is possible with both the main and front cameras, and it is also the only Apple phone without a notch that is capable of taking this type of photo.

photos iphone se 2020

Photos taken with an iPhone SE 2020.

In video also stands out positively. This terminal is capable of recording in 4K at 24, 30 or 60 photographers per second. In addition, it will also allow to do it in 1080p HD at 30 or 60 frames per second and at 30 frames per second in 720p HD . The image stabilization , which is one of the strengths of the latest iPhone, is also present in this SE.

That's why this Apple device is ideal for you if photography and video are of particular interest to you, but you don't need the latest advances in this field.

Access to the Apple ecosystem

You may have heard references to the Apple ecosystem on many occasions. When users or the media talk about this, we are referring to the integration of the company's devices with each other thanks to services such as iCloud, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade or the millions of applications available in the App Store.

If this will be your first Apple device, you can already experience a pleasant feeling knowing that your data will not only have privacy guarantees, but can also be recovered at any time thanks to cloud backups in iCloud. In addition to that you will be able to access this data, photos and other content from other devices such as a Windows PC. If you also have an iPad or a Mac, you will be able to notice how the synchronization between them is automatic and you will be able to work with files on one or the other device at any time. not to mention AirDrop , one of the great services of these devices and that allows you to send and receive files between Apple computers in a matter of seconds.

The fact of acquiring this terminal and doing so at a lower price than other devices will allow you to make an initial assessment of this entire ecosystem. Who knows? Perhaps this will help you to become a fanboy over time and end up having other higher-end devices, although this does not have to be your goal in order to enjoy a pleasant experience.

If you already have another iPhone

If you already have an iPhone under your belt, regardless of whether it is fully functional or broken, perhaps this iPhone SE 2020 might not be the most suitable for you. If you have a iPhone X or later you will notice that you have an inferior iPhone. It may not be in all aspects, but this will be your feeling after your experience with a terminal with an updated design.

But, what if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier? In these cases, the change may already be more interesting. If you come from one of the small 4.7-inch ones, you will notice in a certain way that you continue with the same iPhone, since aesthetically the SE is very similar to these. However, the change will be very noticeable in terms of performance and camera.

If you have a plus model There is also the possibility that you will experience a strange feeling of using a worse iPhone, but it will only be because of size. In terms of performance, you will notice that this phone is much more fluid, although in the aspect of autonomy you may be able to get something wrong, as we highlight in the next section.

The battery is a very weak point

Having good autonomy with our mobile is essential today. It is true that the latest iPhone 11 have experienced a considerable improvement in this regard, but in previous models this is not the most optimal. On the iPhone SE, unfortunately, we find something similar.

The battery capacity is the same as iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 , or at least that is believed, since Apple does not provide this data. If there is something good about an iPhone compared to Android, it is that it can better manage the autonomy of the terminal even if it has less capacity, but to a certain extent. The battery of this terminal is very fair and the A13 Bionic chip does not work miracles.

There will be no one who knows better than you how you use the phone, so you should assess whether the iPhone SE can serve you. The battery hardly reaches the end of the day with normal use, but if your idea is to make intensive use of it or you usually spend long hours away from home, it will not suit you. You can always resort to a powerbank that accompanies you as an emergency solution, but it is clear that it is not the most comfortable.

Price and distance with other iPhone

The economic section is one of the most controversial when it comes to mobile devices, since in the end it largely depends on the purchasing power of the consumer and how much they are willing to invest in it. Officially, this iPhone SE starts at a price of €489 at the Apple Stores. This in its basic version of 64 GB, since in the superior versions of 128 GB and 256 GB it can reach figures of €538 Y €659 respectively.

We must say that, whether through Apple itself, telephone operators or other surfaces, the device will be able to be paid in installments . In Apple they also include a replacement program with which you can buy the device by handing in your old iPhone, being able to obtain a discount on the terminal that allows you to purchase it from €349 .

When comparing it with other Apple devices, it is where we can see with some perspective the range in which the iPhone SE is. We will ignore the iPhone 8 because they are already discontinued and the iPhone 11 Pro because they are focused on another audience and have prices above 1,000 euros. With this panorama we find the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR as main rivals within the apple ecosystem.

iphone xr iphone se

The iPhone 11 starts at an official price of 809 euros in its 64 GB storage version. It is not as expensive as the 'Pro' models but it is almost double that of the iPhone SE. Perhaps the only thing that both teams share is the processor and screen technology, but otherwise the iPhone 11 wins thanks to its dual camera with wide angle and ultra wide angle or its spectacular treatment of night photos with night mode. Also in size and design we find very noticeable differences. Therefore, this terminal could also be left out of the fight because it is aimed at an audience that, without being the most demanding, is already looking for better features in a mobile phone.

The iPhone XR is surely the most worthy rival of the iPhone SE 2020 for having a starting price of €709 . Yes, it is true that it is still a high price, but we can find it in some stores for up to 100 euros less on certain occasions. This means that the difference with the XR is considerably reduced and that in certain cases it is convenient pay a little more for a mobile with updated design .

And we mean mobile with updated design because in other specifications there is not as much difference as it might seem. In screen technology they are practically identical, as in the field of photographs with the rear and front camera. The iPhone XR mounts an A12 Bionic processor, just before the iPhone SE, but there is no abysmal difference between the two and it also has a excellent autonomy which in its day placed it above the high-end XS.

Therefore, if the design does not convince you or you think that you will be more comfortable with the size of the iPhone XR, perhaps the iPhone SE will remain in the background for you. Other terminals that you can find in other stores like the iPhone X o XS Perhaps they can become attractive if they are at a good price, although if it is second-hand, you should make sure that it is working properly, that it does not show signs of wear or wear internally.

Assess your needs and secure your decision

Having said all this, it only remains for you to be the one to make a decision about whether or not the iPhone SE 2020 is worth it. Do not rush into your decision and try to be clear about all the aspects that are fundamental in your use. A good way to support this decision is by making a list of what you want on a smartphone and that you score from 0 to 10 to what extent this device complies with it.

Following this advice you will be able to check if the iPhone SE finally meets your expectations, and you can buy it knowing that you will be satisfied with it. Anyway, there is a return period of at least 14 days in Apple and in other stores, so you can go back on your decision after trying it if you are not convinced. For this you must keep the original box, the purchase invoice and that the phone and accessories are not damaged.

You can leave us your doubts about this terminal in the comment box and we will try to help you.