Reasons to buy now (or not) a MacBook or Mac mini with M1 — 2022

More than a month has passed since the launch of the first computers with Apple Silicon as the main engine. In the fray we have the MacBook Pro M1,MacBook Air M1and the rebornMac mini with M1. We believe that after having put them to the test for a longer time, it is a good time to analyze the reasons why they would be worth buying or the opposite.

Why buy a Mac with M1 now?

We are not going to extensively analyze each section of the teams with M1, since we did a more complete review of all of them at the time. However, we would like to remind you of certain points to take into account and why starting 2021 with one of these Macs may be a very good idea.

The first point to note is the incredible battery management that brings the M1 chip to laptops. It is true that the Mac mini does not care about the battery as it is a desktop computer, but it is amazing to see how the MacBook Air and Pro manage to extend the hours of use even with very demanding processes such as video editing or the consumption of multimedia content for a long time.

The native apps They don't work well, they work great. It would only be missing that the applications of the company itself were not going to work well, but the truth is that they have not had it easy either. From simple programs like Safari, Finder, Photos or Pages to the most demanding ones like Final Cut or Logic Pro. This extends to the entire interface and even turns on the screen as soon as you open the laptop lid or press the keyboard to unlock the Macmini. The overall performance of the entire Mac makes it even possible to live perfectly with 8 or 16 GB of RAM, since the management is much more efficient and there is a certain parallelism with the iPhone and iPad, which can also afford to have less RAM than their competition and yet perform the same and even better in many cases.

The temperature monitoring It is, finally, one of Apple's strengths in any of these three variants. However, it is especially remarkable in the 'Air' model, which does not even have fans. With a single heat sink and an operating system at the level of the M1 chip, the Californian company makes its entry-level laptop tremendously efficient in this section, ensuring that even with heavier actions the computer remains at a stable temperature and that in no case is it dangerous for the equipment itself or for the user.

Without forgetting that they are not cheap computers, the price It is one of its greatest allies if we take into account that they are high-end. Apple offers these devices with groundbreaking prices compared to what we had with Intel, so today it is cheaper to buy a computer with an M1 chip than a few months ago with any 10th generation Intel. Actually yeswe compare the Intel Mac mini and the Mac mini M1We see that the latter is much more worth the price.

The third-party apps are adapting in record time . It is true that there are still many missing and that the transition period is estimated at 2 years, but developers are burning stages really quickly making very popular programs such as the Microsoft Office suite or Adobe's can be used natively with the M1 without the need for the computer to require the Rosetta 2 code translator.

Mac mini M1 The Bitten Apple

what will there be many years of updates It is already a fact in Apple devices and it was (and is) also in Macs with Intel. However, now we could even predict a much longer software lifespan. It wouldn't be a surprise to find these Macs hitting 2030 with macOS updates. And if not, they will have stayed very close.

Although few, there are reasons not to buy now

Honestly, it is very difficult for us to get defects after this time, however there are some points that you should take into account. The first of them is that, despite what we said above, there are still many apps that are not optimized yet and that could perhaps be of vital importance in your case. Although Rosetta 2 is an instant code translator and works wonders, in many cases it is not capable of working optimally depending on the application. This is extendable to video game.

if you need to have Windows on your Mac You won't be able to either, as it's currently not possible to use Boot Camp Assistant to create a partition with Microsoft's operating system. Apple has already made it clear that in the end this was up to the developers and how long they wanted to take to make their software compatible with Apple's ARM chips. Even virtualizing it you could find bugs, since many of the programs to carry out these processes are not optimized for the M1 either.

MacBook 2021 M2 Intel

Another possibility for which we would recommend waiting is if you are looking for a largest macbook or even a iMac . It is expected that in 2021 the Cupertino company will present its first 16-inch laptops with Apple Silicon and there is even talk of an aesthetic and internal renovation of the desktop ones. Obviously these are rumours, but as the saying goes, when the river sounds it means that it carries water. If you are not in too much of a hurry to renew your computer, with these you will probably already find an M2 chip and many more applications working natively.