Apple 5 × 1 ranking, the best and the worst of 2016 — 2022

To end the year, we leave you with a very special ranking in which all the editors of the web have participated, giving our particular score to the different products that Apple has released throughout this year. In addition, at the end of this article you can also vote. Let's get started!

Apple's ranking 5×1

11th place: Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and Nike special edition

Apple Watch series 2

At the bottom of the ranking is the second version of the Apple watch. It seems that the new Apple watches have not landed too well among the editors. More of the same with small improvements such as the possibility of submerging the clock and the incorporation of GPS. Otherwise, it looks like the same watch Apple released in June 2015.

Rank 10: tvOS 10

tvOS 10

The night mode. Something very useful in dark environments. Siri improvements regarding voice searches, and something that is very useful on some occasions: Siri Remote application, to be able to use your iPhone as if it were the Apple TV remote.

Rank 9: watchOS 3

watchOS 3

Since this version of watchOS was released, the battery and performance of the first generation Apple Watch has come full circle. The improvement has been very noticeable, and the new WatchFaces with the Activity app integration are very useful.

8th place: MacBook 2016

Despite being the same model and having the same specifications as the 2015 model, they added the new rose gold color. It is still a device that falls in love, very portable, light and effective. The butterfly keyboard falls in love and makes you hook to write.

Position number 7: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with two new colors

Although the design remains practically the same as that of the iPhone 6 and 6S, the new colors have attracted a lot of attention. Glossy black – or Jet Black – and matte black were the colors that sold out first. Really precious.

And why talk about the double camera of the Plus model. Simply spectacular with that portrait mode and its bokeh effect.

Ranked #6: macOS Sierra

The new version of Apple's computer operating system has been especially surprising for its fluidity, effectiveness and full integration with iCloud and iOS. It's really done how when you have an Apple ecosystem.

One point that we really liked was the fact of being able to unlock the Mac with the Apple Watch. All amenities!

Ranked #5: AirPods


The latest product that Apple has launched on the market, almost two weeks ago, we liked it a lot. Very soon, our colleague Fernando will tell us about his experiences with them, but those of us who have been able to try them have left the Apple Store delighted.

Position number 4: iOS 10

iOS 10

Although for some users the latest version released has caused a considerable drop in the battery, for the rest in an operating system that has been very liked. Integration with Sierra, new Emojis, greater fluidity... Perfect for our iPhone and iPad.

3rd place: iPad Pro 9.7″

The little brother of the Pro series has proven to be a real beast. Despite its small size, it performs perfectly, and also, with the integration of the Apple Pencil, it makes it a very good quality machine.

Ranked #2: MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and without Touch Bar

The Touch Bar has hit hard and we have fallen in love. It seems to us to be a very functional novelty with a view to being able to use it with different programs for Mac. Although it has just come out, we have no doubt that application developers will surprise us by integrating the Touch Bar into them.

Also, the new colors suit him really well.

Ranked #1: iPhone SE

iPhone SE

The winner of this ranking has turned out to be the iPhone SE. Almost unanimously, the final score for this product was a 9. Good design, maybe the screen is a bit small, but performance equal to an iPhone 6S with the advantage of being cheaper.

And this has been all boys and girls. We await your opinion in the comments, and of course, your participation in the survey that we leave you just below. You already know that we will return next year because we are Apple 5 × 1 and we promise to do so!

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