Apple reigns in the stock market, will its shares continue to rise in 2022? — 2022

Apple lives these days in the media focus and not precisely because of the launch of a new iPhone or similar, but rather as a consequence of all of them. The company has once again set a capitalization record stock market surpassing three trillion dollars . A meteoric figure that means reaching, for example, the gross domestic product of countries like India or the United Kingdom. The big question that many ask is, will these shares continue to rise throughout 2022?

Apple has risen in value by about a 6,000% since the first iPhone launched in 2007 . This means that those who invested 1,000 euros in the company at that time, today would have a whopping 60,000 euros. And all this without counting the dividends that the company pays quarterly. In 2021, the firm was revalued by 40%, following in the footsteps of other giants such as Microsoft or Google, which also had a spectacular performance.

apple three trillion dollars

Why do investors trust the company?

The iPhone is still the engine of growth, but we must bear in mind that Apple's customer ecosystem is getting bigger and bigger and consumers end up buying other products that end up triumphing. Looking ahead, analysts take it for granted that we will see electric cars with the Cupertino seal or that there will even be a foray into the famous metaverso and in the business of NFT .

The truth is that Apple has managed to position itself in product segments before its rivals and a simple example is the market for tablets or smart watches, where despite not being the first, it has clearly managed to lead with the Over the years.

Tim Cook shoots the action

Thecurrent CEO of the companyHe officially took the lead in 2011, the year in which Steve Jobs, with an advanced illness, gave him the baton. Despite the initial uncertainty in all areas, Cook has been able to lead the company to resounding success both in terms of income from the sale of products and services and in market capitalization. In fact, he has multiplied by 10 the value of the company .

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Peace of mind for investors

Looking ahead to this year, the markets are beginning to be very demanding and the interest rate hike could affect growing companies. This is not the case with Apple, which could even benefit as a refuge value and investors are looking for peace of mind, especially in times of uncertainty.

The only ones unknowns that we found have to do with the outbreaks of COVID-19 that are paralyzing factories in China and could slow down the production of certain devices and of course the shortage of semiconductors. In any case, if there is a company in the world that is capable of overcoming all crises, it is Apple.

Javier Sanz, CEO of Bolsazone , states that Apple is a foundation that you must always have in your portfolio. We refer to the tests seeing the stability provided by the company, having absolutely favorable projections.

User, calm down, there is Apple for a while

In the face of more ordinary users, those who have no greater interest than technology, can also be calm. As in everything, there are always doomsayers who wrongly bet on the collapse of the company. It is true that at the level of innovation, groundbreaking products such as those presented by Steve Jobs are lacking, which leads many to have a wrong perception of the company, believing that they are going down.

In any case, we remember that this year the first major launch of the Cook era could take place, higher in expectations than products such as Apple Watch, HomePod or AirPods. And it is that the brand is expected to announce its first mixed reality device , in which they would have been working for more than a decade and that in the long run it is estimated that it could even outshine the iPhone.