Qualcomm criticizes the specifications of the iPhone X, as does Samsung — 2022

Apple's rival brands are creating a very unhealthy habit; try to bring Apple down by posting videos or statistics that try to disparage the Cupertino company and its devices . Last week it was Samsung that brought out a series of videos to belittle the iPhone X in favor of its brand and today Qualcomm, with which Apple maintains a legal battle, has launched an entry on your blog where it highlights that the iPhone X has a lower network speed than other devices that have chips manufactured by Qualcomm, based on the study of Ookla.

The iPhone X does not stand out for its data download speed

The chip that the iPhone X has is the Intel A11 Bionic and the terminals that carry Android presented in 2018 incorporate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. The Snapdragon 845 cannot outperform the A11 Bionic, something that Qualcomm is obviously not interested in highlighting, but according to a latest study by Ookla there is a significant difference between both chips.

The difference lies in the network speed. Specifically the Snapdragon 845 is 192% faster than the chip that incorporates the iPhone X, when it comes to speed over mobile networks.

This basically tells us that downloads through 4G they are much faster on those devices that have a Snapdragon 845, like the Samsung Galaxy S9, compared to the iPhone where the downloads will be slower because the construction of the Intel chip is not as efficient in this regard.

It seems to us that all these companies could learn from the elegance that Apple has in these issues . Despite the fact that its chips are much faster than those of the Samsung Galaxy S9, they have not made any kind of mockery about it, neither publishing any video nor promoting this type of statistics. It is true that the business world can be very dark, but here without a doubt the attitude of Apple shines , something that we hope both Qualcomm and Samsung end up copying.

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