Test your construction skills with these games — 2022

Can you imagine being able to be a mayor, builder, architect and bricklayer at the same time? In real life it is quite complicated, but not so in the field of video games. If you are passionate about these themes, you will like to see the compilation that we have prepared in which you will be able to find the best building games available for iPhone and iPad.

Best construction games on the App Store

SimCity Buildit

This game developed by the creators of The Sims raises the possibility of becoming a construction tycoon, not only having to build buildings, parks and other complexes in a city, but also having to be the one to manage their finances and make the city grows and does not go bankrupt. Best of all, you will always be the one making all the decisions, so you can give free rein to your imagination.

SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt Descargar QR-Code SimCity BuildIt Developer: Electronic Arts

Megapolis: Big Town Tycoon Sim

The real challenge of this game is to get bored, since you won't have time to do so with the amount of things it offers. Despite being a construction game, it is quite a challenge at a strategic level, since you will have to create specific and well-measured tactics so that it does not get out of hand. Building infrastructures, creating businesses and many other functions are present in this exciting title.

Megapolis: Big Town Tycoon Sim Megapolis: Big Town Tycoon Sim Descargar QR-Code Megapolis: Big Town Tycoon Sim Developer: Social Quantum


A classic cross-platform game that is also available for iPhone and iPad. If you don't know it and in a very brief way, we can tell you that it is an addictive video game in which you will be able to create and explore an immense world built in blocks. You can play alone or with your friends, since it has an online mode that is possibly the most popular mode of the game.

Minecraft Minecraft Descargar QR-Code Minecraft Developer: Mojang

Idle Ciry Empire

Yet another game in which you can create your own city, although in this case a special focus is placed on making it profitable. You will be able to automate certain processes, but you will always have to be aware that there is no mismatch and if there is, you will have to act as soon as possible. This game guarantees long hours of entertainment.

Idle City Empire Idle City Empire Descargar QR-Code Idle City Empire Developer: Futureplay

City Island 5: Build a City

With a theme very similar to some of the previous ones, this City Island allows us to develop an entire civilization on a desert island. You will be able to have access to aircraft that explore the world in search of new islands to colonize and in which to start creating your city. You will be the owner and lord of each of them, having the power to decide on any area related to its development.

City Island 5: Build a City City Island 5: Build a City Descargar QR-Code City Island 5: Build a City Developer: Sparkling Society Games B.V.

AirPort City

We have seen games to build houses, cities and even islands, well now also airports. Managing all the airport logistics is not easy, as you will discover in this AirPort City in which you will even have to assemble fleets of planes to attract passengers to your infrastructures. Quite a challenging challenge that will keep you very hooked.

Airport City Airport City Descargar QR-Code Airport City Developer: Game Insight

Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village

Perhaps the fact that it is not in Spanish can initially be seen as an obstacle in this game, but nothing is further from the truth. This title is very intuitive and guarantees hours of fun in which you will have to live in medieval times and build small villages that eventually become great kingdoms. Building walls, facing warriors or fantastic creatures are also interesting challenges to take on during the game.

Dungeon Village Dungeon Village Descargar QR-Code Dungeon Village Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd



This is one of the most popular titles on the App Store in recent years and despite its simple mechanics, it's highly addictive. What exactly does it consist of? Well, basically, building a tower as perfect as possible by putting together different pieces that will slide over each floor, having to press the screen to place it. It does not have to be straight, although it gives more points the fact that it is. The only enemy will be yourself, having to beat your own records.

Stack Stack Descargar QR-Code Stack Developer: Ketchapp

Toy Tower Builder

Toy Tower Builder

This game is very much in the wake of the previous one, although in this case with more realistic graphics. And we put it in quotation marks because its aesthetics are still lively, but now with more of a tower shape. The objective is the same, to achieve constructions as tall as possible without letting any floor fall into the void. The main challenge is to create a better score each time, a fact that will help you get hooked on playing for hours.

Toy Tower Builder Toy Tower Builder Descargar QR-Code Toy Tower Builder Developer: Jakrit Monkong