Put an end once and for all to Netflix failures on Apple TV — 2022

Installing Netflix on the Apple TV is possibly one of the first actions we do, since the device is ideal for enjoying content such as that offered by the popular streaming platform. However, the experience is not always the most positive, since the application can cause some other problem that sometimes makes us lose our minds by not being able to enjoy our favorite series. That is why in this post we will tell you how to solve Netflix errors on Apple TV.

The interface becomes slow

A frequent failure that we can experience with Netflix on Apple TV is that the interface becomes slow and despite the fact that we are trying to navigate it with the remote, we verify that it moves too slowly and sometimes even freezes completely. Generally, this problem does not start, but occurs when we have spent a while in the application looking for content. Precisely the latter could be the problem and it is that by having to load so much content, the app takes longer to load it. Even closing other open applications and leaving that one alone, the problem persists.

Netflix Apple TV

There should be no problem in this regard seeing that Apple TVs have a powerful processor capable of performing these actions with great ease. However, it seems that there is some optimization flaw that the Netflix developers have not known how to polish. For this reason the only solution that exists is to close the application, wait several seconds and reopen it. This may be tedious if we were browsing at a certain point in the interface, since when we re-enter we will arrive at the home screen. But unfortunately, and as we have already warned, it is the only solution.

Content does not play

Just like on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other device on which we can watch Netflix, the situation may arise that when playing a series or a movie, the content takes a long time to load and even never does. . In the latter cases, an error message is displayed. However, whatever the situation, it is most likely that there is some problem with internet connection.

Therefore, a recommended solution is to restart the router. If once this is done the problem persists, we can try to connect the Apple TV to the WiFi network if we had it connected by cable and vice versa, that is, if we were using WiFi we connect the ethernet cable to the device. In case of continuing, we can resort to other devices to verify if the internet connection works well on them, being able to even make a speed test that gives us data about the connection. Another option is to connect to a different network if we have one and even share the mobile internet, although we will have to be careful about the consumption that this could generate.

It should be noted that problems arising from the internet connection must be resolved with the telephone company that provides us with this service.

Error message when signing in

Netflix Apple TV glitch

Another error that can be experienced is that the following error message appears when logging in:

An error occurred while logging in. Request Error: Unauthorized (401).

Generally, this failure is related to the internet connection, for which we refer to the previous point. It is also possible that there is a software problem with the Apple TV, so we recommend having the latest update available. For this you have to go to Settings > System > Software Update on an Apple TV HD or 4K and check if there are any pending versions of tvOS to download. If it is an Apple TV 3 or earlier, the path to follow is Settings > General > Software updates.

If there is no pending update or the problem persists, you should uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. This should definitely fix the problem.

Other Netflix bugs on Apple TV

Netflix Apple TV

Any other issues with this app may be resolved by the above methods of updating Apple TV software or reinstalling Netflix. In any case, if the problem cannot be solved in any of these ways, we should contact Apple to verify that there is no hardware problem that is causing the failures.