PUBG is now available in some App Store [UPDATE] — 2022

UPDATE : After investigating the network, PUBG is now available in the Spanish Store as we told you in this post.

Behind the launch of Fortnite in the App Store of all countries , although its access is vetoed by invitation, its greatest rival, PUBG, could not be left behind and already has released the mobile version of its game in some countries of the world , in which Spain is unfortunately not included, at the moment.

The famous PUBG comes to iOS after the arrival of Fortnite

The fashion is currently on these survival games, in which you must be the only one left standing on a map with 100 people where you will find different weapons and various resources that will help you achieve victory.

The first of this genre was PUBG, which was a real revolution in the video game world, although it has a fairly high cost. The next one that emerged to overshadow it was Fortnite, with very similar objectives but free to play, something that made it possible for everyone to play, having a greater impact on the market.

The next step for both games was reach mobile platforms, as there is a very interesting market ahead , which can end up making one of the two succeed and the other fail. The one that has been the fastest to reach the App Store has been Fortnite, as we told you in another post a couple of days ago, but Just a few hours ago PUBG has also appeared in the App Store of some countries such as the US after spending some time in test version.

After seeing some gameplay of this game on iOS thanks to the beta testers who have flooded YouTube with videos of how it works on this platform, I conclude that with so much information on screen will it make sense to play it on an iPad but on an iPhone the experience may not be as good.

Unfortunately Spain has not been one of the countries to receive this game in a first round, although the developers have stated that little by little they will introduce more countries as the servers can support more users.

Leave us in the comment box if you are a fan of games of this style, and if you think that its integration on iOS devices is positive for users.