Protection for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: the best cases — 2022

If you have a new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, surely the first thing you think about is how to protect it. This is because they come at a high price and no one wants to end up breaking completely from an accidental hit. This would make you have to make changes to the equipment such as the screen or even internal components that end up breaking at a high cost. That is why you should protect them with one of these covers.

iPhone 12 case compatibility

Below we will solve a series of keys regarding the compatibility of covers between devices, since there are certain aspects that you must know to don't buy the wrong cover and that can serve your iPhone perfectly.

Do the iPhone 11 cases work for the 12?

In short (and without summarizing): no. The iPhone 12 have a series of particularities that mean that covers from previous generation models cannot be used, as is the case with the '11'. And, of course, not the other way around. The simple fact that the iPhone 12 have the straight edges and that the iPhone 11 have them curved is reason enough.

However, there are other reasons why the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 cannot use the same cases. And it is that, despite the fact that both models have 6.1-inch screens , the truth is that they are not implemented in the same way. The most recent models have a more efficient front thanks to reduced bezels and the fact that the screen is flush with the phone.

Why are iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases useful?

At first it may seem strange to be able to use the same case for both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro when they are two different models as such in their name and also in their functionalities. Although, as regards the measures both devices have a 6.1-inch screen making it fit perfectly in the covers in the same way, being illogical that there are differentiated covers.

This a priori is quite positive, since all the covers can be shared among friends or family and find much more variety in the different stores. Also, when we talk about the dimensions that are similar, we must also highlight the camera module. This element differs in that in the '12' it has a double camera and in the '12 Pro' it has three, but the size is exactly the same and it does not interfere with compatibility, thus eliminating any possible problem.

And what about the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro?

In this case there may be more obvious doubts. If you look at an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 13 you will find that they are practically identical. And if you look at an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro, there are even more of them. And it is that these phones share a form factor, but this does not mean that they have compatible covers.

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro do share cases with each other, but they won't be able to use cases from the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (and no, not the other way around). The reason for this is that, although they look so much alike, the iPhone 13 camera module is larger and on top of that they have a thickness that, although it is not exaggeratedly larger, is enough so that the cases do not fit.

best clear covers

In the event that you do not want to hide the design of your iPhone, transparent cases are one of the best options that can be presented. The rear is completely free so that the color of the device itself remains visible, but its security is not sacrificed at any time by having the protections on the edges and corners that are its critical points.

Spigen Holster

Spigen Case

Spigen offers its own cover with Air Cushion and Clear Hybrid Drop technology that guarantees the highest security. While on the edges it is clearly seen how there is a c arcasa surrounding the most critical points of the iPhone where if there is a collision there is more chance of causing a complete shattering of the device screen.

On the back, a transparent design is maintained to be able to show the design of the mobile without it being covered. This does not mean that it is equally resistant, having a special edge for the camera modules in order to have them protected from an impact due to the protruding design of the device body.

spygen cover buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 11.99 Apple transparent case

Apple Clear Case

Amazon Logo

If you want to keep the design of the iPhone always in view and not hide it with opaque cases, Apple also offers a transparent option. This has the MagSafe icon present so you know exactly where compatible devices can be connected with this technology. It is also quite visual and accompanies the general design of this case, which is quite attractive.

Like other covers, the safety of critical points such as the corners themselves is guaranteed to avoid breakage in the event of a slight impact on these against a table or against the floor itself. Although as critical points it should be noted that it has a high price, but in many cases it has been seen that it does not end up yellowing.

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JETech Clear Case

TOZO cover

On many occasions it is possible that it is a bit of a shame to hide the design that the iPhones have, especially when it comes to the iPhone 12 that includes very bright colors. That is why JETech offers a housing totally transparent anti scratch and anti shock thanks to the reinforcement that is made in the most critical areas where a blow can be fatal for the device.

The best quality is guaranteed at all times in order to prevent them from yellowing over time, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest criticisms that this type of cover can receive over time.

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TOZO cover

Cover Ornament

If you're looking for a touch of style while protecting your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, this is definitely the case to get. It has a very characteristic design, because it is extremely elegant and makes the iPhone not too fat so that you don't notice that you have a case on in your hand.

Likewise, the protection in the corners will increase the resistance of the device without finally sacrificing its design. There are many color combinations that can be made in the cover so that it ends up fitting with your personal tastes in this regard.

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Silicone cases for iPhone

One of the most common types of covers is undoubtedly silicone. Both for the design and for the variety of colors that are available, they are highly demanded. The problem that they can have, of course, is that you cannot see the design of the device itself, as in the case of transparent covers.

official silicone case

UGREEN cover

One of the most famous covers that Apple sells is undoubtedly the one made of silicone. It is possible to have a very good experience as it is a fairly light protective cover and above all very malleable to be able to place it in a very simple way. It is also compatible with the different accessories of MagSafe such as the wallet or the charger itself that has been announced by the company.

In this set of covers you can find many colors that are totally uniform throughout the chromatic arc. Different options are available right now on Amazon that can also be found in all the colors found in the official store. Also, with the arrival of later generations, you could find them with price reduction make them a little cheaper than they normally are.

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ORNAMENT silicone case

Amazon Logo

With this cover, a classic material is used, present in many of the official Apple covers. Made of liquid silicone, they offer reinforced resistance as there are 3 layers of this material. While on the outside there is liquid silicone, on the inside there is a microfiber lining to protect the device.

The corners are reinforced with greater thickness so that there can be good resistance against accidental drops. And although it has robust materials and many layers of protection, it is guaranteed that lightness is guaranteed to prevent the iPhone from becoming too heavy.

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Cover by UGREEN


At UGREEN they are characterized by creating good quality covers that are ultra-thin. The problem with being so thin is that you can question the strength of this case although thanks to the reinforcement that is made of the corners it is possible to have adequate protection for shorter falls.

Although UGREEN is a fully recognized brand when it comes to accessories for Apple by having its own confidence. That is why this case, although it seems that it is not put on because of how thin it is, you should not have any type of fear due to this confidence in its construction.

UGREEN cover buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 10.99 NIKKLIN sheath

Spigen Silicone Fit Case

nillkin case

Once again we find an ideal Spigen accessory to protect the iPhone with a pleasant silicone touch. At the design level it does not differ much from the previous ones, being available in four colors very elegant and not at all garish: black, navy blue, white and purple.

There is nothing to discover in terms of ergonomics, but it is notable that its materials are resistant not only to blows, but to the passage of time. And it is that, while other covers tend to bend at the bottom, in this one we find a fairly resistant elastic that prevents it. In addition, it does not accumulate dust or grease as easily as others with these materials do.

Spigen Silicone Fit Case buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 18.99

Protect your iPhone to the maximum

The most robust cases are the most ideal if you carry out activities throughout the day in which the iPhone can be put at risk. If you are also a person with a certain tendency to drop your mobile (it happens to many of us), you will find even more reasons to get one of these. Of course, keep in mind that you will sacrifice comfort in exchange for protection, since these are usually much thicker than normal covers and, of course, than those previously shown in this post.

Ringke Rugged Case

If what you want is to have your iPhone always protected to prevent it from breaking if you drop it, this is the recommended case. Thanks to the case that is included along the edges, in the event that you drop it on the ground the impact will not end up breaking the device unless the blow is really strong.

You can clearly see all the resistors that are included, although this means that the weight of the device can be increased, as is logical. But in return you have that if you take a hit it won't give any kind of problem.

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HOOMIL Shockproof Case

Although the resistant cases increase the weight of the device as well as its dimensions, total protection is guaranteed. This HOOMIL cover is very suitable for those who carry out tasks in the middle of the field or constantly getting in and out of a vehicle.

In these situations, the probability that the iPhone can break the equipment due to a bad blow increases. That is why it is recommended to have this cover that, although it is resistant thanks to the materials used, it cannot be said that it weighs too much, so it can be carried comfortably while working.

Funda HOOMIL buy it at EUR 13.59

NILLKIN Privacy Cover

If you are a person who likes to always have the camera covered when it is not being used, this is a case that you should buy. Through a small sliding cover the chamber can be covered or uncovered. This is something that is quite important nowadays where cameras can always be used in a hack to be able to view.

In addition, the cameras are always a critical point as they are always outside the body of the device. So when a fall occurs, they are the first to take the hit, causing them to break relatively easily. In this case, being with a small cover in front makes them fully protected, making this cover resistant.

NILLKIN sheath buy it at Consult

NILLKIN sheath

This last cover is probably the strongest of all , offering complete protection to the iPhone 12/12 Pro on almost all sides, including a vigorous body with which to protect the back, the corners and even the camera module. He almost came because the front part is in the air , unless you add a separate protector.

At the design level, it offers 3D details in the form of a drawing that follows this aesthetic pattern of robustness and resistance, including even a ring to hold the mobile which makes it much more ergonomic. Of course, like all of this class, it tends to increase the thickness of the device and make it less manageable with one hand if said ring is not used.

NILLKIN sheath buy it at EUR 13.99

Which cover is better?

There are many options available right now to choose from among all the types of covers that are available. It should be chosen depending on your personal conditions. Always the most recommended to avoid having to go through technical support is to use one of the resistant cases that we have previously commented, being Ringke's one of the most recommended. Both due to its design and its resistance, it can undoubtedly be better adapted to any type of user.

Transparent covers are also interesting to consider. Although it presents problems in the long run with possible yellowing, you can enjoy the design of your device without having to cover it with covers that are completely opaque, as we have seen in the different options that have been presented.