Programs, applications and services to download videos on Mac — 2022

Being able to download videos on a Mac can be a very useful action, since in this way it is possible to access content from various video services without having to access them every time, and can even watch them without an Internet connection. In this article we review some of the most efficient methods to carry out these downloads, having to use an Apple computer to do so, since some of the tools are only available in macOS.

Legal notice about downloading videos

You probably suspected it and if not, you should know that downloading videos from YouTube and some other services is illegal according to the platform's regulations. There are also various laws at the territorial level throughout the world that legislate this type of action under regulations related to copyright. From this medium we are not responsible for the purposes that users have with these tools.

Programs to download YouTube videos on Mac

Legally through YouTube Premium

Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium is the subscription service offered by the platform for users. Watching videos without ads or in the background on devices like the iPhone are very prominent advantages, but there is also the download of videos included among its features. It doesn't really allow you to download the file as such and be able to handle it later, but works in a similar way to downloading movies and series on streaming platforms, with the aim that they can be viewed offline at any time, but always through of the application itself. From the following link you can access the different rates offered by this service.

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Downie, one of the best applications


This application is designed by and for downloading videos from YouTube, allowing them to be downloaded quickly just by pasting the link in its interface and being able to download it with the highest possible quality. Perhaps its drawback is that it requires a monthly or annual payment subscription, but it is well worth it. If you have the Setapp application service, you can find it in the catalog, making it even more worthwhile. As you will see as soon as you open it, it has a very simple appearance to understand.

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Airy, good, pretty and free


This tool, despite being visually less attractive than the previous one, more than fulfills its mission. It is capable of downloading YouTube videos on macOS in various formats such as MP4 or FLV, in addition to maintaining the original image quality, even reaching ultra HD. It also incorporates a tool that allows you to convert these videos to mp3 format, so it's also ideal for keeping only the audio of the videos.

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Download videos from Twitter, Instagram and others

VideoDuke, compatible with multiple platforms


Despite the fact that the main video activity on the internet is monopolized by YouTube, the truth is that there are many other platforms such as Dailymotion, Vimeo or Vevo. This program allows you to download it from any of them, as well as from Twitter or Instagram. That is why it is one of the most recommended, despite the fact that it has a download price, which at least is unique and does not require subscriptions.

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WinX Video Converter


It is likely that this application is the one with the most careless interface, although this does not mean that its results will not be good. WinX really allows you to download videos from all kinds of platforms such as social networks or services like YouTube at no additional cost beyond that of the tool itself, unless you want to download it for free with ads. It allows downloading videos in resolutions up to 4K, making it ideal.

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Websites to download videos

There are various web pages whose purpose in the end is the same as that of the previous tools. Some are ad-supported, others don't support HD formats, but most are more than acceptable for downloading videos from platforms like YouTube. The operation is really simple, offering a home page in which to enter the URL and following simple instructions for the conversion and download of the video. Here we leave you a list with some of the most outstanding.