Professional video editing software for Mac — 2022

Macs are extremely powerful computers that are designed to be able to perform professional tasks. Among these, video editing at the highest level stands out, and for this there is a wide range of applications available in the Mac App Store. In this article we review the most common and their characteristics.

What does a professional video editor have to have?

When choosing a professional video editor you have to take many aspects into account, above all, you have to know very well what are the needs what you have and what you are going to want to do with said software. Obviously, although in this post we are going to talk at all times about options focused on professionals , there are some that offer more opportunities or options to the user than others, and obviously, in most cases this affects the price of the product, in this case, the price of the software.

Video editors on Mac

There are different aspects to take into account, first of all, the application you choose to edit video has to have, at least, the most basic editing options , which in this case, all the editors mentioned in this post comply with them. It is very important, especially to give it a more personal and professional touch, the possibility of having a good repertoire of transitions Y sound effects , as well as the necessary tools to carry out a quality color modification . The options when exporting your videos are also very important, as well as how intuitive its interface is.

A fundamental point for all users is the compatibility that the files that you have recorded with your different cameras will have and how you will be able to work with them later in your editing program. For this reason, it is very important that before starting to download any of the alternatives that we propose in this video, you make sure that you are going to be able to use the files that you have already recorded with your camera. the interface It is also very important, especially for all those users who either want to start editing video now, or are looking for a somewhat more advanced editor. In both cases, the ideal is to find the app with which they feel most comfortable and, above all, that is as intuitive as possible, both to learn to use it in the shortest time possible, and so that the transition you are making is as smooth as possible. Less expensive.

The best free editing programs

In case you are starting to create audiovisual content for any platform or simply to make videos about your vacations or any family event, you probably do not want or need to invest money in a video editor, and not only that, if you are new to In this world, it would also not be appropriate to invest money in an editing program that you will not be able, at least initially, to take full advantage of. For this reason, we consider that it is a much more appropriate option to opt for one of the alternatives that you find for free and that will provide you with enough tools to be able to start editing video with your Mac.



We begin this compilation with one of the best options that you can assess when starting to take your first steps in the world of video editing. This is iMovie, the free professional editor provided by Apple to all users who buy a product from your catalog. It has a new design and functions that are really intuitive to perform, which is perhaps why this editing program stands out the most.

With iMovie you only have to worry about giving free rein to your creativity since the interface, we repeat, is very intuitive, the best for those new users in this world. It also has a wide variety of sound effects , transitions , accelerated effects or slow motion. You also have at your disposal 29 templates with original graphics and soundtracks created by greats of the world of cinema.

As we have said, iMovie is surely the most recommended video editing application for all those users who want to start in this world. But be careful, beyond being really intuitive and all the functions it provides the user, you have to take another point into account, which is very important. And it is that, looking a little to the future and all those users who, after using iMovie for a while, want to make the leap to a more professional program, after using this app, it will be really easy for them to be able to use and quickly adapt to Final Cut Pro, the video editing application for professionals that has developed Apple. This is due to the similarities that they have both in the user interface and in the workflow that they will have to carry out to carry out different tasks or actions.

iMovie iMovie Descargar QR-Code iMovie Developer: Apple


It is a completely free powerful application to be able to edit all your video clips with the features and potential of a video editing software designed for professionals. Among these we can highlight, for example, the use of animations , the image composition and image overlay.

Also, as its name suggests, OpenShot is a open source video editing program , which means that any user can dedicate time to enhancing and adding functions to a software that already has very interesting features for free.

Descargar OpenShot



Lightworks is an application that fully adapts to your specific needs when it comes to working. In addition, one of the advantages is that it is free, especially for those users who are starting to edit videos and perhaps do not have a high budget to be able to purchase more sophisticated software to edit their audiovisual creations.

But be careful, despite being free, it has very interesting functions and, to start giving the first steps in this world , are more than enough, so, in this way, you only have to worry about being creative enough to get the most out of this video editing program.

Descargar Lightworks

DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve has evolved over time to become a top program to edit in different operating systems, their fame has been increasing and that is because they are many editing options that it integrates, even giving the possibility of being able to use professional peripherals focused on editing.

It has an enormous variety of creative tools that will give you the possibility of practically doing anything you set your mind to or that you are capable of imagining. Among its most notable aspects we find the possibility of 32-bit floating point processing, the colorimetría YRGB and a wide color spectrum for HDR work dynamics.

Download DaVinci Resolve 16

The most TOP programs, although paid

There comes a time in any editor's life when they have to choose to make the leap to a paid editing program. Usually this is due to the fact that free video editors have a limit in terms of possibilities and tools, and that makes it necessary to jump to a much more complete alternative that, obviously, requires an investment of money that will be more or less high depending on of the needs and, of course, of the program in question that the user chooses.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut MacApplication designed by Apple itself to be able to edit in a professional way with a very simple interface. A whole series of external add-ons are included that can be purchased to be able to make much more professional editions. It allows working with 360º videos and extremely high resolutions. It is without a doubt one of the best options you can find to edit video professionally.

Final Cut Pro has a huge variety of options when editing video , is one of the software more complete that you can find on the market without a doubt, in fact, it is one of the most used along with Premier Pro by all professionals in the creation of audiovisual content. Also, in terms of performance you will not find a program that is more and better optimized for macOS.

One point that undoubtedly adds a lot for users who started editing videos with iMovie is that the transition to Final Cut Pro is ideal given the similarities that can be found between both applications. The learning curve of these users in this program is much faster than if they had to use other more professional software.

Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro Descargar QR-Code Final Cut Pro Developer: Apple

Premier Pro

adobe prime

Direct competition from Final Cut Pro on Mac, but still far from being able to beat it according to most professionals. All the functions needed to prepare a totally professional project and many accessories that can be purchased separately. It is the option provided by Adobe to all users who need to have warranty software full of possibilities.

It has the best tools to be able to carry out a truly professional video edition, in fact, along with Final Cut Pro, it is the editor most used by all professionals in the sector, especially by those who use the adobe-suite to work daily as they find a very positive synergy between all their applications.

Download Adobe Premier Pro

Filmora Video Editor


Give your videos a special touch thanks to this application, being able to show several images and videos in the same frame. You can also make other professional assemblies and use external plugins to give a personal touch to your project. Filmora is paid, yes, but it does not reach the figures of Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro, so it can be an ideal option for those who want to go one step further, but without having to spend a lot of money .

In addition, it has the most used tools by all users, giving the possibility of making really original and colorful creations. From use a chroma key , up to the use of different transitions They come already installed by default. Undoubtedly, it is an option to be taken into account by all users.

Filmora Video Editor Filmora Video Editor Descargar QR-Code Filmora Video Editor Developer: Wondershare Technology Group Co.,LTD



Movavi is an editor for Mac that stands out for having a extremely short learning curve . It will permit you add titles , transitions The effects to your creations to have the most professional result possible. With this software you will have the ability to turn your ideas into attractive videos without having to spend too much time in front of the computer.

Stands out for that intuitive which is its interface, hence the aspect that we mentioned earlier that its learning curve is very short. It also has a wide range of filters, titles, transitions and other options that, of course, are included once you purchase this application. But be careful, if you think that what the app comes with as standard isn't enough, Movavi also has an effects store where you can purchase whatever you need.

Descargar Movavi

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Express

This is a compositing video editor, Easy to use and very friendly for semi-professionals. HitFilm Pro has different packages so you can acquire what you really need. In this way it also allows you to move forward and acquire what your audience or workflow demands as you progress in the creation of audiovisual content.

In addition, you have a free version available with which you can check if you really like the way of editing in HitFilm and thus evaluate later the purchase of the Pro version, which is loaded with professional editing tools, composition tools, effects and adjustments presets.

Download HitFilm Pro

Do you have to keep one?

The moment of truth arrives, as always, from the La Manzana Mordida editorial team, we like to put on the table what we consider to be the best options for the user, however, and naturally, we have our preferences that we want to transfer to you so that, in case you doubt, you can choose the one we consider the best of options . In this case we are left with one option from each category, that is, a free one, for all those who do not want or cannot invest money in a video editor, and a paid one for those who want to take a giant step forward in the world. of video editing.

Among the free options, DaVinci Resolve It is the application that provides the user with the most tools, and perhaps, the one that can be used the most out of all those mentioned, however, some users may find it somewhat complex to start with, in that case, we recommend starting with iMovie . Moving on to the payment options, undoubtedly the best one is Final Cut Pro , firstly because of all the tools and options it provides the user to do practically anything they can imagine in their head, and secondly because of how well optimized this application is on macOS.