Problems with WhatsApp on your iPhone? So you can fix them — 2022

Nobody likes to have bugs in such everyday applications in our lives as messaging services. Sometimes these are not only of vital importance to us for personal matters, but also for work or study matters. That is why in this post we will tell you how to solve the main failures of WhatsApp on the iPhone.

Previous checks

Before carrying out any type of verification, regardless of the error that WhatsApp presents on your iPhone, there are two recommendations that should always be followed and that make both your phone and the application work better. The first is check for app updates , for which you must go to the App Store, click on your photo and see if there are updates to this and other apps.

ios 13.1.2

The second prior advice we want to give you is to update iPhone to the latest software version , in which case you should go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if there is a newer version of iOS that can be downloaded and installed. If after following these steps you have verified that WhatsApp continues to have errors, you can continue reading this article.

You do not receive notifications

The fact that you are not receiving WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone can come from many factors and not all of them are strictly related to the application. Yes there are any specific chat If you do not receive alarms, it is possible that it is silenced and you have not noticed it and to check it you must go to the chat screen, slide slightly to the left and click on More.

If the fault is not receive notifications from any chat , you can go to Settings> WhatsApp> Notifications and check if you have them activated. If the case is that you receive them but without sound , it's possible that the iPhone is silent and you didn't realize it, for which you can check the switch on the phone itself or go to Settings > Sounds and vibrations. If you think it might be an issue with your speakers, check out our article explaining sound issues on an iPhone.

Also check that the iPhone is not in do not disturb mode , which prevents receiving any type of notification. You can check it by opening Control Center on the moon icon or Settings > Do Not Disturb.

You can't send or receive messages

whatsapp not sending messages iphone

This is a more common failure than is believed and in most cases it is due to a poor internet connection on your iPhone. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, check that the router signal is good and there are no faults. A good way to do this is by accessing the internet with other devices or through the iPhone itself. Restart the router in case you verify that this is the one that fails and, in case it is not fixed, contact the telephone provider.

Another frequent failure occurs when using mobile data, since you may be in a place with low coverage or due to some technical failure of your operator you are experiencing problems. In that case you should contact them directly.

The app is very slow

When an application does not run as smoothly as it should, it is generally due to an optimization problem. In the case of an app as popular as WhatsApp, it does not seem to be the problem. Therefore, it may be due to the fact that you have little free space left on the iPhone and therefore the app has a hard time storing new information. The recommendation we can make in this case is delete chats and files that do not interest you . After all, this is the most efficient way to use any device, without accumulating data and information that we do not want.

You can't send audios or they sound bad

Probably if you suffer from this problem it is not due to a failure of the app itself but of the iPhone itself. It is possible that the microphone is damaged and the app has detected it and does not allow you to send this type of message. This also happens in the event that you send them and they are heard very low or with a lot of noise. For this we recommend you go toapple supportin order to make a diagnosis.

Solution to (almost) all problems

There is a drastic solution for practically all the failures of WhatsApp and any other app. It is perhaps a bit drastic, but it is ideal when you have already tried everything and do not know what to do: uninstall and reinstall the app. Of course, we recommend that you previously make a backup of your chats if you want to be able to restore them later. To do this, go to the app itself and, in the settings tab, go to Settings > Back up now.

uninstall whatsapp iphone

If after all this you still can't fix it, we recommend you contact Apple or the WhatsApp developers themselves.