Problems with calls on iPhone and their possible solution — 2022

No matter how many features an iPhone has, in the end it is still a phone whose main function originally is to be able to make and receive calls. If you are experiencing any kind of problem or failure when making these calls on your iPhone, don't worry because throughout this article we will try to help you solve the problem.

Software tweaks that can fix it

The iPhone's operating system, either due to an error in it or a bad adjustment on your part, can play tricks on you. There are certain resets that you can perform on your iPhone device in order to check if the calls work on the phone again. Some of them will also solve other possible problems that may appear in the terminal in addition to those already known.

Check iPhone sound

Surprising as it may seem, one of the main reasons why we do not notice that we are called is having the volume too low and even having it turned off. Therefore, the first thing you should do is go to Settings > Sound and vibration . In this section you can check everything related to the volume of the device when they call you. You can take advantage of the moment and check the ringtone you have selected to know exactly what tone you have configured and not get lost when they call you and you think it's someone else.

iPhone Volume

Another thing you should pay attention to is the iphone switcher located on the left side of the device. If this is activated, you will see it in orange and it will mean that the iPhone has been put on silent or in vibration mode (depending on what you have configured). Therefore, it may be another reason why you do not know when you receive calls, despite the fact that they are actually reaching your device.

Try restarting the smartphone

Before analyzing any type of problem, as absurd as it may seem, try turn iPhone on and off . It is recommended that when it is turned off it is paused for at least 15 seconds until you turn it on again. This action, which seems even ridiculous, has a relevant importance in the fact that it is the only way to eliminate background processes that have been left running and that can lead to all kinds of failures, including that of calls.

It should be noted that after turning on the iPhone you will have to enter its security code and the SIM card PIN. Therefore, it is recommended that you remember it or have access to a note in which you have written it down if you have a bad memory, since it could be this other problem that is added to that of the calls and the remedy would end up being worse than the disease. Once you turn it on again ask a friend or family member to call you to check if the problem has been solved.

Is restoration a good option?

Earlier we talked about iPhone reset as a solution to many software issues. Well, the definitive solution to any problem of this nature is to restore the iPhone completely and even configure it without a backup as if it were new. However, at this point we do not believe that this could be the problem. If you want to be completely calm, you can format the device to make sure, although we insist that it is likely that this way it will not be fixed.

Restore backup iPhone

Possible incidents due to your operator

Your mobile operator could be the culprit that you are having problems receiving or making calls. It may be a specific breakdown of the same that is solved without the need for you to do anything or you may even have to contact them to transfer the incident, sometimes having to configure some parameter in the settings.

Be suspicious if you have low coverage

One of the most common causes for experiencing problems with calls on an iPhone and any other mobile is coverage. If you are in a low coverage area, it is very likely that you will experience serious problems hearing your interlocutor and that he will hear you. Even in the worst cases you could directly not be able to make or receive said call. You can check the coverage level of your iPhone by looking at the bars at the top. There are four of them and if both are full it means that you have maximum coverage, while if it drops it means the opposite and there may even be some other signal that reflects the problem.

iPhone coverage

You should also take into account that maybe the problem is not yours . If you are experiencing difficulties receiving calls from a specific person, it is possible that the one who has these coverage failures or any other is him. Therefore, we recommend that you try to make or try to receive calls from other people in order to make one hundred percent sure that it is your iPhone that is causing problems.

When are internet calls

Nowadays not only calls are made in the traditional way, but also through the internet. Whether it's with FaceTime or any other similar calling service, you may experience similar issues to classic calls. In this case too influences the coverage of the data network or signal WiFi and it is that, if this is not good, you can become incommunicado in this sense.

However, check that you have a good internet connection and that, if you have mobile data, you have exhausted your rate. You can also easily do an internet speed test to check it and be able to have some information to provide to your telephone operator if you decide to call them to report your incident.

iphone speed test

Lack of balance or other problems

If you have a prepaid rate on your SIM card, it is very important to be aware of whether or not there is a balance left on the line. Telephone calls have a cost that is consumed from this rate and when it runs out or there is not enough money, it does not allow calls to be made. In fact, there are companies that block incoming calls if you don't recharge the balance within a certain time, so in the end this problem can be extended to both making and receiving calls.

If you have a contract with your telephone operator, there can also be another series of problems due to non-payment and the like. Make sure you are up to date with your payments and, if in doubt, contact customer service so they can check if your line is in the correct state. In most of these cases, we recommend contacting the company that provides this service because, in the end, they are the ones that have the best means to check the problems and breakdowns.

Faults related to the phone itself and its components

Once you have ruled out problems due to the device's software or a problem with your operator, you have to think that the device could be damaged. In most cases where hardware problems occur, the failures are not just in calls, but also in other everyday actions. That is why if you experience any other failure it may be related to it.

Speaker or microphone issues

If you can make and receive calls perfectly, but the problem is that you do not hear well or you do not hear the other person, it is possible that your microphone and speaker are faulty. The first thing we advise you to do is make sure it's not the other person's problem, which you can check perfectly by recording a voice note and listening to it later.

iphone microphone

If you verify that it is your problem, it is possible that the speaker and microphone holes are clogged by dirt, which does not have a solution within your reach or at least is not recommended. Therefore, in this case and in the case of doubts regarding the integrity of these elements, the most advisable thing is that you make an appointment with Apple or a technical support authorized by the brand so that they are the ones who verify it with special tools and, in case it is dirt, they can clean it. In any case, consult the last point of this article.

Your SIM may be damaged

The SIM card is not usually the victim of many problems, since it is always protected inside the device. However, it is possible that over the years the card has been resisting and the chip it incorporates is beginning to fail. Although the most common failures in these cases would be that the iPhone does not recognize the card, the truth is that it can also cause this type of problem when making or receiving calls. Pull out the SIM tray and examine it to determine if it is in good condition. If not, you can request a duplicate from your telephone company, these being free in most cases.

SIM iPhone