Bluetooth issues on Mac mini with M1 and other equipment — 2022

A few weeks ago Apple presented and launched its first range of computers with processors developed by them. Although these so-called Apple Silicon work really well, it is normal for some optimization errors to appear that, at first, detract from the positive user experience of the first users. Some of the recent purchasers of a Mac mini with M1 have reported somebugs with external monitorsand others that appear with your Bluetooth connection. Below we will tell you more details, since it could enter into theMac warranty coverage.

Intermittent Bluetooth connection on Mac mini

Although the problem with the Bluetooth of these Macs has become more viral with youtubers like Patrick Tomasso and the report made by 9to5Mac , the truth is that it is a more widespread failure. Although it is not something generalized either, there are several users who have shown their discontent in forums and social networks because of this problem. The fault basically lies in the fact that when connecting a Bluetooth accessory such as a mouse, it disconnects randomly after a few seconds or minutes, sometimes resuming said connection without having to do anything and in others having to connect it manually.

macOS Big Sur could be to blame

While this bug seems to have become better known for being present mainly on Mac minis with M1, the truth is that in our personal experience we have been able to detect this same problem on Macs with Intel since they updated to the latest version of macOS Big Sur. . In fact, a server has been able to talk to other affected users through Twitter. In the case of these computers with Intel, the problem does not seem to be as widespread as in the Mac mini with M1, nor does it appear as frequently, however, it is more than enough reason to realize that it is possibly a general problem of the software.

Mac running macOS 11 Big Sur

We don't think there should be any panic about this either, since it's not a security flaw or a serious optimization problem that can't be fixed, but we have to admit that it's tedious to say the least. In any case, there are already all the bugs reported to Apple, something that from here we recommend doing to anyone who has any minor problem with their devices. Therefore, it is expected that the company will fix these bugs soon, possibly with a future update of the operating system.