Prevent your iPhone SE 2020 from breaking thanks to these cases — 2022

If you want to protect your iPhone SE 2020, the best option will always be a case. Unfortunately there will not be any that always guarantee one hundred percent protection, but the truth is that we can find them very resistant and without making the design lose prominence. Here we propose a few with which, surely, you will end up delighted.

Compatibility with other iPhones

Due to the dimensions of the iPhone SE 2020, all its cases are compatible with the iPhone 7 Y iPhone 8 . That is why all the covers that you will find here are fully valid for these other 4.7-inch terminals. In fact, even if I don't say it specifically, you can buy any case on the market compatible with any of these three and it will work for everyone.

Transparent cases for iPhone SE 2020

Transparent with edge protection

Transparent iPhone SE cases 1

We understand that if you need a transparent case it is because you don't want to give up the design of the iPhone, but neither do you want to carry it protected. This case combines both aspects thanks to its TPU materials that protect the back and a special material dedicated to the protection of the bezels that will prevent the phone from being damaged by accidental causes such as a drop or bump. It is available in black, navy blue, pink and green.

iPhone SE 2020 transparent case buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 14.99 Transparent iPhone SE Cases 2

Spigen Clear Case

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If the Spigen brand covers stand out for something, it is for their tremendous quality and protection, in addition to the fact that they do not turn yellow over time. This version compatible with the iPhone SE also protects the edges, precisely having several of these designs available in various colors. It is also very comfortable to hold in hand, without losing the ergonomics that characterizes this Apple device.

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Transparent and ultra resistant

iPhone SE 2020 hard case 1

We already said at the beginning that there is no case capable of 100% protecting an iPhone SE 2020, but this one comes very close. In addition to having a transparent design, it is made up of several robust pieces that also cover the front part and offer high protection guarantees without neglecting the original design of the iPhone.

iPhone SE 2020 transparent case buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 22.99 iPhone SE 2020 Hard Case 2

iPhone SE 2020 Hard Cases

Beeasy waterproof cover

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Falls, bumps, brushes with keys and other sharp objects, splashes and even immersions is what this Beeasy case, available in various colours, allows. Its 360-degree protection is achieved thanks to robust materials that, despite considerably thickening the phone, make it ultra-resistant to all kinds of situations.

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Hard case with elegant design

Eye-catching design iPhone SE 2020 1

It is true that each taste is different and therefore each person can have their own, but the truth is that these covers have a design that, a priori, is more attractive than the previous one. Beyond this, it has a certified protection that minimizes shocks thanks to the air cushioning that serves as anti-shock. It's available in various colors.

iPhone SE 2020 hard case buy it at Eye-catching design iPhone SE 2020 2 EUR 14.99 Amazon Logo

Rigid case with ring

Official Apple iPhone SE 2020 Case

This case, in addition to guaranteeing excellent protection due to its high-quality materials and its included screen protector, stands out for its modern design and incorporates a ring. And why this ring? Well, simply to be able to hold the phone more comfortably and to be able to have it with greater security in the event that it falls to the ground.

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Covers with an eye-catching design

Multitude of cover designs

With this case you will not get a very high shockproof protection, but you will get scratches that can occur with normal use of the device. What is striking about these is precisely their design. Military drawings, wood style, motivating phrases and many more designs that you can see by accessing from the following link.

Case with striking design iPhone SE 2020 buy it at EUR 6.50

Transparent cover with drawings

Very much in the style of the transparent covers shown in the first point, we find these that maintain the essence of the iPhone but know how to play with the back by adding beautiful drawings that give the iPhone a more personal style. There are a few available, so we recommend you take a look at them.

Case with striking design iPhone SE 2020 buy it at EUR 5.99

Official Apple Cases

If you are more of a classic design and more from Apple, the official Apple covers are your best option. The company has available three silicone models, in white, pink or black. On the other hand it has two skin in night blue or black. In both cases you will enjoy protection on your device and you can have a two-year guarantee for possible damage not caused by the use of the case itself. Also, if you're lucky, they might be on sale.

Official iPhone SE 2020 case buy it at EUR 34.90 Official iPhone SE 2020 case buy it at EUR 39.99