Prevent anyone from knowing the places you visit by activating the incognito mode in Google Maps — 2022

Google continues to work to improve the control we can exercise over our privacy. We have been able to activate the incognito mode in many browsers for a long time to prevent the websites we have visited from being recorded in the history. Now it's e incognito mode has landed on the Google Maps application for iPhone and in this article we explain how you can easily activate it.

Leave no trace of your searches on Google Maps on iPhone

Incognito mode came to Google Maps on Android in early 2019, but on iPhone we have had to wait almost a year for it to be activated. But at last Google has announced in a note on his blog that iPhone users can already use this function after updating the application to the version 5.32. The update note of this version already anticipates the inclusion of this mode as follows:

We've added a new way to control your privacy on Google Maps. You can now use incognito mode when you don't want your activity, like the places you search or go, to be saved to your Google account.

Once we have updated the application to the latest version available on our iPhone, we simply have to follow the following steps to activate incognito mode:

  1. Go to Google Maps from your iPhone.
  2. In the upper right corner click on your user photo.
  3. Click on the option that says 'Activate incognito mode'.

incognito mode google maps iphone

Normally when we perform a search through Google Maps, the places we consult enter into a location history. This history can be useful to create a timeline of the sites we have visited and also to get recommendations for locations that we might like.

But if you do not want this information to be stored, you simply have to activate this incognito mode. What we get by activating it is prevent search history from being saved or browsing in the account and neither location history nor location sharing is updated. Obviously, by 'prohibiting' the application from collecting this information, the Maps customization function is completely inactive.

Without a doubt, this is a function that we appreciate that it was finally implemented on iPhone when it had been active for many months on Android devices. It is important that we can control the processing of search information to prevent it from being stored in our history if we do not want to leave a trace of the searches we carry out.

We can use it to prevent anyone from knowing where we have gone if they take our mobile phone, just as we do with the incognito mode of our browsers.

Little by little Google is working on implementing interesting privacy options in its application. Specifically, they are already working on a new option for bulk delete timeline which uses location history to remind us where we've been on a given day. In the end, this application can store all our routes and this is very valuable information that we hope will allow us to eliminate it in a massive way soon.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this incognito mode, are you going to activate it often?

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