Premieres available today on Apple TV +: series finale and new documentary — 2022

One more week we look at the premieres of the Apple streaming platform and that is that new content is broadcast every Friday. This week is marked by the end of the seasons of some highly watched series, as well as the premiere of a new documentary. All this a week after knowing all the premieres that the platform will have throughout this year. Read on if you don't want to miss any of the news.

Final ending of Losing Alice?

The eighth and final episode of thefirst season of losing aliceIt comes under the title Fin. This title could not be clearer, but the truth is that the plot leaves many possibilities open that could give rise to a hypothetical second season. At the moment it has not been confirmed, since it is also not an Apple TV + own production, but they acquired their rights from an Israeli television channel that we understand has a lot to say about it. We will be attentive to possible news in this regard and regarding this episode, it must be said that several events are revealed that put an end to the filming of Sophie's film.

Dickinson says goodbye to his second season

The Dickinson series was one of the first to premiere on the platform and today it is a pioneer in being one of the first big ones to close its second season. At the end of last year it was confirmed that he would have a third season, so his fans can rest easy. In this episode titled You Can't Put Out a Fire we get to witness Jane's baby being christened for 27 minutes, all while Emily battles with Sam in order to get her poems back.

Servant is on fire (again)

Each episode that premieres increases the tension and intrigue in the quintessential psychological thriller on Apple TV +. Servant has already issued the seventh chapter of its second season, getting closer to its closure. Under the title Marino, the main plot of the episode revolves around the tragedy of this family and the incessant desire of the Turners, especially Dorothy, to try to find out where Jericho is. All while Uncle George is still stuck in the Turners' house.

The twelfth of For All Humanity

The second episode of the second season of theapple tv+ astronaut seriesis now available to everyone, being the twelfth chapter in total of the series. It is called The Bloody Blade and for 56 minutes it goes through the plots of its main characters, highlighting Margo's courage in the face of a new assignment behind her back and the desperation of Danielle and Gordo in their respective stories.

Billi Eilish documentary premiere

Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry is how Apple has decided to name this documentary in feature film format that revolves around the life of the young Californian artist. During its almost two and a half hours of duration we can peek into the deepest intimacy of Eilish, knowing her trajectory since she began to become a star while still a teenager. It should be noted that, like other documentaries of this style on the platform, it is not available with dubbing, but there are subtitles in many languages ​​so as not to miss any details.

In our podcast we tell you everything

In our free podcast we dedicate our Friday episodes to talk about what's new with Apple TV+. In today's broadcast we have taken the opportunity to recount all these premieres mentioned above, but also to analyze all the news that will arrive this year on the platform, with special emphasis on the second seasons of much-loved series such as Ted Lasso, See or The Morning Show. You can listen to it through any podcast platform.

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