Pokémon Go is updated by improving its augmented reality system — 2022

Pokémon Go seems to be resurrected in the holidays when users can once again have time to go outside with the iPhone and search for new Pokémon. That is why obviously Niantic have not abandoned this application for iOS and the The next update will take advantage of one of the novelties of iOS, the augmented reality that ARKit brought. This update improves the user experience that the user will have.

Niantic will continue to exploit ARKit in Pokémon Go

In the end, augmented reality is the future and it is for them that all companies are giving developers the opportunity to exploit it, and they encourage them to do so. Niantic has been one of the companies that has decided to incorporate it in its own iOS game giving Pokémon Go enhanced augmented reality, with the direct support of Cupertino experts.

AR+ is an improved augmented reality system locating the Pokémon in our environment, being able to approach them or move away to see them in detail and above all to give them a sense of reality, with a real scale size of the Pokemon.

With this future update and AR+ also added a basic artificial intelligence system. With this the Pokémon will be able to interact with each other and also with you, because an example that we see is that if we get too close many can end scaring and running away, adding this touch of interaction that we really like.

We do not have a predefined date for the launch of this new update, although in the coming months it will reach all our terminals. We do not know either if we will see it on Android where There is also a platform similar to ARKit, although still quite green, such as ARCore.

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