Plusdede, the free app to watch streaming movies, returns to the App Store — 2022

A few weeks ago, we told you about the removal of Plusdede in the App Store, but now, it's back in the iOS app store again. free .

Plusdede is presented as an application to manage our series and films . That is, to keep track of them, but in addition to that, we can see all kinds of streaming content for free.

The last update that this app received was two months ago, so the return to the App Store does not present any novelty added . At least this is indicated in the update history of the application itself.

Plusdede returns to the App Store

This application has a fairly large community in its web version, and where in the App Store It has just climbed to number 7 with a total of 4.6 stars and more than 16,600 ratings in total (it maintains the previous ones).

The operation of the application is simple, you simply download it, open it and search for the content you want to view on streaming . Whether movies or series, where it also offers a series of links with greater or lesser quality and in different languages.

Of course, we can also add in our profile the chapters we follow , current week's premiere series, or saved content. All this to have it well categorized and classified according to our tastes.

In the current catalog, we can select movies or series by news, most views, all or directly search for a title. The catalog is updated automatically, both by categories and by news.

If you stayed without downloading Plusdede , now is the time, since we do not know if they will withdraw it again. We remember that during the time that she was in abeyance in the App Store , the users who had it bought , they could continue using it without any problem, even downloading it again from the my purchases section.

Download this app for free

What do you think of Plusdede? Have you been able to download it?