Play with your friends wherever they are thanks to these games — 2022

Every day we look for different ways to have a good time with our friends, and this can happen by searching the App Store for different games compatible with the multiplayer mode. In this article we are going to try to save you time and present you with different very interesting alternatives that are free to download so that you can enjoy many hours of fun.

What you should look for in these games

The games that are focused to be enjoyed with other people must mainly have a good online system. That is to say, that the connection with the servers of the developers themselves is optimal in order to avoid the lag that can be generated in the game when there are many people participating. The fact of where the servers are located also influences, since if you are playing from Spain and the servers are in China, it is possible that the ping that exists makes it very difficult for you to play. This is further aggravated when the person you are going to play with is also in a country quite far from yours.

Another section that you should take into account in this type of game is undoubtedly the gameplay. It is not suitable for it to be a game of two people but in which one watches while playing, but the real fun is playing at the same time in the same game. This is where the competitive style that many games can give comes in, offering an unparalleled experience. The lure of having to beat your partner in points or kills, depending on the game, makes it a lot more fun in the end. All this is what you should always look for in this style of games.

The classic games that you will surely know

Among all the options that exist for games to share with other people, there are many that you have surely played physically on a board. Among them you can find dominoes, billiards or pinturillo. Here we show you the best that can be found.

Online Dominoes

Online Dominoes

A mythical and classic game where they exist is Dominoes, which is tremendously common to see in many Spanish bars. Although this is a board game, it can be transferred to the digital world and played with our friends wherever they are thanks to the alternative that we have in the App Store. With this game we can take out our best pieces and put them on the virtual board to face friends or random people.

All the rules that normally exist in Domino apply and the application allows up to four people to get together. Without a doubt, it can be a really interesting experience to move to this game that is normally played physically. This is a free game but ads are present when a game is over. If you want to eliminate them, you can always choose to make a small payment to enjoy them with total freedom.

Dominoes - Board Game Dominoes - Board Game Descargar QR-Code Dominoes - Board Game Developer: Megajogos Entertainment Ltd.

Guess Who It Is!

Another classic game that we can play with a multitude of friends or family transferred to the virtual world, since we are talking about the mythical 'Who is who' but compatible with our iPhone. The game starts with a random character for each of the players and the ultimate goal is to guess the character that the opposing player has. In order to achieve this, you only need to ask questions of the type 'Is he wearing glasses?'.

These questions are not asked through a voice system unfortunately, but rather appear on the screen. Through all these questions you will end up reaching the final result. The problem is that all the faces are predefined and it may be missed to have a version with more realistic characters, although copyright problems come into play. The experience of this legendary game is also maintained.

Guess Who It Is! Guess Who It Is! Descargar QR-Code Guess Who It Is! Developer: JanduSoft S.L.

Painter 2

Do you draw better than your friend or relative? This is the question that you will be able to clear now in this game, which is the digital version of 'Pictionary' . You will be presented with a word that you must represent with a simple freehand drawing and the opponents must guess this word by writing it in the chat. In the end, the person who guesses the most words throughout the game wins. As in the rest of the games, inviting friends is really simple, although you can also choose to play with strangers.

This is a game that is mythical and has been seen in numerous different series. Everyone has in their minds the moment in The Simpsons series in which they tried to describe dignity with a simple drawing. This makes it really important to know how to express any type of idea with your technique, or to have at least a kind of rapport with your partner so that everything that is being drawn can be correctly described.

Pinturillo 2. Draw and guess Pinturillo 2. Draw and guess Descargar QR-Code Pinturillo 2. Draw and guess Developer: Chachiware

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Poll

If you are a pool lover, this is the ideal game for you and your friends. You can face another person, either known or totally random to be able to win a game of pool which is governed by the rules of the real game. In addition, there are numerous game modes to have a great time and each of the games is a real challenge for all of us because everything can change in a single hit with the ball.

The truth is that the physics are quite well done and it makes the ball respond quite well when it is hit with a stick. Obviously there will be tension until the last moment, with each of the people participating having a turn, although you can always have more turns if the ball is inserted into the hole. In the end, as is logical, the one who has put their corresponding balls in the right place and without touching the black ball will win.

8 Ball Pool™ 8 Ball Pool™ Descargar QR-Code 8 Ball Pool™ Developer:

Parchis STAR

Parchis Star

One of the most addictive games that exist within the App Store to play in company. It is the typical game of Parcheesi but with a great social component since you can connect with your friends to play some games regardless of where they are on the planet. Without a doubt, you will have a lot of fun with this game with those people you love.

Undoubtedly, Parcheesi has been in the social collective of many people and in this case it is governed by the same rules. You will be able to eat the chips without problems and look for the ideal combination of numbers with the dice to win the game at the end. Unfortunately, it does not include any type of voice communication system to be able to comment on the game or the movements that are being made.

Parchis STAR Parchis STAR Descargar QR-Code Parchis STAR Developer: Gameberry Labs


The mythical game in which you have to try to get hold of the greatest number of important streets or monuments is available on the App Store. It has a price of €4.99 And contains in-app purchases , but without a doubt it is one of the most entertaining video games that can make your games last for hours and hours. With this classic game you can play with your friends thanks to its Play with friends mode.

Its design and interface makes it very similar to the real game. It has a fast game mode so that the game does not take too long. It also gives the option of you be the one to make the rules you want to play against your friends. It has an offline mode so you can play anywhere, but you can also compete against players from all over the world through its online version.

MONOPOLY, classic game MONOPOLY, classic game Descargar QR-Code MONOPOLY, classic game Developer: Marmalade Game Studio

Other more diverse genres

In addition to these classic games that we have mentioned, there are also others from more diverse genres that are not so classic but that you will surely recognize.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

If you are a fan of racing games, the mythical Mario Kart is waiting for you in the App Store of your iPhone and now with compatibility with the mode multiplayer . You can compete in total with seven more players, either from the friends list or from players who are in any other part of the world and are unknown to us. Here there is an important rivalry, since it is necessary to arrive before the opponent to the finish line.

Like the games that can be found on consoles, in this version of Mario Kart you can choose the car you want to be able to compete as well as the character. As you drive around the circuit, you'll find different objects that you can use to boost yourself to a higher speed or even hinder the path of the companion behind you, for example with a simple banana peel.

Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour Descargar QR-Code Mario Kart Tour Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Among Us

Among Us

Among Us is one of the most fun games you can find on the App Store to play with as many friends as you want. You will find yourself in a base with other companions that can be your own friends or random people through the servers that are integrated. One of the participants will be the impostor who will always try to assassinate the rest of the companions without being seen and with the aim that no one can blame them.

The rest of the crew must carry out maintenance missions around the ship, but if they find a corpse they must report it. When reporting it, an emergency meeting is held with all the members in which they must discuss which partner should be expelled. Obviously you should try to do it logically to find the culprit, since if he is left standing the game will be lost. Without a doubt, it is an experience that anyone should try as it is extremely fun.

Among Us! Among Us! Descargar QR-Code Among Us! Developer: InnerSloth LLC

Virtual Table Tennis

Another game that we are accustomed to playing outdoors is pin-pon and now it will not be necessary to have a physical table to be able to practice it with our friends. Thanks to this game we will be able to face our friends with some shovels that seem quite real and some physics that are very successful. The games can be made totally eternal and although of course it cannot be assimilated to the movement that is made on a real table, without a doubt the experience is very successful.

The rules that apply are the same as in a real table and you will have to try by all means to make the ball go to the opposite field and achieve the point. This is something that can be complicated, being the first games a real frustration. But when you have knowledge of everything you have to do and how the movement works, the game begins to flow on its own.

Virtual Table Tennis Virtual Table Tennis Descargar QR-Code Virtual Table Tennis Developer: SenseDevil Games

Air Hockey Gold

A game that is tremendously simple but also tremendously addictive. In all the recreational halls there is a machine of this style that consists of passing a disc moved by the force of the air but blocking it when they are thrown at us to prevent it from entering the goal . As in the previous cases, we can play with people around us, but we can also choose to connect online with friends on the other side of the world.

The experience is quite satisfactory, and although it is true that you have a scene that is quite small, you can enjoy it. You will have to be extremely quick with your finger to counteract the opponent's blows to avoid putting the puck in your goal at all costs. You will also have to make the necessary movements to be able to mislead the opponent and have more chances to score a point.

Air Hockey Gold Air Hockey Gold Descargar QR-Code Air Hockey Gold Developer: Acceleroto


asked asked Descargar QR-Code asked Developer: Etermax

This is the most popular adapted version of trivia and with which you can play online with your friends or with any of the thousands of random users who connect daily. There are no cheese here, but characters from Art, Science, History, Sports and Geography, but in the end the mechanics are very similar and your knowledge of general culture they are the most precious. In addition it is gratuitous , although you can buy coins within the app to be able to get help during your games.

In addition to competing against whoever you want, be it friends or strangers, you can be the one asking the questions for other players to answer. It is a way for players to actively participate in the game, and not just as mere contestants. It is a good way to remember those things of general culture that are forgotten over time, while you compete.

The most recommended

Of all these games that we have recommended, without a doubt we must highlight 8 Ball Pool since you will be able to enjoy a fun session of billiards from your own iPhone. All this enjoying really good physics and with a good connection to any type of server. In this way you will be able to have contact with any friend wherever they are in the world geography without suffering from the annoying lag, although it lacks a voice communication system.

Another game that should definitely be recommended is Among Us. The possibility of playing from any device makes it a more than interesting option, especially with the 'boom' that it has suffered in recent months. At all times it tries to create a community with all the players and you can have a really fun time thanks to the mechanics it has. Although it is true that you will have to get together with friends since the public servers are full of people who may not have the best player spirit.