Play on iPhone with PlayStation controllers? With these you can — 2022

With the arrival of iOS 13, Apple allowed us to link our PlayStation controller with the iPhone in a really simple way. This opened the door for many games in the App Store to be made compatible with these controls, making the user experience much better. assimilating enough to play with a traditional console . In this article we make a compilation of the best iPhone games that are compatible with these controls.

What you should look for in these games

When playing with a controller there are many options that can be considered and that must be taken into account. The first one is find a game that suits your tastes personal. In both the general App Store and Apple Arcade there are many categories available, from action to adventure. There is always their own criteria in which users tend towards one or the other. That is why you should choose the one in which you feel most comfortable.

The movement aspect is also really important. When you are going to use a console controller, you always have to keep in mind that it must be well designed. If you don't have the right movement or it's not adapted to remote controls, you're definitely not going to enjoy the full experience. That is why at first you should trust leading and trustworthy developers.

App Store games compatible with PS4 and PS5 controller

Despite the fact that Apple is always thought to be a hermetic company with respect to other companies. The truth is that you can find many games in the App Store to be able to enjoy with the PlayStation console controls as if you were on the console. Here we show you the best.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a fan of action and shooting games, surely you have played CoD at some point in your life. Now you don't need to have a console to be able to play this historic saga with your friends, but you simply have to have your iPhone in your hand to imbue you in a very good experience. To make it even more similar to what we can have on a classic console, Call of Duty Mobile e was perfectly adapted to the PlayStation controllers so that we simply support our mobile on a surface and enjoy.

The truth is that it is quite surprising how we can play from our mobile device, having a multitude of maps available as well as different game modes. There are many game modes that are available and that are perfectly adapted to the situation of each of the people who come forward with the console controller. Furthermore, multiplayer mode is also enabled to enjoy with all your friends with stable servers.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Call of Duty®: Mobile Descargar QR-Code Call of Duty®: Mobile Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Asphalt 8: Airbone

Asphalt 8 Airbone

If you are a lover of speed, this is the game that is designed for you. Asphalt 8: Airbone is a racing game that includes more than 1500 challenges and more than 220 cars to choose from. But lest we fool ourselves, playing this type of game with the touch controls of our device is not optimal, so they have worked on compatibility with PlayStation controls.

The truth is that the physics of this game are very well done and you can enjoy an experience that is quite similar to reality. If you are a fan of cars, without a doubt, this is the game you should have installed. It is true that due to the speed, it may be more comfortable to play it finely on an iPad because it has a larger screen.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne Descargar QR-Code Asphalt 8: Airborne Developer: Gameloft

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


A classic among the classics is undoubtedly the GTA San Andreas that we have all played before. Now we can develop this classic story on our iPhone and have good control thanks to the use of a PS4 controller. This will facilitate the fact of driving any type of vehicle on the streets, and even easier to aim since with the touch control it is something that is not really comfortable.

As far as the performance of this game is concerned, it can be achieved quite optimally on the latest devices. We must bear in mind that we are facing a game that already has several years behind it. This is something that can work more correctly on a simple iPad or iPhone as if we were on a console as such. In the end, the important thing should be the experience and with this system you end up achieving it.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Descargar QR-Code Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Developer: Rockstar Games

Apple Arcade Games

Within the Apple Arcade catalog there are many games that are compatible with console controls. This information can be easily consulted in the game file on the platform and below we show you the most important ones.

Butter Royale

Have the food fight of your life in the #1 battle royale game! #1 in Arcade! Play alone or in squads against 31 others in frantic 5-minute food fights. Shoot sauces, shoot bread and hit your opponents with food! Use Power-Ups to heal your squad or trap your opponents in an avalanche of thick, delicious milkshake! In short, we are facing a Battle Royale that is undoubtedly quite original due to all the elements that can be used.

It can be quite similar to the experience you have in other games like Fortnite. This is because you can form your own teams with friends and even strangers. But in the end, everything is set in graphics that are very friendly and really careful. This makes it a real delight to play this game, and on top of that with the peace of mind of being in control when using PlayStation-like controllers.

Butter Royale Butter Royale Descargar QR-Code Butter Royale Developer: Mighty Bear Games Pte. Ltd.

Way of the Turtle

In this charming adventure game, join two turtles on their journey to reunite on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. It is not such an innocent island at first glance. Cursed by the magic of evil, corrupting elements of the land transforming them into monsters and difficult obstacles. However, not everything on the island is against you. Make friends with the native beavers that inhabit the island, who will try to help you on your adventure to return home.

With this story, without a doubt, we are facing a game that is designed above all for the little ones in the house. As you progress through the story you will see how you get different powers through the shells. But it's not just limited to adventure, as it's also a game with RPG elements that will allow you to see a progression in the skills of all your characters.

Way of the Turtle Way of the Turtle Descargar QR-Code Way of the Turtle Developer: Illusion Labs

Hot Lava

Hot Lava transports you to the imagination of your childhood. Relive those moments of emotion, joy and chaos. Run, jump, climb and surf in first person through nostalgic environments awash in hot molten lava. Obviously, in this platform game, what you must keep in mind is that you must never end up at the bottom of the lava, since absolutely everything will end there.

You can choose to play alone or in multiplayer mode. In the latter you can conquer challenging worlds with up to four players in instant multiplayer mode. It is important to explore and also compete in order to find the fastest route. At the end of the day, what you should always prioritize is finishing in record time with respect to the time your friends do, since that will determine your position in the leaderboard.

Hot Lava Hot Lava Descargar QR-Code Hot Lava Developer: Clay

Oceanhorn 2

If you like it enough l Zelda environment , this is your ideal game. You must exploit the world of Gaia with your hero to be able to unite all the inhabitants of this land with a single purpose. In order to develop a good battle, without a doubt, it is necessary to have a console control in our possession. Explore the islands of the Uncharted Seas, a world full of dangers, puzzles and secrets.

Battle monsters, learn to use magic, and discover ancient treasures to help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skills to unravel the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia and the sea monster called Oceanhorn. Oceanhorn combines a captivating story with stunning 3D graphics and exciting gameplay mechanics, resulting in a captivating action-adventure experience that you will never forget.

Oceanhorn 2 Oceanhorn 2 Descargar QR-Code Oceanhorn 2 Developer: Cornfox & Brothers Ltd.

Agent Intercept

Chase down bad guys and race against the clock to protect sensitive information in your sleek, upgraded vehicle. Drive, drift and fight your way through missions set in exotic locations. The story tells how the criminal and global organization CLAW has returned and we need our best agent to stop them. Chase down bad guys and race against the clock to save the world in your sleek, upgraded transforming vehicle.

It has a story mode in which you must get behind the wheel to enjoy a story full of intrigue, betrayal and action. But there is also a daily center available where you can test your skills in a series of challenges, missions and rankings that will change every day you enter. This makes it a fast-paced action game with numerous flips and stunts, accompanied by incredible graphics.

Agent Intercept Agent Intercept Descargar QR-Code Agent Intercept Developer: PikPok

Hyperforma Premium

A science-fiction game in which ancient civilizations have disappeared, but an intrepid adventurer decides to investigate the abandoned cities on his own and an ancient network left by the ancient civilization before disappearing. With this game you will be able to discover the secrets that were trapped in time. Thanks to them you will be able to communicate with the Titans, who will help you discover more clues about the past and help you understand what the Oracle has told you. Your main objective will be to hack the different levels to advance.

A completely free game of intrigue, mystery and intelligence in which you will have to reach the center of the core in the shortest possible time. You'll be able to comfortably move around all the structures on the different levels so that you don't miss any clues. It is a fairly immersive and relaxing arcade game, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

Hyperforma Premium Hyperforma Premium Descargar QR-Code Hyperforma Premium Developer: Fedor Danilov

Pascal’s Wager

It's about a action role playing game which is inspired by dark fantasy. You will put yourself in the shoes of different characters to be able to fully enjoy the entire plot and gradually discover all the hidden parts of the map. To do this, you will have to fight against all kinds of enemies and bosses. All this while you face, at the same time, the truth and your own death. You will have to find out the origin of the pandemic that is ending the world, as well as find out the whereabouts of Teresa, one of the most important characters in the game.

You have the possibility to choose between four characters, each one with different combat characteristics. It also has a three-dimensional map to be able to enjoy in a more complete way the incredible graphics that the game has. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of the secondary characters that you cannot play with, but have independent plots that provide clues and help to the game. Without a doubt, a very good choice if you like role-playing games and want a story that is somewhat different from the rest.

Pascal Pascal Descargar QR-Code Pascal's Wager Developer: Giant Network

Which is the most recommended?

If you are a person who loves shooting and action games, you should definitely end up trying the Call Of Duty for the iPhone or iPad. You will enjoy the experience that you have in the console versions and you will also be able to share it with the rest of your friends thanks to the multiplayer mode. Here the experience is quite well achieved and the servers work correctly so you won't miss the rest of the consoles at all.

But if adventure is more your thing, you can certainly take the opportunity to try the Oceanhorns . It is quite similar to the Zelda series because of the story that is told and also because of the graphics that it presents that are really interesting. The movement system is quite successful and even the developers themselves recommend playing it with console controls because it is necessary to have greater freedom in terms of movement when combining adventures with puzzle systems that can become really complex in some cases.

And you, what do you usually play on your iPhone and your PS4 controller?