Photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad — 2022

It has been many years since the fact of being able to take pictures with our mobile ceased to be a novelty. Devices like the iPhone have increasingly better lenses with which to take spectacular photographs. However, on many occasions you can considerably improve the results with a good editing app, and that is precisely what we analyze in this article: the best apps to edit photos on iOS and iPadOS.

This is what you have to look for in a photo editor

Within the App Store there is a huge variety of applications that allow you to perform practically any task you can imagine, and of course, this is not an exception in photo editing applications. You can find many options that, to a greater or lesser extent, will help you edit the photos you take with your iPhone. However, and as is always the case, there are some that are more complete or suitable depending on the use that each user is going to make of them, since the application that includes the most functions is not always the most suitable for all users.

That is why we recommend you look at these parameters:

    Interface:you should look for an app that is easy to use. Logically, when they are professional apps, they have many more options and may require a learning curve at the beginning. However, in most cases you are offered guides with which to understand how it works. This also helps that it is in Spanish, since if you do not master English you could get lost a bit and not finish locating the tools. Options:logically a photography application will be richer the more options it has. On the one hand, it must allow you to modify the typical parameters such as brightness, saturation, contrast, exposure, luminosity, temperature, shadows... However, it must also allow you to adapt the image in terms of dimensions, being able to even export it in various formats such as . jpg'display:inline-block; width:100%;'>

    You probably already knew this, but if not, you should know that both the iPhone and the iPad incorporate a native editor. This is located within the Photos app, all you have to do is open one of them and click on Edit. Within this section we can find numerous settings to retouch the contrast, brightness or color. There is also the option to crop or choose the specific frame you want if it is a Live Photo.

    This option could be more than enough for many users who don't understand much about photo editing or who don't want to overcomplicate it. However, in many cases is an editor that can fall short . We did not find advanced tools classified as professionals, so resorting to a third-party application like the ones we will show in this article may be the best decision.

    Do not spend a euro thanks to these applications

    We tend to think that everything free is bad, however we can find a multitude of totally free tools that work perfectly. In the case of apps to edit photos, the same thing happens, as you will see below with a compilation of the best options that we can find in the App Store without having to pay anything at all.

    Snapseed, Google's editing app

    We already know that if Google is characterized by something, it is for not only being a search engine, but also for having dozens of services and even devices. In this case we analyze a photo editing app from the company, which has a thirty tools with which to improve your snapshots. Tools such as stain remover, brush, HDR, perspective stand out... In addition, this app is capable of opening files in different image formats, including those of format RAW.

    Snapseed is one of the most popular applications because the user finds two fundamental aspects within it. In the first place, a minimalist and very easy-to-use interface, and second, a huge variety of tools, which makes it a perfect app both for those users who don't want to complicate their lives too much, as well as for those who do want to dedicate more time to it. time and care to the editing of each and every one of your photographs.

    Snapseed Snapseed Descargar QR-Code Snapseed Developer: Google LLC

    Photoshop Express

    Photoshop Express

    In this case, it is the turn of the little sister of Adobe Photoshop, this app that allows you to quick tweaks in photographs of all kinds. It has a multitude of filters that considerably improve the beauty of the photographs, as well as the possibility of creating collages with several images, adding frames, text and a lot of other functions that are at your full disposal with Photoshop Express.

    One of the most outstanding points of this application is the ease with which you can make quick edits to be able to share the image in a few seconds but giving it your personal touch. You'll be able to crop, straighten, modify the contrast, exposure or saturation among other parameters, as well as apply small blurs that will give your photo a professional touch.

    Photoshop Express Photo Editor Photoshop Express Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Photoshop Express Photo Editor Developer: Adobe Inc.

    Lightroom, the great Adobe for iPad

    If you have an iPad, this could become your go-to app for editing photos. If we mentioned Adobe Photoshop Express before, now we are referring to an app from Adobe itself created especially for editing on iOS and iPadOS. The app has a series of presets to which are added powerful editions of profiles, curves, color mixer and many more. It also highlights its interactive tutorials , something that we believe is very important when we use an application for the first time and we do not know its interface and how it works.

    Lightroom is one of the most popular and complete applications that you can use to edit your photos, you also have the possibility of creating your own filters, that is, your preset editions and above all, the ease with which you can apply the same edition to different images quickly, something that is great for those photographers who want to apply the same edition to a series of images of an event, for example.

    Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos Descargar QR-Code Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos Developer: Adobe Inc.

    VSCO, one of the essentials

    This is one of the best rated applications in the App Store, and it is not for less. If you don't need to make large edits, but instead need small but nice tweaks , this app is the ideal. you will find 10 pre-adjusted established with which you can add filters, manage parameters of contrast, saturation, grain and others. It's a perfect app when you've taken a great photo that just needs a little touch up.

    It is a perfect application for all types of users, from the most basic ones who, at the moment, do not fully control all the parameters that you can modify in a photograph, as well as for those editing professionals who, in a few seconds, want to retouch certain parameters to generate a fantastic result that allows them to share that photo on their social networks.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Descargar QR-Code VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Developer: Visual Supply Company

    Vector, his name says it all

    Indeed, we believe that the name of this app says it all, but let's give it a more extensive explanation. In Vector we will be able to create detailed vectors with its careful tools. It will also be very easy to group, align, put masks, order and scale the objects. Without a doubt, it is one of the most outstanding apps in everything related to advanced vector editing with which you can later work in other applications or programs of macOS or Windows.

    Without a doubt, it is a completely different application to what we have seen so far, focused on photo editing but also on graphic design. A really powerful tool to be able to make very attractive designs in a few seconds and share them on the different social networks. Obviously, it is an app dedicated to slightly more advanced users who have knowledge of graphic design.

    Vector Graphic Design & UI Vector Graphic Design & UI Descargar QR-Code Vector Graphic Design & UI Developer: Linearity GmbH

    Lighttricks Photoleap, to play with backgrounds

    One of the most popular photo editions are those in which we blur the background or change it completely. Precisely these functions are in which Photoleap stands out, since you will be able to find powerful tools with which to create creative backgrounds. You will be able to create unique backgrounds with surreal touches in a really simple way. Its technology of layers It is also very remarkable and the reason why its final results are so good.

    It is a completely different photo editing application that will give you the possibility of making authentic works of art that, without a doubt, will attract a lot of attention. As we mentioned, by having the possibility of working in layers you have the option of creating incredible photographic fusions.

    Photoleap de Lightricks Photoleap de Lightricks Descargar QR-Code Photoleap de Lightricks Developer: Lightricks Ltd.

    Darkroom, adjust your portraits and more

    Bokeh effect photos are becoming more and more popular, and the truth is that they can be incredible photos. Therefore, an app with Darkroom can be the ideal companion for these photos that are taken on iPhone with the portrait mode, since we can adjust everything related to these effects in your already taken photos. But not only that, in this app we can also find interesting editing functions with which to set different parameters such as contrast and other settings, as well as being able to add filters and frames.

    Surely on many occasions when you have come across a photograph taken with portrait mode you have wanted to separately edit the blurred part and on the other hand the focused subject, well, Darkroom is just the tool that will allow you to carry out this action . Well used, this application can bring you very attractive results.

    Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Descargar QR-Code Darkroom: Photo/Video Editor Developer: Bergen Co.

    Afterlight surprises with its simplicity


    The developers of this application classify themselves as genuinely passionate about quality filters and textures, which is why they wanted to transfer this passion to their app, and the truth is that they've succeeded. You can find dozens of very powerful editing tools that allow quality photo editing either from the iPhone or iPad, in addition to not consuming excessive processor resources that cause the phone or tablet to heat up.

    Within the app you will find more than 130 filters that you can apply to your photos, which is also constantly expanding so you can discover new options from time to time. As we mentioned, the possibility of giving images texture is another of Afterlight's strong points, in fact it has more than 60 different options.

    Artory – story editor


    Artory is an application that has been conceived and designed so that you can be the king of Instagram stories thanks to the more than 3,000 templates that it offers users. In this way you will be able to adapt the content you want to show through your stories at all times, always depending on your needs and above all, on how you want to convey the message. As we mentioned, the value for which this application is so interesting lies in the enormous variety of templates, where you can find them in numerous styles.

    In addition to the templates that you can use, Artory also offers the user the possibility of modifying their images thanks to the different filters that you can apply to all the photos that you upload to the application. Of course, the text is also another of the most important elements when creating powerful Instagram stories and with Artory you can enter it whenever you want and in the way you like the most.

    Artory - story editor Artory - story editor Descargar QR-Code Artory - story editor Developer: chen ziming

    Prisma Photo Editor


    One of the most downloaded apps in the panorama that has a large number of options to edit your photos. It has a huge gallery of filters for you to add to the photos, as well as being able to modify the light and color of the photos you want to edit. It has a portrait segmentation tool, with which your selfies and portraits will turn out amazing.

    One of the keys to this application is its tool to modify backgrounds. With it you can remove the background of any photograph to put the one you want. The effects library is updated every day so you'll never run out of editing ideas. It has a community made up of millions of people with whom you can share ideas and your photos, and receive comments from people all over the world.

    Take a leap in quality with these paid apps

    On the opposite side to the apps that we found previously, we have a list of applications that do require paying a cost for their download. This does not necessarily usually make the applications better, but it is the case with these, which offer more powerful and professional tools to carry out photo editing on iOS and iPadOS devices.

    TouchRetouch to remove annoying objects


    Surely on more than one occasion you have come across someone unwanted item that negatively alters the final result of that great photograph you took. This app proposes an effective solution for this, providing easy editing tools that will allow you to eliminate those unwanted objects or people from your photos without being noticed even by zooming in on it. It should be noted that both its iPad and iPhone app require a single payment , so you will forget about paying annoying subscriptions.

    Without a doubt, it is one of the best applications that you can have installed on your iPhone or iPad because, surely, at some point or another you will need to use it to eliminate some undesirable element that appears in that beautiful photograph that you have taken Or have you been taken? Despite the fact that it is a paid app, the price it has is well worth it for the value it can bring you when editing your photos.

    TouchRetouch TouchRetouch Descargar QR-Code TouchRetouch Developer: ADVA Soft GmbH

    Pixelmator, the alternative to Photoshop on iOS and iPadOS

    This app has long been the best alternative to Photoshop. Even now it is still a great app. With Pixelmator you can make all kinds of editions , from the most basic to the most advanced. It contains photo retouching tools, brushes, realistic effects, powerful color tools, and even allows you to edit with different layers. Without a doubt, it is one of the most professional apps that we will find in the App Store.

    Within the application you have dozens of templates with a very attractive design, as well as effects and frames with which, if necessary, you can enrich your different photographs. The possibility of adding text is also important at certain times and with Pixelmator you can not only do it, but you can also style that text so that it perfectly suits your needs.

    Pixelmator Pixelmator Descargar QR-Code Pixelmator Developer: Pixelmator Team

    Facetune corrects facial flaws


    Does the Autotune tool to correct the voice of the song's artists sound familiar to you? Well, this app does the same with the faces in the photos, although in this case no radical change that makes the photos look unreal. The application contains powerful editing tools that, although they can be done manually, also offers you corrections through artificial intelligence. This way you will always look good in the photos.

    The value of this application is given by the application of artificial intelligence that will allow you to erase those imperfections that you may have at any given time. Imperfections that in the end you cannot control and that in a special moment can make those photographs that you wanted to keep for life and were destined to be eternal, finally you do not even want to see them because of that pimple or stain that may have come out temporarily . With Facetune you can easily eliminate all that,

    Facetune Facetune Descargar QR-Code Facetune Developer: Lightricks Ltd.



    It is a somewhat more specific application, since with it you can edit and take photos of food with your mobile so that they are always perfect. But not only does the app stop there, but it also has many options, among which its variety of filters stands out, and a large number of editing functions. Without a doubt, a necessary app if what you want is for your photos to look like they were taken from the best Instagram accounts.

    Thanks to its simple interface, you'll be able to share the results obtained with just one click on your social networks, without further complications or hassles. One of the features of this app is that it helps you align the perfect image taken from a top or overhead view, while making the colors stand out and be more explosive and striking. Although its main function is to take and edit photos of food, it is a very good option if you want to take photos of landscapes or specific scenes, with lots of light and brightness.

    Our recommendations

    Once we have concluded the applications that we recommend to edit photos on iPhone and iPad, we believe it is convenient to get wet and tell you which of these are the ones that we recommend the most. We insist that any of them could work, but if we had to keep two we would choose these:

      Of the free ones:Snapseed is the one that takes the cake in this section, thanks to the number of options it offers and how intuitive it is to use. It is fully adapted to iPhone and iPad, being one hundred percent free to top it off. Of the paid ones:Pixelmator is, at least for us, the most complete photo editing app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. And within the fact that it is a paid app, it is one of the cheapest and it will greatly compensate those editors who use it very intensively and routinely.