Parcheesi triumphs in the App Store — 2022

One of the best known board games in Spain, it is triumphing in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, it is the parcheesi . This game for iOS is having an overwhelming success, where it is currently the second application of the Top free and the number 1 in board games . This new application allows you to play in multiplayer with tremendous ease, giving the opportunity to establish a game of up to 4 players.

Free but with in-app purchases

Pachís STAR is free, but it offers a series of integrated purchases to continue playing unlimited. If you are losing games, you will have to go to the cash register to be able to continue playing this mythical game.

Parcheesi is a very popular in Spain , although its origin is from India, where it appeared in the 16th century. In our country, a few years ago, it was rare to see a household without an encyclopedia and without this game, so we are not surprised that it has achieved success so quickly.

The theme is simple, a board, four colors and a pair of dice. From there, you have to remove the 4 tokens from our locker and try to get to the finish line before the opponents.

The difficulty is that we can eat the chips of the other players, but they can do the same with ours. An very simple game but at the same time you need to think carefully about the plays to complete it successfully.

Parchis STAR It is available for both iPhone and Pad and we can play with real players connected from anywhere in the world. It offers a chat and a series of emojis and quick phrases to liven up the evening. We also find thisboard games for the macthat are played through a web.

Download Parcheesi STAR for free

What did you think of this game? Did you used to have one at home? Have you tried playing multiplayer? How was the experience?