Paid App Store ads begin to spread around the world — 2022

one of the biggest sources of income of Apple resides in your App Store .
And from Apple they are working to improve it, and create new business opportunities for developers .

Ads on the App Store

A few months ago Apple presented a new option for developers . allowing add search ads that users make in the app store.

Initially this novelty was only available for the application store of USA . Allowing developers to bring their applications closer to users.
To encourage use of this new feature, Apple offered developers of $100 credit for them to use in this ad system.

Now, Apple has expanded this feature to other countries. Being United Kingdom , Australia Y New zealand the following countries on the list.
Precisely from the April 25th , that developers from these countries can participate in this new alternative.

under the promise of attract new customers To download their applications, the developers of this new list of countries also have a credit of 100 dollars to start the first campaigns.

From Apple they assure that the 65% of your App Store downloads come from search .
In this way it is possible to advertise applications in the store, showing them in searches.
In order for developers to learn about the benefits of this program, Apple has made a Web page where he gives more details about it.

It is unknown which markets will be the next to receive this new feature. It will depend a lot on the interest that the developers show and the acceptance that it has in the users.

On many occasions, the ads can be somewhat annoying, although it seems that they can be very useful when performing a search. Showing applications relevant to the search and allowing new ones to be discovered .