Pages, Numbers and Keynote for macOS and iOS are updated — 2022

Apple has just released an update for your suit of office automation, iWork . This way, the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps are updated on both iOS like in macOS, maintaining all the functions that were already present before, among others, the facility toconvert word documents to pagesor the possibility of usingresume templates, but new very interesting functions are also added that will improve the user experience with the Cupertino company's work suite.

What's new in iWork

Included in this update are a number of interesting news , that is, it is not a typical minor update with only Bug Fixes as a novelty. Although, it is true that suit It still has a lot to improve, despite being without a doubt one of the best options, and being my suit of office automation, especially for its simplicity and speed when it comes to doing things.

The main common novelty between the three applications is the addition of a new library of visual resources. This will have more than 500 graphics, drawings and illustrations that can be used by users to insert them into documents.

Furthermore, regarding the shared documents , it will now be possible to answer comments in a nested way. In this way, collaboration in the creation of documents is improved, by allowing a clearer conversation between the components of the team. Likewise, although in the past only the owner of the document could change own document settings , like margins, can now be done by anyone who has write access to the document.

The tool has also been improved. autocorrect and autocomplete , although we do not know to what extent this improvement has been. Finally, Apple also stated that the stock and currency data that can be used in Pages, Number, and Keynote is now more accurate.

What's new in iWork (Pages, Numbers, or Keynote) on macOS.

Exclusive news in Pages

The Pages app also received a number of unique enhancements. Both the iOS and macOS app will incorporate the ability to include linked text boxes . This would allow us to start typing in a text box, and when the text box is full we automatically go to the linked text box.

Another field that has been improved is the export issue. Now when exporting in ePub have been improved layout , which are the guides that tell the ebook reader how to display the document. In this way, there will be fewer incompatibilities when viewing the documents in some e-book readers. In addition to reducingproblems opening documents in Pages.

What's new in Pages on iOS.

News exclusive to Numbers

Numbers incorporates a new print preview n in spreadsheets shared . In this way, the experience would be very similar to that of any spreadsheet that we can have on our computer.

What's new in Numbers on iOS.

What's new exclusive to Keynote

Apple's presentation application, Keynote, also receives interesting new features. The main novelty is in the presenter view , although other functions likeadd images and videos to your presentationare still in force. Let's remember that this is the view that is shown when we show the slides on a secondary screen. This view allows you to see the time/weather, what's next slide, and seepresenter notes created. Well, as a novelty, these grades can now be edited live, plus the presenter cancontrol the presentation in keynote with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

In addition, they improved the mechanism of operation of the zoom of the application, in addition to incorporating a new panoramic mode . All this, to improve the user experience.

What's new in Keynote on iOS.

Price and availability

As you might guess, this update is totally free . In fact, from April this year the application will be 100% free for everyone. Let's remember that until then it was only free for new users, and before that the applications had a cost of €9-10 each.

And as for availability? This is where the trouble comes… These updates are only available on the latest versions of your operating systems. In this way, in iOS the minimum version is iOS 10 , and on macOS the minimum version is macOS 10.12 (Mountain range).

If is one nuisance , and not to say worse things. And the truth is that it is something that I do not see much point in except to annoy and try to scratch a few more sales. Well, how much difference is there between iOS 9 and iOS 10 or between OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra? Well, no, although it is possible that they had to make some changes, these should not require much effort.

What do you think? What do you think of the update? What do you think about Apple kicking all versions of iOS and macOS apart from the current ones in this way?