Organize your Instagram feed with these iPhone apps — 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, in fact, for many content creators it has become a platform with which to make a living. For this there are applications that, without a doubt, make things much easier for you, this is the case of the apps that we are going to talk about next, with which you can plan your feed like a true professional.

Take these factors into account

Before going fully into talking about each and every one of the applications, you have to know what are the points to take into account whenever you want to use an application to plan your Instagram feed. First of all, this practice is carried out by many content creators because, if done correctly, your Instagram account will be able to attract the attention of all kinds of users, including brands or companies that are looking for content creators. with whom to collaborate. However, not only is it worth properly organizing each publication, but the colors of these will also be the ones that convey the feeling that you are looking to convey. You can check all this in advance thanks to these applications. Here are several points that you have to take into account before opting for one or the other.

    Intuitive interface.This is essential for any application and even more so in an Instagram planner, to be able to navigate and use its functions with ease. Ability of edition. In order to carry out a correct planning of the feed, on many occasions it is necessary to try many combinations of photographs, therefore, having the ability to redo changes, move, delete and change the planning is very important. Noticesfor the publication. In the same way that it is important to have an attractive Instagram feed, it is also important to publish at the right time, therefore, having notifications that remind you that you have to upload your post can be very helpful. Connection with your Instagram account, this way you can get a much more real preview.

The best organizing your Instagram feed

Fortunately for all content creators whose main source of followers is Instagram, there are applications for all kinds of needs in the App Store. In this case we will start talking about apps that will only and exclusively allow you to plan your feed with total comfort and ease.

preview . Feed Plan on Instagram

Preview - Feed Plan on Instagram

This application has been conceived, designed and developed to be able to offer users a way of take the hassle out of managing and scheduling your Instagram posts in an easy and comfortable way. It will be in charge of automating and organizing your entire life in the social network of photographs, and now also, of stories, those short 15-second videos.

It has a user interface that stands out for what easy to use , as well as the tools specifically designed to make your Instagram account totally unique. You can save different drafts, write your captions in advance and perfect them, you even have the possibility to create several versions of the same account, as well as upload all the photos and videos you want.

Preview・Feed Plan on Instagram Preview・Feed Plan on Instagram Descargar QR-Code Preview・Feed Plan on Instagram Developer: GAME Apps

Feed trailer for Instagram

Feed trailer for Instagram

With thousands of users behind their backs , this application can be considered one of the most popular in the App Store for to be able to give order and meaning to your publications of Instagram, so that together, they are able to convey that feeling of having worked hard and worked on your Instagram account, something very important if you want to attract attention on this social network.

You will be able to add images, delete them, insert videos and carousels, as well as, obviously, preview all of it. In addition, to be able to enjoy this app you won't have to log in with your Instagram account, but even so, you can continue to use your entire feed as a reference to be able to plan all your publications in the best possible way.

Feed trailer for Instagram Feed trailer for Instagram Descargar QR-Code Feed trailer for Instagram Developer: BerthX

InstaPlan: Instagram Planner

InstaPlan- Instagram Planner

As we said, being able to maintain a proper and attractive order of the posts you share on your Instagram account will give you a fantastic image for all users who enter your profile for the first time. Taking into account that said user can be a normal person or, who knows, a company profile looking for content creators to work with, this can make a difference.

With this app you have the opportunity to get that feed that most identifies with you , giving a feeling of professionalism and of order in your account. In addition, it will allow you to search for users, see the participation in each publication, move, delete or change different posts, and all this, without the need to log in to the application with your Instagram account.

InstaPlan: Instagram Planner InstaPlan: Instagram Planner Descargar QR-Code InstaPlan: Instagram Planner Developer: Daniel Zanchi

Feed Preview for Insta. PLNR

Feed Preview for Insta

Do you want to plan, edit and schedule your content for your Instagram account? This app is perfect for that as it provides you with all the features you need to give your feed that professional and different touch. The main factor that makes this application stand out is because it is really easy and intuitive, making it easy for any user to use.

With it you can upload images without any limit to display them in the grid of your profile , since you will also be able to synchronize your Instagram feed so that, in this way, the planning of all the posts is much more appropriate. You can also hide posts that you have already published in your account to see how your grid would look if they were deleted. In short, it is a very useful tool to make a much more professional use of this social network.

Feed Preview for Insta • PLNR Feed Preview for Insta • PLNR Descargar QR-Code Feed Preview for Insta • PLNR Developer: MTEKApps LLC

Instagram Feed Preview

Instagram Feed Preview

The first thing we have to tell you about this application is that what it seeks is to provide all users professional tools , but in such a way that it is as easy and comfortable to use as possible. Thus, any type of user, from the most advanced to those just starting out in this world, will be able to use this application and, above all, take advantage of it.

With it you can sync your instagram feed , upload several images from different locations, without any type of space limitation, in this way you can plan your feed or you can even delete existing posts in case you want to check what the status of your feed would be that way. It also provides editing tools like different filters that you can easily apply, or even schedule posts in just two taps. Another advantage of this app is that you can switch between different Instagram accounts, ideal for Community Managers.

Instagram Feed Preview Instagram Feed Preview Descargar QR-Code Instagram Feed Preview Developer: Onelight Apps CY Ltd

Garny: Social media management


Garny is an application with which you will not only have the possibility of plan your instagram feed , but also has the necessary tools to work with your stories . If what you want is to have your publications well organized, this application is one of the best alternatives that you can find in the Apple application store.

Plan your feed, stories to see a preview and decide which post you are going to publish before others, you will be able to create different boards , to compare them and opt for the one you like the most. It also gives you the option to add post reminders or subtitles as well as apply different filters to your photos. Another point to keep in mind is the possibility of managing different accounts.

Garny: Social media management Garny: Social media management Descargar QR-Code Garny: Social media management Developer: Garny Apps

Other apps with which to edit photos and other functions

Once we have already talked about applications that are totally focused on planning the Instagram feed, it is the turn of those applications that, in addition to perfectly fulfilling that function, also put more tools on the table with which to enhance even more your publications and stories on Instagram and thus reach the next level.



Without a doubt, Unfold is one of those apps that every Instagram content creator needs to have installed on their iPhone due to the number of functions that it allows you to carry out . Initially, Unfold was just a story editor that provided you with different templates to use freely.

Others have been added to this function that have made it a real machine for all Instagramers. You will not only be able organize your instagram feed within the application, if not you can also import all types of content of your brand as logos, fonts The color palettes. It also gives you the opportunity to create different BioSites , an ideal way to show everyone your different projects from the biography of your Instagram account. In short, it is difficult to find a more complete app to enhance your profile on this social network.

Unfold — Story Editor Unfold — Story Editor Descargar QR-Code Unfold — Story Editor Developer: Squarespace, Inc.

PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram


Here we go with another app that certainly brings tremendous value to all content creators thanks to the great features it provides. As its name suggests, the main attraction is the ability to plan the entire Instagram feed using tools that provide features like being able to remove, change The move post, upload unlimited post as well as videos The carousels.

However, it also provides the possibility of carrying out more actions that are very useful, such as photo editing, searching for the best hashtags for your publications, something very important to achieve greater reach, or data that allows you to carry out an analysis of your Instagram account in the face, how could it be otherwise, to improve and reach more people.

PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram Descargar QR-Code PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram Developer: Preview App Pty Ltd

ONE – Design & Plan


The main attraction that UNUM provides to all users is the photo and video editor that it has. Although really, within this app you can find all kinds of tools to generate a great personal brand image, in fact, It has thousands of users behind it , exemplifying the great value this app provides for all content creators on Instagram.

With this app you can create and plan your content for Instagram and other social networks , or if you prefer, you can also use it to edit your photos and videos with the plethora of editing tools that it has, among which you can find different color presets, or also different templates. It will also provide you with different data that will help you carry out an analysis of both your account and each publication you make.

UNUM — Design Layout & Collage UNUM — Design Layout & Collage Descargar QR-Code UNUM — Design Layout & Collage Developer: ONE, Inc.

PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post


We are going with the last alternative of this post, which does not mean that it is inferior to the rest of the apps that we have talked about. With Planoly you will be able to plan, schedule, publish and measure all the content that you upload to social networks, since it will not only serve you for Instagram, but also for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, which will allow you to simplify all your efforts related to social marketing.

Behind him he has more than 5 million users which, without a doubt, show the great contribution and value of this application. It is a fantastic tool to be able to keep your social networks well organized using the different functions that it provides to the user, such as automatic publication, Instagram feed planning or the ability to manage different social network profiles from one place.

PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Descargar QR-Code PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post Developer: Planogram, Inc

Which app did we like the most?

Whenever we carry out a compilation of applications, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which of all the options mentioned seems most attractive to us, from our point of view, which may or may not coincide with yours, and which obviously will be conditioned by different factors.

In the first place, and looking only and exclusively at the apps to organize the Instagram feed, we are left with Instagram Feed Preview since the interface it has is very attractive and intuitive, within which with all the aforementioned you cover the needs of correctly planning an Instagram feed. On the other hand, if we want to have a more complete app, since in addition to planning the feed we also seek to have tools that enhance our profile on this social network, without a doubt we are left with Unfold , surely the most complete app you can find to work with Instagram.