Oprah's Book Club, a 'talking show' for book lovers — 2022

Apple wanted to do Oprah lovers a favor by returning with a format that ended in 2011. We're talking about the famous The Oprah Winfrey Show that began in 1996 and was very successful. This is why on Apple TV + we can now find 'Oprah's Book Club' , a series where Oprah Winfrey will interview different book authors in a relaxed atmosphere.


    Presented by:Oprah Winfrey. Opening music:'Good As Hell' by Lizzo. Based on:The Oprah Winfrey Show. Executive producers:Tara Montgomery. Producer:Lindsay Flader. Editor:Jay Eckensberger. Production companies:Harpo Productions y Inventive Media. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.


As we have said before, this is an independent spin-off of the 'Oprah's Book Club' segment that was included in the general show. We are facing a series from which episodes are released every two months about. Each of these is centered around a single book and the interview between Oprah and the author of that book. In addition, to avoid falling into a routine, we try to make the recordings in different places.

In conjunction with the series, Apple wanted to fully integrate with the Books application. A separate section has been opened to be able to consult all the works that appear in the broadcast episodes and also in future episodes, with fully customizable alerts. To this we must add that all the chosen books will begin to circulate with the seal ‘Oprah’s Book Club’ followed by the election year.

First season

Although we are facing a talk-show, that is, an interview program, Apple has also wanted to divide it into seasons.

Ta-Nehisi Coater: The Water Dancer

Ta-Nehisi Coater: The Water Dancer

    Release date:November 1, 2019. Duration:58 minutes. Book:The Water Dancer. Author interviewed:Ta-Nehisi Coater. Synopsis:This book is the first that Oprah has chosen for this new format and she talks with the author about the enormous impact it has had on a cultural level. We must emphasize that this is a book that tells a story of oppression and resistance that can undoubtedly change many minds.

Elizabeth Strout: Olive, again

Elizabeth Strout: Olive, again

    Release date:January 17, 2020. Duration:43 minutes. Book:Olivia, again. Interviewed author:Elizabeth Strout. Synopsis:In this book we find a total of 13 stories that are interrelated but discontinuous. In the interview, the author tells Oprah how her protagonist reappears and explains how the everyday can sometimes be totally extraordinary.

Jeanine Cummins: American Land

    Release date:March 6, 2020. Duration:1 hour and 46 minutes (split into two parts released on the same day) Book:American land. Interviewed author:Jeanine Cummins. Synopsis:Episode that is divided into two parts because it is quite broad. This book collects the stories of Latino people who have suffered, on many occasions, what it means to be an immigrant in the US. All the stories that are told are real, and in this interview Oprah wants to give them a voice in this space beyond the book.

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