One of the first Apple TV + series says goodbye forever — 2022

The content of Apple TV + does not stop even on Christmas Eve. And it is that Fridays are the classic day of the platform to release new content. Today there is also a painful event for fans of Dickinson, one of the first series on the platform and which ends its third and final season today.

Goodbye Dickinson! Emily says goodbye to Apple

Apple TV + officially arrived on November 1, 2019 with only 8 contents. Among them, outstanding series such as See, The Morning Show or For All Humanity, but also with theseries based on writer Emily Dickinson. Today it says goodbye definitively with the broadcast of its tenth chapter of the third season.

Despite the harshness with which the series ends, with a third season focused on the War of Succession, Dickinson has never abandoned comedy. In fact, despite not being a sitcom, it is one of Apple's funniest series and even the licenses that have been taken against the real life of the writer are correct. The series closes with a total of 30 chapters that can be enjoyed on the platform indefinitely.

With an eye on 2022

Dickinson's is the last Apple TV+ premiere of the year, but we remember that there is an increasingly extensive catalog of content on the platform with numerous series and movies, especially Swan Song, a new feature film that has already received nominations for the Golden Globes despite having premiered last week.

If we put the view from January, we must say that very powerful releases will come. Some already have a confirmed date and others are still pending, so in the coming weeks and months data will be known about it.

    Macbeth:the new adaptation of Shakespeare's play will hit the platform on January 14 in the form of a film. According to:The popular series by M. Night Shyamalan will premiere its penultimate season (the third) on January 21. The Afterparty:a fun series that mixes humor and mystery with a murder as the main axis and that will premiere its first episode on January 28. suspects:The thriller starring Uma Thurman is set to premiere on February 4, being one of the platform's foreseeable bets on series for 2022. Separation:another thriller that has award-winning actors led by Adam Scott and that will begin broadcasting its first episodes on February 18.

Those that are undated, but confirmed for this coming year are these:

    cycles(3rd season) Invasion(2nd season) Killers of the Flower Moon(movie) The Mosquito Coast(2nd season) Laison(1st season) Magic Johsnon(docuseries) Mythic Quest(3rd season) Now and Then(Serie) For All Humanity(3rd season) Ted Lasso(3rd season) Tehran(2nd season) The Reluctant Traveler(travel program)