One of Apple's ads was suspected of being user misleading — 2022

As every year, Apple sells us the best camera they've ever built into an iPhone. But with the release of the iPhone X, they went further and added a commercial video saying Studio Quality, but no studio.

Putting a bit of background, we have already seen how Apple plays with some of its ads, making us believe that everything has been created from a iPhone , while in the fine print, tells us something else.

We are not going to deny it, the iPhone (in general) is a good phone, it has a good camera, good performance, but Apple exaggerates. At least in their ads, where they often use additional software to improve results. We can see it in the fine print of some of their ads.

Apple Announcement Results

That is why two users decided complain against Californians for the announcement of the portrait mode of the iPhone, where they claimed that they had achieved Studio-quality portraits, but without a studio .

Well, to find out if Apple really lied in its announcement, ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) decided to investigate this matter. On the one hand, Apple, who claimed that they had achieved studio portrait mode, without a studio. On the other hand, the complainants, where they were not satisfied with the study quality term .

The result, very briefly, is that Apple did not lie, since this mode Portrait mimics pretty good type of image compared to a studio (which is different from getting the same quality). Determining that any user with a bit of expertise and the right lights , can mimic these studio effects.

No matter how good a smartphone camera is, in this case the iPhone X, can't compare with a professional or semi-professional camera. But it is true that the iPhone, through software, yes they can emulate the results with a very high degree of acceptance.

With which, the lawsuit went unpunished, since the objective result is that Apple didn't lie , being the user himself the one who can verify it through his own expertise with the lights and the appropriate environment. Where indeed, they will be able to achieve good results in this portrait mode without the need for a studio.

Do you think that the quality of the iPhone cameras can be compared with the Reflex? Do commercials in general exaggerate?