One in five new iPhone users come from Android — 2022

The iPhone has not gone through its best hours because of the performance of iOS 11 in general, but it is still the object of desire for many users of Android who have not had a good user experience and have decided to migrate to the smartphone of Apple .

The privacy scandals, the lack of updates in some terminals or the user experience itself, have been decisive so that at least 1 out of 5 users of Android decide to move to iPhone.

Being realistic, Android It is a good operating system that offers many possibilities of each to the user who wants to personalize his terminal and have at his disposal certain actions that today it is not possible to carry out with an iOS device.

The iPhone can be boring, but it does the job

Let's not deny it iOS can get boring . Yes, boring as it is a stable operating system, where we don't have to worry about optimizing it so that it performs well. It offers us a unique user experience, we went from being users and operating system technicians to being just users.

It is true that iOS 11 has had a significant downturn for the user, especially due to battery life and continuous performance errors either. But luckily, Apple has realized this and is hard at work on a very stable operating system with better battery life. We have been able to verify it with the first betas of iOS 12 , where we can say that this new version promises a lot.

In iOS we have extra security, some applications optimized for our devices and the certainty that we are going to pay for an application or a service without fear that we may suffer some type of fraud. In addition, something that is usually valued positively by users is the nondiscrimination when upgrading a device.

When Apple decide to release a security update, performance improvement, or even an operating system update, most iPhones will receive it simultaneously, on the same day, and at the same time. This fact makes 1 out of 5 users from Android to iOS, not because Android is a bad operating system, simply because the user experience has not been as expected and they have decided to migrate to Apple.

The price of the smartphones of the competition (the most prominent) no longer offer such an attractive price as it did a few years ago, being even sometimes more expensive than those of Apple . With the difference that they are usually devalued in a short time, while an iPhone does not drop a penny until the launch of a new device.