Official: Apple announces WWDC 2021 with iOS 15 and other news — 2022

From June 7 to 11, 2021. New dates for thewwdc history, the popular conference for Apple developers in which every year it is used to provide new tools to these. In addition, the opening day serves to publicize new software, so this year 2021 it will be time to know the what's new in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 Y tvOS 15. Although the launch of these versions will be by the end of the year, it will be time for the first beta tests to be carried out.

A telematic event for the second consecutive year

2020 marked the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and this popular Apple event had to be broadcast digitally, without the presence of developers or accredited press. Despite the fact that this year the vaccination of the virus has begun in much of the world, it seems that prudence has prevailed and the Cupertino company has decided to resume a telematic format that also worked for it in iPad, iPhone and Mac presentation events on last year.

WWDC 2021

In the photo with which he presents this event (the one you can see above) it has been decided to once again give prominence to the Memoji. Last year it already happened, with several of these characters also in front of the Mac as a sign of the first conference for developers broadcast one hundred percent telematically. In this they have wanted to wink at the charismatic Craig Federighi, vice president of software of the company who left an already mythical image in the last presentation event of the Mac M1 when he opened the lid of a MacBook with a surprised face as in the image used for this WWDC.

Key dates of iOS 15 and the rest of the software

As we said, it will be on the opening day of Monday, June 7, when the new software will be unveiled. If what was seen in previous years is fulfilled, that same day the beta for developers . In later hours or days, the public betas of all of them are also expected to open. The months of July and August will improve the operation of these versions, implementing improvements and greater stability that will allow September release those versions to the public.

As always happens with software, news is not known in advance. There are rumors of improvements in iOS widgets or the implementation of multi-user in iPadOS, but nothing is confirmed. The fact that these projects are carried out entirely in Apple Park benefits the secrecy of the company. It is worth noting that they could introduce new hardware also in this event, something that is not usual except for teams focused on professionals. The last of them was the Mac Pro in 2019 and now the rumors speak precisely of a renewed version of that with Intel chips and a small version Mac Pro with Apple Silicon.