Offers! AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 at a minimum price — 2022

We return to the hunt for the best deals on headphones. We find that Apple AirPods, whether they are the second generation or the 'Pro' model, are at their lowest prices, especially the top of the range. If you want to buy any of these products, keep reading because you could save yourself a lot of money compared to what they cost in an Apple Store and you will continue to have the same guarantees.

AirPods Pro cheaper than ever

These are the most advanced headphones of the Apple brand. TheAirPods Pro noise cancellationIt will dazzle you, since it is one of its main functions, but not the only one. It also has a design. in-ear in which you will find three different sizes of pads included in the box. Your charging case can recharge wirelessly and hearing aids as such have a autonomy up to 5 hours without active noise cancellation and 4 with it. Its W1 chip makes an excellent management of it and also allows you to use the Hey Siri voice command on Apple computers, although it is compatible with Android and Windows also.

AirPods Pro buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 200.45 Amazon Logo

If you look at the price of the previous link you will see that they have almost 60 euro discount , which places these headphones at their minimum price compared to the official one at Apple. But do not worry about the fact that the purchase is through Amazon, since you will continue to have a warranty 2 years , being the first of them covered by Apple and the second by Amazon itself. You can also add AppleCare + during the purchase process, thus covering a series of repairs not covered by the normal warranty.

AirPods 2, the best quality-price option

If the design of the AirPods Pro and its functions do not appeal to you too much, the 2nd generation AirPods have practically the same sound quality , although without noise cancellation. They have the same chip and autonomy , while incorporating the classic design of the apple company's headphones. There are two versions of the case available, having one that is capable of recharging wirelessly and another that will only be able to do so via cable, this being their only difference. Therefore, perhaps the best option is the normal one, since the cable is included in the box. However, if you have amultiple charging basethe other will be wonderful.

AirPods 2 (regular case) buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 129.00 AirPods 2 (wireless charging case) buy it at EUR 139.32

The discount we have is 40 and 50 euros in each model respectively, being able to enjoy the same guarantees as the AirPods Pro shown above, that is, 2 years with the first under the management of Apple and the second with Amazon. We insist on emphasizing the highlights of these offers and that is that they are excellent options to save money if you are thinking of renewing your AirPods or buying one for the first time, since it is possible that you will not find them at a lower price than the one shown here. Remember in any case that you can return them if finally they do not meet your expectations.