Now available! Beta 2 of iOS 14.2 and 9th of macOS Big Sur — 2022

Two weeks after the release of the first of iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1, Apple has returned to its normal beta schedule, launching the second beta for developers just minutes ago along with watchOS 7.2 and tvOS 14.2 also in their second beta. In this article we tell you everything that is known about these updates that will officially arrive in the coming weeks.

Improvements in iOS 14.2 beta 2

The main novelty included in iOS 14.2 lies in the control center by integrating a new music recognition control. In this way, the Shazam application that Apple acquired several years ago is completed. In a very simple way you can have the title of a song that you are listening to and that you have fallen in love with. In addition, it also works in conjunction with the AirPods to recognize the music that is being played in the event that an open list is being used to play music. This is a feature that can be added right now by opening the control center and clicking on the Shazam icon. In addition, a redesign of AirPlay has also been included, as well as a new widget to visualize what is being played in a clearer way.

iOS 14 Picture in Picture

In this second beta there are not many more novelties than those seen in the first beta. Apple, as usual, will focus especially on solving all those bugs that have been reported over the weeks. In this way, it is guaranteed that the final version that will arrive in the coming weeks will guarantee a good user experience for users.

Together with this second beta of iOS 14.2, the corresponding betas of iPadOS 14.2, watchOS 7.2, and tvOS 14.2. These versions have no news to highlight beyond the resolution of minor bugs and security patches that improve the user experience. Above all, there is a lot of expectation about watchOS 7.2, since the previous version has caused numerous failures in most of the Apple Watch Series 3.

macOS 11 Big Sur already has a ninth beta

In addition to these betas, macOS 11 Big Sur continues its development completely independent of the rest of the operating systems. There is still no clear date when this update will be released for Macs with the aim that users enjoy thenews from Big Sur.What it does seem is that the launch of betas is being followed more closely, something that may indicate that they are preparing for its launch, which is scheduled for the fall. This is a fairly ambiguous time frame, so it is expected to be resolved when the final version will be released in the coming days. Performance problems as well as the time that developers have to be given to be able to adapt their applications to this new version of software. These two events may have caused its delay, something that also happened last year with the launch of Catalina. In any case, this new beta seems to continue to show some instability and even strange failures when trying todelete user accounts from mac.