Write down the next Apple releases: iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods... — 2022

Among the most outstanding releases of Apple in this 2021 we find aredesigned 24-inch iMacas a great star, accompanied by others like thepowerful iPad Pro with M1 chip, as well as the long-awaited AirTag. Now, is that all? Absolutely. In the remainder of the year there are several apple devices that could be announced and although they are not confirmed for sure, all the rumors point to this: iPhone 13, AirPods 3, iPad mini... We tell you everything.

Expected releases from September to December

We can not know exact dates or if all the planned launches of Apple will be made public in one event, in two or three like last year. It is not ruled out that some may even be presented via a press release, but it seems quite clear that they will arrive and will do so with some outstanding features that we will tell you about in the following points:

    New iPhones:be it the '13' or '12s' models, four new smartphones will arrive in identical sizes to the last known ones and with long-awaited novelties such as the reduction of the 'notch', 120 Hz screens in the 'Pro' models, LiDAR sensor in the four models or capacities of up to 1 TB for the most powerful.

iphone 13 concept

    Apple Watch Series 7:another of those that are taken for granted and that could bring a slight redesign with straight sides and a more powerful chip. Despite the expected news in the field of health, it seems that this will be more of a transition and we will have to wait for Series 8 to start seeing them.

Apple Watch Series 7 render

    iPad mini 6:The long-awaited renewal of Apple's small tablet would come with an expected redesign very much in the style of iPad Pro and iPad Air, with USB-C included. The A14 chip would be added according to some leakers, although it is not ruled out that it is the A15 as it would correspond to the iPhone this year.

ipad mini 6 render

    iPad 9:Not much is expected from what will continue to be the king of Apple's tablets due to its value for money. It is said that thelaunch of the new iPadIt will only differ in going from 10.2 to 10.5 inches with a classic design with a Home button, leaving a chassis similar to that of the iPad Air 2019. Its processor could be an A13 Bionic, leaving behind the A12 that mounts the model eighth generation.

iPad 9 rumors

    14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros:They would come with a new M1X or M2 chip, incorporating a new design very much in line with the rest of the brand's devices and with the return of ports such as HDMI, the card reader and even the MagSafe magnetic charging connector. If all goes according to plan, they would also have miniLED screens.

macbook pro

    32-inch iMac?:after learning about the replacement for the 21.5-inch iMac with the M1 chip, it would be time to see a similar redesign in the large model and it will probably arrive this year with a screen that could be around 32 inches and a chip that would improve the M1, probably the same as in the aforementioned MacBook Pro.

redesigned iMac concept

    MacBook Air:Although the renewal of this range of laptops does not seem so clear, if it arrives it would do so with a very iMac-style design with a wide range of colors and a renewed form factor. Of course, there are doubts about the chip that it will mount, since it would be strange to see it with the same processor as the most powerful MacBook and iMac, although it would also be rare for it to have an M1 again.

    AirPods 3:The expected third generation of the basic range of Apple headphones would have a redesign similar to that of the 'Pro' model, only without the need for ear pads and with some features cut, such as noise cancellation.

airpods 3

Other releases like AirPods Pro 2 or one improvement on AirPods Max they seem further away, with 2022 as a possible renewal year. In any case, there may be surprises and a device may be added to the list or one may fall due to a delay in its production, but it does not seem that it will be so at the moment. We insist on emphasizing that it is not official information, but a summary of the data provided by the main expert sources in anticipating upcoming releases from the Californian company.