No, it's not your mobile, Instagram has fallen in several countries — 2022

Update: WhatsApp and Facebook may also be down.

You have probably come across some surprise browsing Instagram like slow loading of your friends' stories or inability to access any content. Surely it is not a problem of your internet connection but of a failure of the company's server and it is that failures are being registered globally that affect thousands of users.

Instagram is down, but don't panic

The fall of a social network like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp always generates some anxiety in users but, fortunately, it is not something that happens every day, nor does it last for too many hours and it is not even something that we should worry about.


according to the website DownDetector , the popular application of Instagram encounters failures in several countries of the European Union, as well as in the United States and Latin America . We do not know the reasons for these failures, but surely the technicians are aware of them and They are working to fix it.

It should be noted that when there is some kind of breakdown or failure in the Instagram servers, this does not affect all users equally and it often depends on the area where you are. What is certain is that these failures manifest themselves regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android device .

We understand that you may be an active user of this social network and you are upset by the crash, however we can recommend a series of applications that you can try during the time it takes for Instagram to fix the bug. Some of them are the applications awarded at WWDC 2019 and that you can see by pressinghere.

Is Instagram failing you? What apps would you recommend to get through the wait until it works? Tell us about it in the comment box.