No, the iPhone XR is not Apple's cheap phone — 2022

There is a wrong trend about the new iPhone XR going back to the first rumors about the launch of a cheap phone by Californians to reach a larger number of users.

This term is completely wrong, what Apple has always been characterized as being a launch company for products with a price above the average compared to the competition. They trust their proposals so much that they put higher prices and customers will buy them (although reluctantly, it must be said). Do we complain about the prices? Of course yes , but even if they launched a terminal with a lower price, we would continue to do so.

The budget phone concept leads to confusion , a customer may understand that he is paying more for something that really would not suit him, not because it is a bad product, but rather because for a little more he would have the top of the range that he could extend for a longer time.

The iPhone XR is an extraordinary terminal with a lower price

iPhone XR Yellow

The correct term could be applied with less elevated , for the simple reason that it is Apple itself that sets these prices according to its own interests (like any company). No, we are not justifying the prices, we would also go to Puerta del Sol with a tent to demonstrate for it. But at no time was there a cheap terminology, at least not officially.

We obtained this sensation with the rumors and leaks that were appearing as the presentation date approached. The problem originated in the very presentation of the terminal, when Apple unveiled the final price of the product , something that fell like a jug of cold water to those who expected an iPhone for 549 euros that had been talked about so much.

. On the other hand, we do find a difference in the construction materials, but that does not mean they are of inferior quality.

No, the iPhone XR is not Apple's cheap phone, it is the lowest priced in this new generation, but it is not cheap. Californians have increased their profits with fewer handset sales, a dramatic sign that everything has a ceiling. The rising prices of the iPhone with each new generation is holding back current customers to renew the terminals with a shorter periodicity . This is understandable due to many financing plans and offers offered by operators and large stores.

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