No internet on iPhone? You can always play these titles — 2022

We do not always have the possibility of having a stable internet connection and this can reduce the number of games available to kill time. Lately, developers are betting more and more on forcing users to always be connected to the internet. But luckily there is a selection of games that can be played offline and in this article we will group the best for you.

Advantages of offline games

The internet connection is currently more and more internalized in our lives but there are many limitations. A stable connection is not always available due, for example, to the coverage in a specific area. That is why some limitations can be generated when using some tools with the iPhone or iPad.

That is why there are some games that are totally offline and that do not require any type of connection to servers to be able to enjoy them. In this way they can be executed in any situation regardless of the network, making them much more comfortable.

The best payment options

On many occasions when you want to enjoy the best possible experience you have to make a small payment. This saves you from having ads appearing in the middle of a story or game and even eliminates annoying microtransactions.

Stardew Valley

Extremely relaxing game whose main story does not require any type of internet connection. You can design your own farm and interact with all the residents of Pueblo Pelícano to be able to get married at some point. In the town and the lands that surround it, you will find more and more secrets and new ways of farming to earn more money. But in the crops the matter does not remain since there are dungeons and also the possibility of raise your own animals.

You have to manage your own economy and it's really interesting. On the internet you can find many guides to know how you should grow and above all what to grow in each of the seasons that are passing. The crops give a predetermined amount of money depending on the type it is and this is vital. The combat system that we have mentioned before, although it is not really good, certainly gives many hours of fun.

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Descargar QR-Code Stardew Valley Developer: ConcernedApe

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

It guides a mother and her daughter through a series of architectures that are breathtaking because of how beautiful they are. In the world, in order to move forward, we must resolve different puzzles and puzzles that will undoubtedly take us a good time of distraction, and possible frustration. This game works completely offline and will amaze us with its beauty, and although beating the previous version of this game is quite difficult, it seems that they have succeeded. That if, comparing we see that this new version is much easier than the previous one and also somewhat shorter.

But even if it's shorter, it's obviously going to give you many hours of fun ahead considering its low price. In this ratio, it is quite positive and that is why it becomes a highly recommended option for anyone who loves puzzle games. The problem is that you will end up completely frustrated by the most complicated puzzles it has.

Playdead Playdead Descargar QR-Code Playdead's INSIDE Developer: Playdead


Puzzle that at first may seem extremely simple but when we move forward we see its complexity. We start with a one and a two that add up and give 3 and so we must continue advancing to find the numbers that the challenge asks of us. Without a doubt, it is a great training for our mind and it is totally offline. It can be the next step to face a sudoku thanks to the different theme of use but maintaining the use of numbers.

Being offline it is totally possible to play with them on any type of flight or journey in which there are constant internet outages. At first, seeing so many numbers may seem boring, but nothing is further from the truth. The fact of being able to have the number that is proposed to you is an incentive to be able to have many hours of distraction and headaches, making time go by much faster.

Threes! Threes! Descargar QR-Code Threes! Developer: I Serve LLC

Old Man’s Journey

An adventure in which we once again enjoy incredible drawings and songs that seek to get us into history. In a highly summarized way, we direct an elderly person through all the places that have been part of her life. Our role is based on clearing the way to allow it to move forward and enjoy the story behind it that will undoubtedly make more than one shed a tear.

Eliminating all the obstacles in the environment is not a task that can be summed up with a simple touch on the screen and sliding. A puzzle system is integrated that has been made by hand by the developers and that does not provide any type of pressure. The goal is for you to enjoy the graphic adventure proposed by the creators of the game without being overwhelmed in the least.

Old Man Old Man Descargar QR-Code Old Man's Journey Developer: Broken Rules

Donut County

Game that may seem absurd at first but will undoubtedly make us spend many hours glued to our iPhone or iPad. It is mainly based on controlling a huge hole that swallows everything in its path. As we move forward, the hole gets bigger and bigger and therefore can absorb bigger things like buildings. This is what is considered a physics puzzle game that has a backstory.

Specifically, the story tells how raccoons have taken over Donut County with holes to steal garbage remotely. You play as BK, a raccoon who swallows his friends and his houses to win wacky prizes. Your goal will also be to explore the house of each of the characters who blame you for everything that is happening by combining objects inside to get crazy effects.

Donut County Donut County Descargar QR-Code Donut County Developer: Annapurna Interactive

Star Wars™: KOTOR

Lover of the Star Wars saga? If so, with this game you have to lead a group in charge of saving the Galaxy, being located chronologically 4000 years before the Empire. This is a role-playing game where you can create your character to your liking and you will go through numerous very curious spaces such as the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, the Tatooine cantina, the Korriban Sith Academy, Kashyyk, the home planet of the Wookiees, and many others different planets from Star Wars canon.

We must bear in mind that we are before some graphics that are undoubtedly very improvable but in the end it is a game that pretends that you get into the history of Stars War. The main language is English although all the texts can be read perfectly in Spanish. In addition, it is designed so that it can be moved by numerous devices starting from the iPhone 4S or the iPad mini to the latest devices from the company.

Star Wars™: KOTOR Star Wars™: KOTOR Descargar QR-Code Star Wars™: KOTOR Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc.

Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways for iPhone and iPad

If what you want is to be able to enjoy a really addictive game on your iPhone, the one you have to install and try is Mini Motorways. Of course, you have to keep in mind that this title is available within the subscription to Apple Arcade, although if you have never tried this service from the Cupertino company, you will have a few months of free trial available.

As we were saying, it is a very addictive game, where you will have to manage the public roads of a city that is going to grow progressively. Your function within this entire universe is to keep the traffic in the city fluid, for this you will have to be constantly creating new roads through which the cars can travel to avoid crowds and traffic jams. Each game will last as long as you make it last, since if you cause a very large traffic jam in the city, that game will be over. You will have to be really attentive to all the movements and the different alerts that arise to warn you that in some area the traffic is not working as smoothly as it should.

Mini Motorways Descargar QR-Code Mini Motorways Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club

free games to try

In the App Store you can also find free games that are very fun. The problem is that to fully unlock them it is necessary to carry out different microtransactions that can be annoying and prevents you from continuing to enjoy a game in an unlimited way by having to wait for a specific time.

Playdead’s Inside

Game that stands out above all for its aesthetics and music that puts us into an authentic adventure that at first glance can be somewhat sad. It consists of controlling a child who is persecuted from the start and ends up fully involved in a rather dark project. He turns into a platform game quite dark in which you will find some impediments to reach certain places being the challenge that they present to you.

But history plays a fundamental role. As you progress through the map you will find a linear story where all the questions you ask yourself at the beginning of what has happened to get to that point are resolved. Without a doubt, graphically it is one of the most beautiful games that exist and this has been recognized through different awards medisod and communication and even Apple for all its components.

Playdead Playdead Descargar QR-Code Playdead's INSIDE Developer: Playdead

Drop Flip

Drop Flip

Getting a ball into a bucket can be a relatively easy task for many, but when there are physical impediments involved it can be much more difficult. In this game you must go dodging all the contraptions that are in between to get the ball into the bucket. In total there are 128 levels ranging from something simple to an almost impossible task. It is an offline game, although if we want to have our progress on different devices, we must have an internet connection.

This means that if you like physics and you are a curious person, this is a game that is specially designed for you. In the end, they are authentic physical puzzles that you must carry out and whose difficulty increases as you go through the different levels that are presented to you. In some cases, you will require several attempts to be able to carry it out and carry out a 'trial and error' system.

Drop Flip Drop Flip Descargar QR-Code Drop Flip Developer: BorderLeap

Plants vs Zombies 2

Take over a whole garden full of plants that you must control in order to defend yourself against the zombies. You must place the plants you need for defense taking into account all their characteristics, being very important to place those whose mission is to collect suns. In the end, the soles will be the currency with which you can buy some plants that have an offensive mission against the zombies that will come to you.

You'll also be able to put your planting skills to the test when facing off against other players in Arena. enter arena and compete against other players to get the highest score in unique levels. Earn coins, piñatas and more to top the leaderboards, level up in leagues and become the best garden guardian. All these stories are set in more than 11 crazy worlds with more than 300 levels in total.

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Which one are we left with?

Whenever we make a post of this type in which we bring you a compilation of applications, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we like to tell you which of all the options we have proposed to you, in this case to have a fun time playing with your iPhone, the more you have convinced us.

Focusing initially on the games for which you will have to pay a small amount of money to enjoy them, without a doubt the one we like the most is Mini Motorways . Both for the design that is so careful and for how addictive it is to be able to enjoy it at certain times when boredom takes over each one. On the other hand, within the completely free options, the one that has convinced us the most has been Drop Flip , since in a certain way its dynamics is similar to Mini Motorways, an apparently simple game but one that creates addiction, just what you are looking for to kill those moments of boredom that may occur on a daily basis.