Nintendo Switch Online for iOS now available on the App Store — 2022

Last Tuesday, Nintendo launched for iOS an app for your new console Nintendo Switch , which will offer users of said console access to online game services, social network integration, voice chat in the game and some other novelties. This app is called Nintendo Switch Online.

An app that comes to complete the experience with Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

The application launched by the guys at Nintendo has very clear goals, and these are improve the experience in terms of gameplay, as well as gradually add special functions and services that they make the console much more social and that, of course, offer the most complete experience possible.

For example, Splatoon 2 , will take advantage of these new features added by the Nintendo Switch Online App to allow access to the lobby of SplatNet 2 , where players will be able to configure and invite other users to play, as well as check the results of the games, stages and rankings.

Another important aspect to note is that, as we have said before, the App will bring voice chat service in games , something that we can enjoy using connected headphones.

We see how Nintendo Switch is gradually taking shape, since this last feature was being highly demanded by its users, since it is a key feature for online gameplay.

Nintendo Switch Online

Referring again to the voice chat feature, curiously Nintendo has explained that this it will work in different ways depending on the game we are playing . For example, if they are cooperative games , all the players could be included in the same chat room, while if the game is based on the team competition , the audio of these chats could be divided into several rooms, each referring to each team of participants.

On the other hand, the company that created Mario Bros, plans to market a audio accessory that would combine the audio input of our iPhone and the Switch in the same headset, so that users can listen to chat communications and, at the same time, the sound of the game. An accessory that, personally, seems very promising to me, since it would give the console even more potential.

Another of the features that we have mentioned before is turning our console into a social space while we play. With this new App, users will be able to invite their friends to join the games through social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

As good news, or as bad, depending on the perspective in which we look at it, is that we can enjoy these online services completely free of charge until the new payment policy comes into force, which, presumably, will be from 2018 at a cost of $20.

To enjoy this service, Nintendo Switch users will simply need to download the app and sign in with their existing Nintendo account.

Initially, Nintendo had planned to release Switch Online this Friday to coincide with the release of Splatoon 2. but the company seems to be working on some server related bugs; therefore, the service is not yet available at the time of writing this article, although we recommend that you stay tuned in case its availability changes in the next few hours.

Regarding the compatibility of the application, we must refer to devices that have iOS 9.0 or later versions , therefore, the iPhone 4 is left out of this list. The new Nintendo Switch app will be available for both iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch.

To download the new application click here and it will take you directly to the App Store.

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Source: Appleinsider