News WWDC 2020: iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 and more — 2022

Apple's WWDC 2020 is over and it's time to take stock of everything we've seen at this event. Finally, there were no hardware surprises, although there was an interesting preview of the new ARM chips in the Mac. We were able to attend the presentation of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. In this post we will tell you a summary with the most notable novelties of this event that, for the first time, was held one hundred percent virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, it was a pre-recorded event and with a very particular staging.

What's new in iOS 14

Greater customization of the interface was something that users had been clamoring for for years. This 2020 will be a reality. In iOS 14 we will find a total redesign of the Home screen. First, the rumored arrival of widgets that will be able to occupy several spaces that, traditionally, an application icon would occupy. These may be from native or third-party apps, so an interesting world opens up for developers.

The Today tab, designed in iOS 9 for widgets, will continue to maintain them but will provide more information tailored to the user's needs. It should be noted that on the rest of the screens, the widgets will be very customizable being able to choose the size and make them expand just by touching them. This feature is known as Smart Stack.

iOS 14

Thefunction Picture-in-Picture debuts on iPhone, being able to play videos while we do other tasks and hiding them on one of the sides of the screen. It may also be hidden, but the sound will continue to play. We do not know if it will be available in popular video apps like YouTube.

The folders They also undergo a redesign, being able to find some applications with a larger size than others because they are used more by the user. That way you can access them more easily. The feature called App Library , which will serve to organize the applications more clearly and have them better categorized.

They can now be chosen now default apps for certain actions. This is useful, for example, to be able to have another browser independent of Safari as the default or send emails with another app other than Mail. This way it is possibleset chrome as default browser on iphoneor others.

The incoming calls do not take up the entire screen Finally! This will allow us to continue performing any task without the person calling us interrupting us. Something similar happens with Siri and its less intrusive redesign. Greater intelligence and full integration with apps like Safari have been added to the assistant. You can even send an audio message with her and translate into more languages ​​than we had available.

Messages iOS 14

There will be a new native app calledApple Translate to translate websites in Safari. It will be native to Apple and can be used at any time quickly and easily, and will also be integrated with the Safari browser.

The app has also been redesigned. Posts with the focus on the iMessage service exclusive to Apple devices. For example, you can pin conversations to access them more easily, as in other messaging apps. They will also be included 20 new Memoji styles with new hats, hair types, etc. Group conversations are also greatly improved.

As is tradition, apple maps has improved by adding new search options for specific sites and how to get there. New maps have been added for some countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada or Ireland. Improvements for cyclists have also been included, being able to choose between bike lanes, paths, roads and warning when there are changes in altitude or the roads are more or less busy.

The expected features of CarKey , which are used to unlock a car compatible with CarPlay, have also been added. This feature will be integrated into a kind of digital iPhone keychain available in Wallet. It should be noted that there will be new vehicles compatible with it.

A new app called App Clips It will take advantage of the NFC of the iPhone to access certain content without having to download the application. For example, see the letter of a restaurant. It will also serve to speed up purchase processes by simply swiping the iPhone near an NFC device and confirming the purchase with Face ID.

As to privacy enhancements , we can have control of the websites we visit, as well as visual warnings when the microphone or camera is being used. It will also be possible to share an approximate location instead of an exact one, so that no one can know where we are exactly.

What's new in iPadOS 14


iPadOS 14 brings with it several news shared with iOS 14, such as the redesign of the home screen and the arrival of widgets in the form of complications. In addition, the calling app will also switch to a much simpler interface and incoming calls will not take up the entire screen. Although it will not only share new functions with iOS 14 since it will have improvements in the organization of the Photos app, with a very similar appearance to the one found on Macs with Finder. This will be accompanied by a greater organization of albums on the left side in order to make them more accessible if we wish.

In addition, the new operating system of the iPads will have a improved browser that will integrate universal searches and an interface similar to that of macOS (ashow Spotlight works). This search engine will also allow us to make calls. On the other hand, if we talk about native applications, the app of Music It is updated to be able to have the player in full screen and display the lyrics in a more efficient way. This will allow us to have a better use of this application within our iPad. Also, it varies s native apps will support drag and drop , such as Calendar.

Another of the Apple devices that receives a improvement is the Apple Pencil . This improves your accuracy and you will be able to convert handwritten text to digital font text . This new feature is called Scribbl, although it is currently only available in English and Chinese. In addition, it also goes on to improve freehand drawings. This will cause, for example, that when making a straight line and it does not come out completely straight, the iPad will rectify it by itself so that it is exactly straight. Another of the new implementations in gestures is that with just two finger touches on any text, it can be transferred to another site. This comes to improve ease of writing and editing.


AirPods, one of Apple's best-selling devices, is also beefed up with improved firmware. This will allow us to connect two devices at the same time and switch between them easily without having to change the connection between them manually. This will be very useful for switching, for example, from iPad to iPhone. The AirPods Pro, for their part, will bring a good novelty because they will have the so-called spatial audio, that is, it will offer a more enveloping and immersive sound. In order to have this surround sound, the sound field must remain fixed even when the head moves. That is why the AirPods accelerometer is used to locate the head at all times and make the experience as reliable as possible. This new feature supports Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and 7.1 sound.

space sound airpods pro

Interesting changes in watchOS 7

watchOS 7

Complications are a very important part of Apple Watch. This is why Apple has wanted to invest time in its redesign, now allowing multiple complications at the same time. This is an extremely cool feature that will make these complications make a lot more sense. They will be more useful in the day to day of the users.

The spheres are also another of the most important visual parts of the Apple Watch. That is why they have been redesigned to allow you to choose the complications you want much more comfortably. Before the system was somewhat elaborate, but now it is much more intuitive. But if you want to discover many more spheres, Apple has launched Face Sharing a platform that will act as time to access many more designs. In addition, you can also send and receive spheres from your contacts.

dance apple watch

The dance and dance in general is considered just another workout, and in the end it deserved a section within the training options of the Apple Watch. Now, just as you execute the option to run or walk, you can also activate the one to dance. Thanks to the accelerometer and gyroscope it will detect which part of the body you are moving and determine the type of dance you are doing. Some of the dances that are available are Hip-Hop among others. But the results of this dance training session will no longer appear in the 'Activity' app as they have changed their name to ' Fitness’ .

sleep watchOS 7

Something we've been looking forward to seeing in watchOS is the sleep monitoring . Until now it had to be done with third-party applications but at last it is integrated into the operating system natively. The Apple Watch will notify you when you should go to bed and will prepare everything for you to rest more comfortably. Among these preparations, for example, the activation of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode or the playing of relaxing songs stands out. When waking up, don't expect a very loud sound, since the alarms will be subtle through haptic vibrations to wake up without any stress.

Thanks to the heart rate sensor, your heart rate will be detected while you sleep and the watch will also be able to 'feel' the movements you make in order to determine its quality. But for the latter, no type of Apple Watch is necessary, since the iPhone will also be able to perform these measurements of the quality of sleep.

watchOS 7 Maps

at the time of Wash your hands , the Apple Watch will accompany you at all times since it will automatically detect when you are doing this activity. It will notify you when enough time has passed for your hands to be totally clean and it will activate the aquatic mode to avoid water damage. On a regular basis, it will warn you to remind you to wash your hands.

Finally, if you're a regular biker around town, Apple Maps in watchOS 7 now lets you get precise directions while you're on your bike. Until now you had to settle for the indications for pedestrians or motor vehicles but this is over.

The biggest change in macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS Big Sur

When a Mac operating system version is presented, something that draws a lot of attention is its name. This time they have chosen Big Sur, and have eliminated the typical nomenclature of macOS 10.X. This new generation of operating system is called macOS 11.0 Big Sur . Tim Cook himself has categorized it as one of the biggest changes in the recent history of macOS.

The interface in general has been completely redesigned, including the Dock and native app icons, to closely resemble iPadOS and iOS. The control center, for example, which is displayed from the top left, includes different options as in iOS, such as activating the do not disturb mode or deactivating WiFi, as well as brightness regulation. The panels to control the WiFi connection or the sound panel in the toolbar have also been adjusted to this slimmer design.

With regard to applications, as we have previously mentioned, the icons have completely changed their design. But if we go inside each of the apps we see a much more minimalist design and above all the iWork suite has been updated including improvements. In the Messages app, everything promised has been fulfilled, including the possibility of searching within the chats and also the inclusion of the long-awaited Memojis . In Apple Maps, the views are already very comparable to iOS and iPadOS 14, something that has occurred thanks to Catalyst and all its improvements.

In Safari, it is finally integrated native translation . This is something that exists in other browsers such as Chrome, but was not yet integrated into Safari. In addition, the browser interface has been improved with interesting improvements in the settings and privacy panels as well as in the extensions.

Widgets have now gained quite a bit of prominence in this update. On the right side you will have access to a multitude of very visual functions as well as grouped notifications to easily eliminate them. And as one of the star features of macOS Big Sur, the ability to choose native apps as default to open certain documents or perform some tasks such as writing an email. It will no longer be necessary to use Mail to send an email, but third-party apps such as Spark or others can be used.

macOS 11

ARM processor on Mac

After many years with Intel processors in Macs, Apple has now made the leap to its own processors built on silicon. This is an important decision on the part of Apple that closes the door on Intel and goes on to design its own processors for Mac. This is a very similar strategy to the one they follow with the iPhone and the A series processors. Something that has Tim Cook emphasized a lot, and that we share, is that the integration between hardware and software should be valued. In this way they will achieve it, offering greater performance and a better user experience.

To demonstrate the performance of their own processors, they have assembled a Mac with the A12Z Bionic processor from the latest iPad Pro. It has been clearly seen how it moves different office applications and also video editing apps such as Creative Cloud. From Apple they guarantee that the transition to Apple Silicon will be excellent for all developers since having applications optimized in other company systems will behave in a really easy way.

There are many applications running on Apple Silicon such as Final Cut, Photoshop or Lightroom. From Apple they guarantee that they want the transition for users to be as positive as possible. They must get all applications to work from minute 0 with this hardware even if those apps are not updated.

Some applications that are designed only for iPhone and iPad can be run without any problem on a Mac with this type of processor. This is a very interesting idea for the port of these apps that are not natively in macOS but that can be transitioned over time.

For developers to get started in this new environment, they can request a development kit from Apple. This will consist of a Mac mini with an A12Z, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD, and the macOS Big Sur developer beta.

No surprises in tvOS 14

Virtually no change in tvOS 14 after tvOS 13 that introduced the possibility of having multiple users and some other aesthetic novelty. In this new version we will see internal improvements in privacy and greater support with third-party accessories. For example, the controls Xbox Elite 2 Y Xbox Adaptive They will be compatible for use on Apple TVs on platforms such as Apple Arcade. For the rest, we did not see much at WWDC 2020, beyond a trailer for Isaac Asimov Foundation , a new Apple TV+ series that will arrive in 2021. It was also announced that the platform's official app will reach new televisions.

And you, what did you like the most about the novelties shown at WWDC 2020? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.