What's new today on Apple TV +: new episodes of series available — 2022

One more Friday we find new content on Apple TV +. This week we did not find movie or series premieres, but this does not mean that there is nothing new on the platform. New episodes of series have been broadcast today that will surely hook you if they haven't already. Some of them even with very recognizable cameos. Keep reading because we tell you everything.

Wiz Khalifa returns to the Dickinson series

The well-known rapper made his first appearance in the Dickinson series in its first chapter and in the new one that was released today he reappears as a nod precisely to that first meeting he had with Emily, the main character. The series advances in its second season and with the episode broadcast today, there are only two left to finish. Under the title I am Nobody! Who are you? and with a duration of 32 minutes, we can observe Emily's disappointment after her novel is published and yet feel invisible to the world.

2x08 Dickinson

Follow the mystery of Servant

Probably the series that generates the most theories about its plot, today premieres the fifth chapter of its second season and the fifteenth in total of the series. With a duration of 28 minutes and under the title Cake we find that the Turner couple continues incessantly in the investigation of Jericho's whereabouts, also having a very special meeting and with Leanne preparing a strange cake. We remember that thissecond season of servantit will still have another five episodes, so we are at the halfway point of its season.

servant second season

The bizarre story of Losing Alice

Launched today anew episode of losing aliceand it is already the sixth in total. The serial of Israeli origin continues to raise questions about Sophie's origin, while Alice is fully involved in starting the shooting of a film in which she finds more and more parallels with the events of real life. 49 new minutes of pure entertainment from one of the series that aims to be the revelation of the year on Apple TV + for its discreet commitment and yet captivating more and more viewers with each broadcast.

Alice Losing Alice

You're still in time to see Palmer

It's been two weeks since the premierenew justin timberlake movieBut that doesn't mean it's not still available. The film directed by Fisher Stevens achieved a record number of viewers in its first weekend, so it is expected that in these coming weeks new viewings of a film that, in almost two hours, manages to convey a nice message about the integration of childhood in a society that, luckily, advances more and more despite the archaic thoughts of some.

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