News on Apple TV +: the platform launches a podcast about this series — 2022

TheApple TV+ series For All Mankindwill return this Friday with the launch of its new chapters after a successful first season released on November 1, 2019, at the same time as the platform. These days Apple has confirmed that it will launch an official podcast of this series, with the original cast and specialists such as scientists and astronauts. We tell you all the details below.

What will this Apple TV+ podcast be like?

This is not the first time that Apple has released special podcast episodes about its Apple TV + series. This, in addition to promoting its own podcast platform and favoring a rumored future premium platform, also serves as a hook for new viewers. The series created by Ronald D. Moore had a great reception in its first season thanks to its special career rethinking , in which the first man to reach the moon was Soviet and not American.

the podcasts, available in original language From Friday, they will have a large part of the actors who give life to the characters of the series and precisely one of them, Krys Marshal, will be the one who directs this podcast. Marshal is the one who plays Commander Daniel Pool. It will also feature experts in the field who will discuss such a transcendental topic as space travel, so having the vision of scientists and even astronauts will give an even broader view of this fiction. And, how could it be otherwise, there will be a debate about the plots that will begin to emerge this Friday when the first chapters are released.

Foundation stone for Apple Podcast+?

We previously discussed in passing the possibility of Apple launching a platform in the future with premium podcast content. This format is gaining more and more importance and especially in the United States it is experiencing an unprecedented boom, which is why a few months ago several analysts pointed to the possibility of the company adding a payment platform together with the existing ones for television, music and video games.

To this day they are still pure rumors and hypotheses, but it would not be unreasonable to find a service like this considering that there are already some platforms on which users can host their exclusive podcasts, taking a percentage of monetization with each listen. We do not know if Apple's approach would be the same so that anyone can upload the podcast or it would be more closed, but it is a very interesting scenario to imagine.


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