New indications that the iPhone SE is not dead and could be renewed soon — 2022

The success of the iPhone SE after its launch in early 2017 was overwhelming. Its compact size with a design identical to the iPhone 5s but components typical of the iPhone 6s made it an icon for users. The technological wishes of many people for years have revolved around a return of this equipment to the market with a renewal and now, finally, everything indicates that it would be possible to see this come true next year.

Possible iPhone SE 2 with design similar to iPhone 8

Last April we told you for the first time that Apple was planning the launch of a renewed iPhone SE. On that occasion the information was not very precise and we did not even take it for granted that this could be real. Although now we do not have anything official either, the truth is that if they have arisen new information that could give more veracity to these plans.

iPhone SE

First version of the Apple iPhone SE

From Nikkei suggest that the iPhone SE 2, or as they would like to call it from Apple, could finally see the light in march next year . Of course, it would have differences with respect to the current first and only version so far. It would go from having 4 inches in an aluminum body to incorporating a 4.7-inch IPS panel in a body very similar to that of the iPhone 8 .

To the joy of many users, this new iPhone SE would only maintain the aesthetics of the iPhone 8 because it would bring a latest generation processor , that is, the A13 chip that the new iPhone 11 will mount. It is unknown if some components such as the battery or camera They could have improvements compared to the iPhone 8. In any case, it would not be a bad device with the same features in those sections. Will it look likeiPhone SE 2016 battery?

We think that Apple's approach with this phone would not be so much to launch a phone that can be a leader in sales or comes with the latest innovations. What the apple firm seems to want with this move is attract a segment of the market who just can't get used to larger iPhones and who want to continue to be up to date. Furthermore, it is expected that the price is reduced Regarding the top of the range, even more than the successor to the iPhone XR.

If the information is true, we could assume that Apple will remove the iPhone 7 and even the iPhone 8 from its catalog. The similar design, with LCD screen, frames and Home button would be the main similarities that could end up misleading users when seeing these devices and the new iPhone SE.

Be that as it may, we believe that this is great news. After all, Apple has already seen how even the current iPhone SE has managed to continue selling many units when it has returned to the market. Therefore, it will not be surprising that over the years his successor manages to repeat this success.

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