New alternatives to Mail to manage your email in a more efficient and comfortable way — 2022

In the previous installment We show you a total of four applications (AirMail, Outlook, Inbox and Newton Mail) to replace Mail, Apple's email management app. Many of you were the ones who made us some proposals, and since we love to learn and that others also learn, we bring you new alternatives. Let's start!

Spark: the most outstanding as an alternative to Mail

Spark interface on iPhone

It is the application that you have suggested the most for us to mention. Its creators already promote it as the app that will make you love your email. Only with that we already intuit that it will be good.

The best comes in your Interface , since it automatically organizes our emails through a series of cards in which it groups them by important, favorites, etc., all this after a small configuration. The good thing about this app is that it is really configurable and adapts perfectly to you and your needs. We would not only talk about appearance, tones and others, but we will be able to choose what we want it to show and what not, create shortcuts or customize gestures. You can choose between the smart or conventional inbox.

Another point very much to highlight is that has app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacOS , with which you will take your email wherever you work from. Many of the email management apps that exist are not as integrated into the Apple ecosystem, offering them mostly only for iOS. And all this completely free. From here you can download it,


MyMail email management app interface

This alternative to Mail is very easy to use and configure. It supports several email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and iCloud, among others. Your inbox is very configurable so that you leave it to the style and needs that you most require.

Appearance and usability is better than native Apple , since next to the email we can see the photo of the contact who has sent us the email. By clicking on that circle we can select several emails with the function of deleting them, transferring them to desired mail or marking them as read.

Push notifications can also be configured , and this is really useful when we don't want to see certain unimportant emails on our lock screen. If you are interested in trying this completely free app, please here We leave you the link. The bad thing about others is that it does not have a version of Apple Watch or macOS.

VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer and its visual interface

This app is very similar to the previous one in terms of functionality and aesthetics, since you can customize the contacts you usually receive emails from . Photos can be added to identify the person or company that is contacting you more quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, through swipes You can carry out different options such as deleting, archiving, etc. One of the options that should be highlighted is that you can send edit messages in bulk, that is, in more than one email at the same time. There is also an option to create quick replies. Effective, don't you think? From here you can download it for your iPhone and iPad.

Yahoo Mail

This is Yahoo Mail

Last but not least, we show you Yahoo Mail, a really attractive app to replace Mail. First of all, offers a Tera (1000 GB) of storage, so you never run out of space in your email inbox . Even if your email account is not from yahoo, you can also use it, since it is compatible with other providers.

The way you can manage your emails is through swipes as in almost all current mail apps. It is the most comfortable way and you can customize it to your liking, just as you can customize everything that refers to the interface, since you can change the colors.

The bad point comes when this app is not integrated into either watchOS or macOS, as is the case with other mail apps. A point developers should consider. you can download it here for free.

If you have any other suggestion for us to analyze, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and very soon we will do what is in our power. We promise to do it!