New iPhone, Mac for gaming and other news that we would see in 2020 — 2022

2020 begins, a year in which we assume that Apple will launch various products on the market in search of renewing its current devices and who knows if also to launch another that has not been seen before. What will happen and when it will happen is unpredictable at this time, but we can guess part of it based on rumors and what the company has done historically.

What products will Apple launch in 2020?

Fourth generation iPad Pro and other iPads?

Following its tradition with the iPad Pro range, Apple should have released the fourth generation last fall. However, we continue with the 2018 iPad Pro as the most recent professional tablet from the Cupertino company. Various information indicated that Apple would reserve this letter for early 2020, and although we still cannot confirm that it will be launched in the coming weeks or months, what we do know is that autumn passed and we did not see a renewal.

ipad pro 2020

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The new iPad Pro, which we could refer to as iPad Pro 2020, will bring an internal renovation of components, among which the adaptation of the chip will stand out A13 Bionic , the most powerful processor designed by Apple to date and incorporated in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. At an aesthetic level, we could see little novelty, since in the last generation it already underwent a considerable design change by incorporating a front with frames greatly reduced with the arrival of Face ID. Perhaps the rear will be the one that takes all the lights, since it is rumored that it could incorporate a double or triple camera with the aim of helping professionals with AR (Augmented Reality) matters.

On the other hand we find the rest of the iPad range. Both the 'mini' and the 'Air' were renewed in 2019, also including the economic range of iPad. This year we do not bet too much that the sixth generation iPad mini can arrive, however it is very likely that if we see a iPad Air new during the first 6 months of the year. The budget iPad or iPad 2020, could arrive at the end of the year as it happened with the latest version.

Up to 5 iPhones and the arrival of 5G technology at Apple

Apple's star products are still the iPhone and it seems that this year we will have a quintuple ration of them. Firstly, we could see during this first quarter the expected renewal of the iPhone SE. This device could be called iPhone 9 in honor of the lost generation after going from 8 to X, however it is currently the least important. This device could be the standard-bearer for those nostalgic for the classic small iPhone with a Home button, since it would have a design practically identical to that of the iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch LCD screen and a glass back with a single lens. Of camera. The price of this device could be around €400 or even less , being the main attraction of the device considering that it would bring state-of-the-art components like the A13 Bionic chip.

On the other hand, and already going to the month of September, we would find ourselves with the new iPhone 12 or as they finally decide to call them. These are perhaps the ones that generate the most doubts. There is information that indicates that there would really be 3 different devices, but that one of them would also incorporate the possibility of acquiring it with 5G technology, which would finally reach the iPhone.

All of them would have an OLED panel, including the successor to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. The smallest of these terminals could be 5.4 inches, thus reducing the 5.8 that the iPhone 11 Pro currently has. The Pro Max would grow to the 6.7 leaving behind the 6.4 of the current one and becoming the Biggest iPhone in history. The third in contention would maintain the 6.1-inch screen. Now, which of them would have 5G technology? Well, we do not know it at the moment, although it could be that even several of them were the ones with 5G and then we would not see 5 iPhones in 2020 but more.

In addition to the change of chip to the hypothetical A14 , we could see novelties in cameras such as the arrival of the fourth lens called ToF specialized in the detection of figures with its 3D sensor that would improve the depth level of photos and videos. Other than that, we'll see news at the front , with a device in which the notch would be considerably reduced but without disappearing. It seems that, at least for now, Apple will not get rid of its characteristic notch by not finding a viable alternative to insert the sensors that make Face ID work perfectly.

The Apple Watch Series 6 could bring important news

Last year we saw a somewhat decaffeinated Apple Watch Series 5 because it hardly brought any notable news compared to the previous generation. Apple could have been spared the launch of a new generation back then, but the fact that it didn't lets us see that the company's intention is to launch a new version per year.

Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 4

Thus put we would find that September, practically at the same time as the new iPhone, we would see the Apple Watch Series 6 with all those new features that we did not see in the last version and that were probably reserved for this watch. Some things like the new sensors to measure sleep and others related to health could come to a watch that is increasingly indisputable in its sector. On an aesthetic level, it is not known if it will bring anything new, although who knows if all the patents that showed a watch with a camera will end up taking shape in 2020.

¿HomePod mini o HomePod 2?

HomePods are perhaps one of Apple's most discreet accessories in terms of promotion, but they leave users with the best satisfaction. Although it can be attributed to Siri As one of its points to reinforce, the truth is that it more than complies in terms of sound quality. The first and only version to date is still arriving in countries where it was not present, so it may still be early for a second generation.

However, we cannot rule out that we will see something related to the HomePod, be it a second generation or the arrival of a HomePod mini. If the latter were launched, we would find ourselves with a strong rival for the speakers from Amazon and Google, which reign in the sector thanks in large part to the smaller versions of their equipment. As for the novelties of a hypothetical second generation, we can say little or nothing about it and that is that despite the fact that we have seen patents that would improve it considerably, the truth is that these seem more predictable for a long-term period.

What will happen to Macs?

There was a time when Apple's main task was that of computers and although currently the company's flagship devices are others, the truth is that they do not intend to leave aside products as well valued as Macs. That is why we could see outstanding novelties this year. The renovation of the MacBook Air and iMac it can be practically taken for granted, even if these are only at the level of components and processors.

In the field of MacBook Pro We could also see news such as the renewal of the 13-inch model, making it similar to the 16-inch model launched at the end of 2019. This could inherit the reduction of frames and the necessary renovation of the keyboard, definitively leaving behind the tedious butterfly keyboard. The new keyboard would be the so-called scissor keyboard, which is a laptop adaptation of the Magic Keyboard that the iMac incorporates.

macbook screen

The Mac mini and the iMac Pro might not look refreshed for being relatively recent and being teams that do not usually have the greater focus of Apple. The 'Pro' also has the excuse of the recent arrival of the Mac Pro, which in a way competes directly with it, although with obvious differences considering that the latter is mainly sold as a CPU with accessories not included (except keyboard and mouse) and that the iMac Pro is intended for professionals who need a complete team already assembled.

This year's great novelty in this area could come with a mac for gaming , something that has been rumored in recent weeks and little is still known about it. This would come to polish one of the most classic objections that Macs have, which are always set aside for gamers in favor of PCs with Windows. Of course, the Cupertino company will have to make the effort to offer a competitive price if it wants to take market share from its rivals. If it finally arrives, it could be presented at WWDC 2020 to be held in June.

Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and other services

Apple will continue betting on its services, that is unquestionable. It is not expected that we could see any new ones this 2020 that join those already presented and launched in 2019. Apple's strategy could be aimed at creating service packages with a single subscription. That is, hiring a pack that includes Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and Apple Music and that the final price is lower than what we would find hiring them separately. This strategy would be especially directed in the United States to raise Apple News +, since the figures that are handled of this are not too positive taking into account the expectations that were set.

On the other hand we could see the arrival of Apple Card to other countries after having heard both Tim Cook and the manager of Goldman Sachs, affirm that the card could be successful in other countries besides the United States. In Europe it is possible that Spain was among the chosen ones, although in the end it is a legal matter and one of agreements between governments and financial entities.

apple service pack

In Apple TV+ we will continue to see release of new content and the arrival of the second seasons of some of the most successful series that have already premiered. The See series starring Jason Momoa could have its premiere ready for the second half of the year. The Morning Show, for its part, would face its second batch also in this 2020, being also highly anticipated due to the success it has had and that has made it be nominated for the Golden Globes and who knows if it will also receive any other nomination throughout this year.

Apple Arcade will continue adding titles that are added to the list of more than 100 video games already available. Perhaps on this platform the arrival of more renowned games such as the so-called Triple A. Apple's current approach is not bad, but it will certainly need a boost to face competition such as Google Stadia.

Perhaps to promote streaming services, the company is betting on the launch of a new AppleTV. This was already rumored for the end of the year and who knows if it will be this year when we see it. His main focus would be that of a higher power that help improve the experience playing with Apple Arcade. In terms of resolution, the company is not expected to go from 4K to 6K or even 8K because there is still little content that is recorded in these resolutions.

New devices like Apple Glass and AirTag?

Previously we have talked about already existing products but that would have a physical and/or internal renovation. However, we have not talked about any new product as such for Apple and this is where some such as the AirTag. These are a series of keychains that serve as object locators and that could be linked to the app Seek that Apple devices have. This more than a rumor seems almost a confirmation, since clear references to this product could already be found in the iOS 13 code. Apple would not be the first to create something like this, but it would be an interesting bet for its own ecosystem.

On the other hand we find the augmented reality glasses of the company. Apple Park is known to have been working on this project for several years and it was even leaked a few months ago that the project was cancelled. However, there are analysts who deny this and say that Apple remains convinced that they will be able to bring out an accessory of this caliber that will revolutionize the market and leave behind the obvious failures of other companies like Google.

It is not known if perhaps some other unexpected device could arrive and we cannot even confirm one hundred percent that those mentioned will arrive, especially AR glasses. However, if it ends up existing, it will be made public at the company's WWDC 2020, unless they decide to create a special event for the presentation of these news.

iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and all other new operating systems

If there is something that we can already take for granted, it is the arrival of new software for Apple equipment. All of them will be announced at WWDC 2020 in June. The novelties that they will have are not yet known and it will probably continue to be so until the very presentation. The software issue is the one that Apple takes the most care of leaks and it achieves it thanks to the fact that it is developed in Apple Park without the need to resort to third parties that could end up bringing information to light.

Great things are expected of iOS 14 as always, since it is the operating system of the iPhone and it is always looked at with a magnifying glass. however it is iPadOS 14 the one that may be more surprising after having broken in 2019 the scheme that left iPads with the same operating system as iPhones. It is expected that this second version, although it is called 14, will continue to be based on the same iOS base but with more exclusive news that will continue to bring the iPad user experience closer to that of Mac users. Probably the possibility of including several users is one of the most anticipated and that perhaps Apple has already considered.

In watchOS 7 We also expect noteworthy news, most of them focused on the health sector. In macOS It will be necessary to see what novelties they incorporate for the successor of the current 'Catalina', although perhaps it is the area where there are fewer surprises due to the level of maturity that the Mac operating system has already reached.

In tvOS 14 , the Apple TV system, no big news is expected because, after all, it is a minority system and users have no complaints about malfunctions or lack of news. Perhaps the main purpose of this new software is to improve its interface to make it much more intuitive and easy to navigate between the various services it incorporates, such as Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

Ultimately, it seems We will live a busy 2020 and with great presentations. In any case, we invite you to follow it with us and keep up to date with all the news, rumors and information through this website and our YouTube channel.