New information shows the transfer of iPhone production to India — 2022

We have been talking for some time about the strong conflict between Apple and China due to the demands of Qualcomm and the tariff policies of US President Donald Trump with the Asian country. These facts are leading the technology company to consider moving iPhone manufacturing to India since most of its devices are currently being manufactured in China.

A new report echoed by the media Cult of Mac shows new evidence that India will eventually be the country where all iPhone models are made.

India, new strategic ally of Apple

Apple's claims for expand your business in india are clear and therefore Tim Cook, CEO of the company,will meetthis same month with in Davos with the minister of commerce and industry of India Suresh Prabhu. Among other topics, the meeting they will hold will deal with issues such as the possible opening of the Apple Store in India as well as the transfer of the iPhone factories.

Wistron manufactures Apple iPhone

Wistron already manufactures some iPhone models such as the 6s and SE in India

At the moment Foxconn It is the main production chain in charge of assembling the latest generation iPhone. This process is carried out in China although it could soon be transferred to India, where the manufacturing company It already has a plant that would be enlarged.

Some older devices like the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE . This task is carried out by the Taiwanese company Wistron . Precisely this company has significantly increased its capital expenditures licensed in India in order to meet its future development plans.

Wistron's capital increase in India could serve the company to increase its presence in that country and undertake the necessary expenses to supply a possible increase in the production of the iPhone. In this way it would help Apple to integrate all of its production processes in India and get them out of China.

Although we do not know if Apple has a date to close its factories in China, the truth is that they are in a hurry Due to the Pressure to which the brand feels subjected. The airy demands of Qualcomm and the strict tariff measures planned by the Trump administration from the United States seem to be making a dent in the Asian country at all levels, reaching somewhat surreal extremes such as the measures of certain companies thatprohibit their employees from using an iPhone.

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